Growth Hacking 101

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The process and tactics involved in creating rapid growth for your online business.

Transcript of Growth Hacking 101

  • 1.Growth Hacking101By: Greg LenzFounder, Reverse Information LLC

2. What Is Growth Hacking?"Acquiring and engaging users combining traditionalmarketing and analytical skills with productdevelopment skills."-Josh Elman Head of Growth atTwitter"Growth hacking is acquiring, retaining, andmonetizing users more effectively. A growth hackeris an individual who can, from end-to-end, collectdata, ideate, plan, execute, and deploy thenecessary tactics and strategies to hit goals."-Matt Humphrey VP of Merchandise ReardenCommerece 3. Growth Hacking Process...Heres what youll be looking at:-Attention-Acquisition-Engagement-Retention-Referral 4. Think of a Door... Attention 5. Attention What channels do you have available?-Social Media-SEO-Paid Search, Display, and Mobile-Retargeting-Inbound Marketing & Content Partnerships-Email-PR-Conferences and Teaching (Udemy & 37 Signals) 6. Acquisition 7. Acquisition-Social Credibility-Content Marketing-Landing Pages-Ebooks, Whitepapers, Reports-Free Consultation/Analysis-Webinars-Free Trials-Drip Campaigns 8. EngagementEither with your product or your users 9. Engagement This is where VIRALITY happens-Do you deliver a great experience? If not,why?-Observe power users and collect feedback-Iterate, Test, Measure, and Repeat-Identify the tipping point 10. ReferralYou want this... 11. Not This 12. Referral Much of this comes from the value of your product...however-If your product is consumer facing, be DAMN sure it issharable via social networks-Instead of forms for ebooks, whitepapers, and webinars,enable "Pay With A Tweet" or a Facebook share-Enterprise: Content marketing is a MUST. Make sure yourhappy clients can refer you by sharing an interesting blogpost. (Speaking Engagements) 13. Retention Awesome User ExperienceWhat patterns do your power users have in common?How to bring them back and guide their re-engagement:-Email-Mobile Push-Display Retargeting (Adroll, Retargeter, PerfectAudiencefor Facebook) 14. Retention Example 15. A Growth Hackers Responsibilities Test Measure Analyze 16. Growth Hacking Process-Track: Determine what needs to be tracked-Understand: Look at data. Usage patterns.-Prioritize: Highest potential for growth-Design: Design features and flows-Build: Code and Deploy-Measure REPEAT 17. Growth Hackers Primary Goal Steepen The Learning Curve So turn this... 18. Into This... 19. Growth Hackers are not Growth TeamsGrowth Hackervs Growth Team1976 NCAA Champion Indiana Hoosiers 20. The DifferenceGrowth Hacker Growth Team-Broad Skills -Specialized Roles-ASAP -Process-Focus on culture-Grey Areas-Black and white-Guerilla Tactics 21. Growth Team-Product Manager (Leader)-Designer-Developer-Data Scientist / Analytics Specialist-Copy Writer Total transparency amongst the teamIdeas should come from everyone 22. 2 Kinds of Growth Hackers WinnerZen-Volatile-Emotionless-Runs through-Detached frombrick wallsoutcome-Obsessed with -Focuses on themeeting theprocessgoal 23. What does a growth hacker do? Run social media A/B Testing Design banner ads Create a companys branding or logo Observe Users CONSTANTLY Generates ideas for consumer value propositions Builds landing pages Design new signup flows Generate weekly email campaigns Add alt tags to images for a tiny SEO boost Guest Blog Posting Manage an Adwords Account 24. Growth Hacker MindsetIdeate by intuition...BUT Data is everything No sacred cows Agnostic on method, religous on metric ABT: Always Be Testing Focus Deliver user value ALWAYS 25. Categorize Your Users-Super-High-Normal-Low Put your focus on moving users into the next category 26. Path To Success Is 2 Steps Know Your GoalFind Leverage 27. Know Your Goal Have one clearly stated measurable goal-10% Increase in Conversion Rate?-10% Increase in Email Signups?-1 Whitepaper Download/Visitor?-7 Demos Scheduled/100 Visitors?-Doubling time on site?-2 Referrals/User?-20% Increase in order size? 28. Where are you getting that goal?Is it an industry average?An example: Lookcraft.comWent from 10 to 50% conversion to email byredesigning their process 29. Lookcraft Homepage 30. Determining a Good Goal-Spy on your competitors-Talk to friends in the industry-Monitor message boards ( 31. Find Your Points of Leverage-Facebook (7 Friends)-Twitter (30 Followers)-AirBNB (Craigslist)-Paypal ($10)-LivingSocial (3 Friends Buy = Free)-Hotmail (PS. I Love You)-Enterprise (CRO, Content Marketing, Events,Conferences) 32. Advice to Growth Hackers-Go from hunch to metrics-A/B Test everything-Early results are not always conclusive-Embrace failure (1/8 tests drive change)-Do a retrospective on each test-Optimize for revenue not conversions-Never stop pushing...but Be patient 33. Growth Hacking ToolsAnalytics:-Google Analytics (Free)-Mixpanel-Kissmetrics-Visual Website Optimizer-Optimizely 34. Ad Spying-Moat (Banners & Free)-WhatRunsWhere (Banners and LandingPages)-Mixrank (Banners and Landing Pages)-Adbeat (Banners)-SocialAdNinja (Fbook Ads)-SEMRush (SEO & PPC)-SpyFu (SEO & PPC)-KeywordSpy (PPC)-iSpionage (PPC) 35. Cheap Banners, Fbook Ads, and Landing Pages-Fiverr-Odesk-Elance-WarriorForums-99Designs 36. Cheap Ad Networks-SiteScout (Banners)-ClickCertain (Banners)-BuySellAds (Banners)-BuyAds (Banners)-DirectCPV (PPV)-MediaTraffic (PPV)-TrafficVance (PPV)-Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL (PPC) 37. Gathering Monkey-CrazyEgg 38. Landing Page Testing-Unbounce-Instapage-LanderApp-Weebly (Free)-MaxInbound (Wordpress)-Premise (Wordpress)-OptimizePress (Wordpress)-Hubspot (Expensive but comprehensive) 39. Email Autoresponders-Mailchimp (Free)-Aweber-GetResponse-Exact Target-iContact-VerticalResponse (Social, Email, and Survey)-Hubspot (Expensive but all inclusive) 40. Growth Hackers Indy Schedule1) Display and CRO: Banners, LPs, and Copy2) Email Marketing3) Content Marketing & Social Media4) SEO: On page, Off page, & Linkbuilding6) Paid Search7) PPV & Affiliate Marketing 41. Actionable Advice...Is there anything I can help you with?