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The first volume of IGA Kids Club 'Greenie Pages'! Poppy, our resident eco warrior has started her own magazine and released the first issue with the help of Pearsons Education.This issue educates young readers about biodiversity and how it is important to our life on earth. It has facts on Australia's flora and fauna, all presented in an all illustrated magazine. Greenie Magazine is produced by Avalanche Creative ( for IGA ( Check out our kids club for more fun, games and activities for your young ones!

Transcript of Greenie Magazine Volume 1 - IGA Kids Club

GREENIEmagazineOur favourite IGA Character speaks out!

What is it and why its good for us!

What makes our Earth so special!

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ENVIRONMENTAL NEWS Hey Kids,Have you ever wondered what life would be like without all the animals and plants that make our Earth special? My friends at Pearson Education have given us some great information on how we can look after the Earth and keep our beautiful planet alive. Without our help, we might lose all those plants and animals we love . We can all help, no matter how young we are!

Do your part!

Imagine that the Earth is a web and that every variety of life plants, animals, micro-organisms, humans; the genes they all contain; and their ecosystems are all a part of this complex web and are dependent on each other for survival.

country regarded as one of the worlds 17 mega-diverse countries. species and a high proportion of unique species due to a long period of separation from other continents. mammal extinctions in the world.

Australia is the only developed

Our nation has 7% of the worlds total Australia has the highest rate of

Biodiversity, (biological diversity) is the variety of life in an ecosystem. It sustains us by providing clean air, drinkable water, soils for food, raw materials for clothing and the products we use in everyday life, including housing. It also offers recreation, beauty and inspiration. Biodiversity is rapidly declining. It is suffering from habitat loss, climate change, invasive species, over-exploitation and pollution. Virtually all of Earths ecosystems have been dramatically transformed through human actions such as changing how land is used, controlling the flow of rivers and waterways and excessive harvesting of valuable species.

Biodiversity Loss

The current loss of biodiversity and the related changes in the environent are now faster than ever before in human history. There is no sign of this process slowing down. Although extinction of species is a natural part of Earths history, human activity has increased the extinction rate by at least 100 times compared to the natural rate.


SolutionsThrough making sure we recognised and limit the impact of our lifestyles on the other living organisms around us, we can make sure we have a future where life in all its diversity can be maintained, protected and celebrated.

There are many actions we can take including:

establishing wildlife friendly gardens purchasing green products limiting energy use limiting water use supporting organisations that are trying to conserve our natural heritage. Many schools are already part of a Sustainable Schools program. If yours is not, urge your school to join.

Although we are part of the problem associated with loss of biodiversity, we are also part of the solution!

GlossaryEcosystems: A variety of organisms that interact with each other in order to live in an environment Exploitation: When something is over-used to make money Invasive: Something that invades or intrudes Micro-organism: A microscopic organism

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