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500 Startups Demo Day - Groupiter

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  • 1. Add Conversation to Your Dropbox FilesContact CEO/Founder, Chris Dyball415-390-5627

2. "Groupiter is the best collaboration site Ive seen... within a month we had hundreds of posts." Justin K. Thompson, Production Designer LEGO MOVIE CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS 3. ? 4. Corey Winter PX DESIGN TEAM Add Conversation to Your DropboxYour GroupName FilesCONNECT YOUR DROPBOXIm not a member, sign me up! 5. xProject was posted toPX DESIGN TEAMEnter your comment 6. COREY ADDED A COMMENT TOProject X.aiHi team, Id love your feedbackon this! (click to view) 7. PX Design TeamCOREY WINTER Hi team, Id loveyour feedback on this!1 CommentJosh Jones Looking good, lets addsome color and copy.Enter your comment 8. Corey Winter PX DESIGN TEAM (invite) 3 members Name KindModifiedPX DESIGN TEAM Project X.pngimage PNG An hour agoFolder FolderJosh Jones Looking good, lets add some color and copy.Comment LikeCorey Winter Hi Team, added some mellow yellow.2 CommentsCorey Winter Added some mellow yellow.Josh Jones Love it!Josh Jones Perfection!Comment Project X Reference 9. Add Conversation to Your Dropbox Files 10. Add Conversation to Your Dropbox Files 11. TEAM OF COLLABORATION ADVISORS LEADERSBusiness TechnologyBiz Dev Business Vicki LuisiRusty RueffChris Dyball Tim SutcliffeADVISORSPROJECTPROJECT TEAM TEAM TEAMPROJECTDesign TechnologyProduct Technology Technology John Foster Derek ParhamJohn Adams Alex Chaffee 12. "Groupiter is perhaps the simplest workflow product I haveever seen. Its brilliant, instantly understandable." Rafe Needleman, CNET 13. Premium Pricing Starts at $1.99/monthPremium Pricing Starts at $1.99/monthContact CEO/Founder, Chris Dyball $750k $750k50% Closed50% Closed