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ShopInterest Deck from 500startups Demo Day February 2013

Transcript of Shopinterest 500 startups demo day

  • 1. There are other entrepreneurs who are focused on retail

2. eCommerce for SMB is now morecomplicated than everWhat If. 3. James could spend two more hoursmaking a necklacethan linking hisproducts to Facebook 4. Paula could designarie could dress 3a new night makemore earring setsinstead ofmanaging her instead of online storemanaging anonline store 5. Angelene couldcreate new soapsinstead of looking forbuyers everyday 6. Team Liang Huang 7. Our Customer & Market Meet Steph: FT Mom w/ 2 Stores Spends over 26+hrs/wk in store setup 3 to 4+ hrs/wk in social connecting Needs marketing, traffic & salesOver 6MM Active Sellers inour target market $200B ecommerce sales 10%+ YOY Growth 8. The Next Generation OnlineStore SocialSocial Traffic, Traffic, SEO & SEM SEO & SEMEmail &Email &AnalyticsAnalyticsCRM CRMBasicBasic Ecommerce EcommerceCuration, Curation,likes & likes &AffiliatesAffiliatescommentscomments Discounts Discounts& Deals& Deals 9. We Build Where Traffic isWaiting 10. What we are We are the first ecommerce platform fully integrated with Pinterest 11. What we do 12. Our Solution Brings a curated, socially connected,Easy to setup and well designedlaunch - 50% faster experience Built-in withinShopInterest gives Pinterest to SMB sellers the generate the highest tools needed for quality trafficselling ready to go! 13. Hows it Going since our BetaLaunch?500+ active stores20,000+ listed items 14. Business Metrics 15. Revenue ModelSellersRevenue Paid Features AnalyticsLow Volume SellersListing Fees Product PlacementMobile placement Flash Deal Platform AffiliatesHigh Volume Sellers Transaction FeesAnalytics Custom Imports 16. User Acquisition 17. Competition 18. Activity in our space: Acquisitions in our space can occur within 24-36 months after launch Comparable acquisitions have been in the 4x-20x return, such as:Ebay/ - $620MMEbay/Milo - $75MMEbay/Hunch - $80MMEbay/Svpply UndisclosedEbay/Magento $180MMAmazon/ Quidsi - $545MMAmazon/ Woot $100MMEtsy/Trunky - Undisclosed 19. Were ShopInterestHelp us get people do more of what theylove and get rewardedPress Photo/Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood 20. Funding GoalsRaising a Seed 21. Demo 22. Product Roadmap 2012 - 2013