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Urban Tribe The Grunge or Crunch! PEACE, LOVE AND EMPATHY♥

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  • 1. THE GRUNGEORCRUNCH"Peace,Love and Empathy "

2. What they like to wear? Well They like wearing with tight and baggy Jeansbroken in the knees. Shirt of Nirvana, Soundgarden,Pearl Jam or another band Grunge, Also using tartanshirt of long-sleeved. They use classic slippers as Allstar and Converse orBoots of brand name Dr. Martens. And theirappearance to the style Rockero is The mostimportant aspect in them. They also love use jeans to the style Eddie Vedder asin the 90s. 3. GRUNGE AND THEIR STYLE 4. What music do they listen to? They listen music of Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains,Also listen Classic rock, Metal (thrash, power etc),hardcore punk and sometimes Red Hot Chilli Peppers andIron Maiden. 5. What do they do in their freetime? Well, they love playing the guitar in thegame Guitar Pro 5, listening music,surfing in the net, and the Weekendhanging out with their friends todrinking beer and smoke cigarette orother substances harmful to health.Also when doesnt have nothing whichdo, sleeping all day 6. Their attitudes They said: It lives of your parents untilyou could live of your children andthinking that The simple things are themost important in the life, and where itis lived day after day withoutcomplications or worries. 7. Other Information A grunge never dances, Maybe theydance a Headbanging or, as much,slam, but it is more a rock; the onlything important to sing, is to do itwith feeling and this way to relax.Exists the strange myth of which theemos descend from the grungers. Itis important to emphasize that this ISNOT MORE THAN ONE LIE. 8. THANKS FORYOURATTENTION!GOD BLESSYOU!! 9. THANKS FORYOURATTENTION!GOD BLESSYOU!!