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Transcript of GoTo North America Focused Delivery Program Electric ... · PDF file USC00017/08.2019 |...

  • GoTo™ North America Focused Delivery Program

    Electric Drives & Controls

    EDITION 2019 Supercedes all

    other revisions and copies

  • World-class technology without the wait

    Whether you're designing and building machines, implementing them in your factory, or servicing them, the GoTo Program is ready to work for you.

    You benefit from simplified access to product information, preferred order processing and reduced delivery times. This allows you to complete your machine or system on schedule.

    Our GoTo product overviews, whether in printed form or on the Internet, show you the complete portfolio. In addition, our webpages quickly provide you with additional informa- tion on the respective product, on the technical data as well as on ordering.

    GoTo Product Overviews

    f Electric Drives and Controls

    f Tightening Technology

    f Industrial and Mobile Hydraulics

    f Linear Motion Technologies

    f Assembly Technologies

    The GoTo Focused Delivery Program offers a targeted selection of our high-demand products with short lead times and high availability. As a result, you receive your products quickly and reliably, allowing you to be agile and responsive in your own markets.

  • USC00017/08.2019 | Electric Drives and Controls GoTo Bosch Rexroth Corporation 3

    Electric Drives and Controls GoTo Catalog

    Bosch Rexroth is pleased to present our Electric Drives and Controls GoTo Product catalog as part of our GoTo Focused Delivery Program.

    The GoTo Focused Delivery Program streamlines everything to make it easier for you to get a selection of our most popular Rexroth products faster. You’ll benefit from quicker access to product information, reliable lead times that meet or beat the expectations of the market, and enhanced customer service.

    The same GoTo product portfolio is now available in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. With the same quantities and lead times (from order acceptance to shipment in business days), GoTo is even easier to use.

    For additional information on the GoTo Program and a complete list of other quality Rexroth products available in the Focused Delivery Program just go to:

    USA: Canada: Mexico:

  • 4 Bosch Rexroth Corporation Electric Drives and Controls GoTo | USC00017/08.2019

    GoTo Focused Delivery Program

    Your local GoTo contact:

    GoTo Program Delivery Conditions

    How to place a GoTo order directly with Bosch Rexroth

    Please clearly state “GoTo” on the purchase order, and ensure that all GoTo items are within the maximum GoTo quantity.

    For products with a published lead time of one (1) business day, the ship date will be the following day, provided: – the following day is a business day – the order is placed by 1 PM (EST)

    The contents of a GoTo order may not ship as a complete delivery and will not be shipped via the customer defined consolidation point / day.

    All items subject to prior sale. It is advisable to confirm critical delivery requirements at time of order. All sales subject to Bosch Rexroth Terms & Conditions of sales for your country, which you can read at: or or

    Bosch Rexroth reserves the right to make program changes at any time without notice, and to limit GoTo orders and material quantities.

    WARNING! Failure, improper selection or improper use of the products and/or systems described herein or of related items may cause personal injury or property damage.

    This document and other information from Bosch Rexroth Corporation, Bosch Rexroth Canada Corporation, and Bosch Rexroth S.A. de C.V., including its divisions, provide products and/or system options for further investigation by users having technical expertise. It is import- ant that you analyze all aspects of your application and review the information concerning the products or systems in Rexroth’s Data Sheets. Due to the variety of operating conditions and applications for these products or systems, the user, through his own analysis and testing, is solely responsible for making the final selection of the products and systems, and assuring that all performance, safety and warning requirements are met.

    The products described herein, including without limitation, product features, specifications, designs and pricing are subject to change at anytime without notice.

  • USC00017/08.2019 | Electric Drives and Controls GoTo Bosch Rexroth Corporation 5

    Table of Contents

    Drive Systems 8 IndraDrive Cs - Drives 8 IndraDrive C - Power Section 11 IndraDrive M - Power Supply 13 IndraDrive M - Inverters 15 IndraDrive C and M - Control Sections 17 IndraDrive Mi - Drives 20 Drive Components 24

    Line Filters 24 Choke 26 Resistor & Capacity Modules 27 Master Encoder 28 Accessories 29

    IndraDyn S - MS2N Motors 32 IndraDyn S - MSK Motors 34 IndraDyn S - MSM Motors 37 Cables 39

    Frequency Converters (VFD) 43 EFC 3610 / 5610 43 EFC Accessories 45

    Motion Control PAC 46 IndraControl XM 46 IndraControl XM - Function Modules 48 IndraControl L 49 IndraControl L - Function Modules 51

  • 6 Bosch Rexroth Corporation Electric Drives and Controls GoTo | USC00017/08.2019

    IndraMotion MLC 53 CNC 55

    MTX micro 55 MTX 57

    Safety Control 58 SafeLogic compact 58

    I/O 59 IndraControl S20 (IP20) 59

    Digital Input Modules 60 Digital Output Modules 61 Digital In/Output Modules 62 Analog Input Modules 63 Analog Output Modules 64 Analog In/Output Modules 65 Analog Temperature Modules 66 Counter/Encoder Input Modules 67 SSI Encoder Modules 68 Analog In/Output with SSI Encoder Modules 69 Communication Modules (Serial) 70 Power Modules 71

    Inline - Cabinet Mount (IP20) 72 Bus Couplers 73 Block I/O 74 Block I/O Analog 75 Block I/O Analog SSI 76

  • USC00017/08.2019 | Electric Drives and Controls GoTo Bosch Rexroth Corporation 7

    Digital Input Modules 78 Digital Output Modules 79 Analog Input Modules 81 Analog Output Modules 82 Temperature Modules 83 Communication Modules 84 Motion and Counter Modules 85 PWM Output Module 86

    IndraControl S67 - Machine Mount (IP67) 88 Cabling 88

    HMIs 89 Standard HMIs 89 Embedded HMI 90

    Software 92 IndraWorks 92

  • 8 Bosch Rexroth Corporation Electric Drives and Controls GoTo | USC00017/08.2019

    Drive SystemsIndraDrive Cs - Drives GoTo Focused Delivery Program: Drive Systems

    IndraDrive Cs - Drives

    The IndraDrive Cs is a servo drive that features a compact space-saving design. Selectable Multi-Protocol Ethernet command interface provides the flexibility of choosing any open Ethernet controller for the system, SERCOS III for example. A Multi-encoder interface allows use of the platform with virtually any motor technology, for instance torque or linear motor technologies.

    For complete engineering and design information: GoTo


    • Extremely compact design • Ethernet-based communications, multi-protocol support: SERCOS III, Profi Net IO, EtherNet/IP and EtherCat • Innovative multi-encoder interface: Hiperface, EnDat 2.1, 1Vss, 5 V TTL, and Rexroth MSM and MSK servo motors • Energy efficient product - DC bus sharing • Standard, Servo and Synchronization modes available • Complete range of scalable drives • Compatible with the IndraDrive family • Digital inputs/outputs and analog input on board • Intelligent operating panel with programming function supports device swap without a PC • Integrated brake resistor, alternative an external brake resistor can be connected

  • USC00017/08.2019 | Electric Drives and Controls GoTo Bosch Rexroth Corporation 9

    Part Number Description Max. Quantity Shipment (Business Days)

    R911333290 FWA-INDRV*-MPB-17VRS-D5-1-ALL-ML 5 5 day(s)

    R911333280 FWA-INDRV*-MPB-17VRS-D5-1-ALL-NN 5 5 day(s)

    R911333283 FWA-INDRV*-MPB-17VRS-D5-1-NNN-NN 5 5 day(s)

    R911333284 FWA-INDRV*-MPB-17VRS-D5-1-SNC-NN 5 5 day(s)

    R911339321 FWA-INDRV*-MPB-18VRS-D5-1-NNN-NN 5 5 day(s)

    R911339323 FWA-INDRV*-MPB-18VRS-D5-1-SNC-NN 5 5 day(s)

    R911339325 FWA-INDRV*-MPB-18VRS-D5-1-SRV-NN 5 5 day(s)

    R911347129 FWA-INDRV*-MPB-20VRS-D5-0-MSP-NN 5 5 day(s)

    R911347132 FWA-INDRV*-MPB-20VRS-D5-0-NNN-NN 5 5 day(s)

    R911347135 FWA-INDRV*-MPB-20VRS-D5-1-ALL-MA 5 5 day(s)

    R911347136 FWA-INDRV*-MPB-20VRS-D5-1-ALL-ML 5 5 day(s)

    R911347137 FWA-INDRV*-MPB-20VRS-D5-1-ALL-NN 5 5 day(s)

    R911347138 FWA-INDRV*-MPB-20VRS-D5-1-MSP-ML 5 5 day(s)

    R911347139 FWA-INDRV*-MPB-20VRS-D5-1-MSP-NN 5 5 day(s)

    R911347140 FWA-INDRV*-MPB-20VRS-D5-1-NNN-ML 5 5 day(s)

    R911347141 FWA-INDRV*-MPB-20VRS-D5-1-NNN-NN 5 5 day(s)

    R911347142 FWA-INDRV*-MPB-20VRS-D5-1-SNC-ML 5 5 day(s)

    R911347143 FWA-INDRV*-MPB-20VRS-D5-1-SNC-NN 5 5 day(s)

    R911347145 FWA-INDRV*-MPB-20VRS-D5-1-SRV-NN 5 5 day(s)

    R911339345 FWA-INDRV*-MPC-18VRS-D5-1-ALL-MA 1 5 day(s)

    R911339352 FWA-INDRV*-MPC-18VRS-D5-1-NNN-ML 1 5 day(s)

    R911339355 FWA-INDRV*-MPC-18VRS-D5-1-SNC-ML 1 5 day(s)

    R911339356 FWA-INDRV*-MPC-18VRS-D5-1-SNC-NN 1 5 day(s)