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An introduction to the Graduate School at Imperial College London, by Caroline Hargreaves, Senior Teaching Fellow.

Transcript of Graduate School Training Presentation

  • The Graduate School GSA Meeting 11/11 Dr Caroline Hargreaves

    Business, Engineering & Physical Sciences [BEPS]andHumanities, Life Sciences and Medicine [HLSM] ~6500 students

  • Head of Postgraduate DevelopmentElaine WalshSenior Teaching FellowDr Paul SeldonTransferable Skills Assistant AdministratorKelly HayesTransferable Skills & Events CoordinatorGeorge YeorghakiPostgraduate Quality Assurance AdministratorManager Communications and Quality AssuranceSophie WhiteManager Professional DevelopmentSally BakerDirectorProfessor Andrew GeorgeSenior Teaching FellowDr Caroline HargreavesLearning Technologies SpecialistBethan RitchiePro Rector Education and Academic Affairs Professor Julia BuckinghamDeputy Director Dr David McPhailChair Postgraduate Development Committee Dr Bernadette ByrneResearch Assistant Education Sally Hancock

  • What We Do: roles and responsibilitiesQuality assurance and Representation

    Transferable Skills Training

    Academic Environment/Interdisciplinarity

    Student Recruitment

  • Surveys and Staff Student CommitteesDepartmental and course student-staff committees Usually established by Directors of Postgraduate Studies and Postgraduate Tutors for PhDs and by Course Directors for Masters students

    Aim to give students a voice and often help organise events

    Provide a space for students to put forward issues raised by the student communityThe Graduate Schools run surveys for Masters and Doctoral students to help improve the PG communitye.g. Wellbeing

  • Committee StructureQuality Assurance (QA)

    Management and Strategy Committee (MC) oversees all activities of the Graduate School and deals with the development of postgraduate education and student experienceChair - Graduate School DirectorMembership includes - Pro Rector Education & Academic Affairs, Dean of Students and representatives from each of the Faculties, Business School and HumanitiesReports to Strategic Education Committee chaired by Julia Buckingham

    3 Postgraduate Quality Committees (PQCs) oversee the maintenance of standards and assures the QA of PG taught and research programmes Chair - Graduate School Director / Deputy DirectorMembership includes - Pro Rector Education & Academic Affairs, Dean of Students and representatives from each of the Faculties, Business School and HumanitiesReport directly to Senate

  • Committee StructurePostgraduate Professional Development Committee (PPDC) oversees training and transferable skills programmes for postgraduate research studentsChair Bernadette ByrneMembership includes DPSs and people with an active interest in education and training Reports to Management and Strategy Committee

    Graduate School CDT Governance CommitteeChair - Graduate School DirectorMembership includes representatives from each CDT (Centre Doctoral Training)Reports to Strategic Education Committee and relevant Research Councils and funding bodies

    Joint Research Degree Programme CommitteeChair - Graduate School Director / Deputy DirectorMembership includes Pro Rector Education and academic leads of the degree programmesReports to Strategic Education Committee

  • Transferable Skills Training

    Roles and Responsibilities

  • National and IC requirement for a range of skills

    Part of the overall support package to ensure doctoral students succeed.

    A very wide selection of activities designed to take account of differing needs and interests.

    Available to you throughout your PhD / MScThe Transferable Skills Programme

  • PhD / Masters Reps: how to helpStudent contact

    Skills and support network

    Student feedback

  • Student ContactContact for postgraduate students in every department/division/section/centre

    Make yourself known at induction events

    Introduce yourself to new students who miss those initial events (e.g. via e-mail from Postgraduate Administrator or Course Administrator).

  • Skills Networks1. Introduce students to the Graduate School transferable skills programme

    2. Gain feedback from students and so support the faculty reps and PPDC in enhancing the programme

    3.Act as a link for skills information into your department/division/faculties, signpost

  • Student FeedbackFeedback to first years variety of courses available to suit all course descriptions on web pages gather overview from previous studentspass on information on courses most enjoyed

    Feedback varies pass on comments to Graduate School positive / negative - we do take action

  • DepartmentalPostgraduate / Course AdministratorPostgraduate TutorDirector of Postgraduate Studies / Course Director Signposting Sources of Support Non-departmental

    College tutors Counselling serviceCollege chaplinsImperial college health centreEnglish language supportInternational OfficeStudent adviceDisability adviceOccupational healthe.t.c..

  • Academic Environment/Interdisciplinarity

    Roles and Responsibilities

  • Academic Environment / Interdisciplinarity Welcome session for all new students

    Guest Lectures

    Summer Research Symposium - posters, prizes and guest speaker

    Annual event for Postgraduate students

    Interdisciplinary workshops

    Your recommendations welcome

  • Brings you and your studies into key position in the university (top management)

    Mentors, supervisor training

    Monitoring of progression

    Better projects; better supervision; better progress

    Transferable skills to enhance employability

    Enhances interdisciplinarity

    Benefits both you and the university

    Benefits of a Graduate School

  • The Graduate SchoolTimes Higher AwardsOutstanding Support for Early Careers Researchers Thank you!

    *Notes for alternative presenter:

    Hi, Im . Im presenting these slides for Caroline Hargreaves, Senior Teaching Fellow at the Graduate School, shes been supporting the GSA and working to build links for the Postgraduate community at IC for the last few years, shes the Graduate School Liaison on p 4 of the handbook*These are the people at the Graduate School, Caroline is part of the postgraduate development unit, youve probably already met or e-mailed some of these people *The Graduate School works on these areas.They develop training and organise events for all postgraduates, this presentation looks a bit at all of these apart from recruitment*As part of Quality Assurance the Graduate School reviews and approves Masters and PhD programmesThey carry out surveys and gather feedback (the PhD wellbeing survey produced some interesting findings)As student reps your feedback is very important for quality assurance and developing and improving provision for postgraduate students At a course and department level there are student-staff committees, issues raised but not resolved at this level may need to be passed up to AWOs or DPEd to raise at College wide committees*The Graduate School provide fora for representation, there are five key committees which the GSA and your reps attend Solutions can be reached formally via the committee system e.g. direct registration to PhD, or informally e.g. comment to Caroline = new planning course for HLSM PhD students

    Dont go into too much detail here say what they do first line by title, and refer to link committee info online?

    Management and Strategy Committee _ student reps Deputy president education and GSA president Postgraduate Quality Committee PGT 1 BEPS:The Deputy President (Education) and the GSA President plus one rep from the Business School, one from Engineering and one for Physical SciencesPGT 2 HLSM: The Deputy President (Education) and the GSA President plus one rep from Humanities, one from Medicine and one for Life SciencesPGR The Deputy President (Education) and the GSA President (or their nominees) *These committees meet between 3-5 times per year

    Postgraduate Professional Development Committee The GSA President, Rep for Eng, Rep for Natural Sciences, Rep for Medicine and Rep for Business School. CDT Governance Committee Two student representatives, one from BEPS and one from HLSM, who are members of a CDT. Joint Research Degree Programme Committee The Deputy President (Education)

    These committees each meet between three and five times a year.The Representation Co-ordinator will confirm the student membership for each committee. The committee secretaries will send students reps the agenda and papers in advance of each meeting. The GSA President, GSA Secretary and Representation Co-ordinator also receive the agenda and papers for each meeting. *Caroline attends some meetings but is involved mostly with the transferable skills programme, designing and delivering courses*The programme was set up originally for PhD students, but provision is being developed now for MSc and Undergraduate studentsAsk how many MSc how many PhD reps*There are 3 main areas where you can help the Graduate SchoolActing as Student contacts in the department, you can help students to find their skills and support network