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GOTO Islands is the westernmost point of Kyushu island, and 10000 km west of Tokyo.

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  • 1. Jan. 2014English class Prof. Christopher YUKNA Michitaka UCHINO e-mail:

2. Fukuoka KyushuOsakaTokyo 3. 129 islands of varying sizeLand area : 630 km2 Population : 60,000 Coastlines : 1000 km 4. Kentoshi (630 - 894) - Japanese envoy to Tang ChinaChangan (Xian)Japan Tang ChinaGOTO IslandsGOTO Islands had been an anchorage site of the Kentoshi ships. had flourished as an exchange base with the continent, continent cultures had rooted. 5. 1600s Many Christians had settled in GOTO Islands in order to avoid persecution of Anti-Christian Edicts. Many Churches and Ruins with the history are remains. 6. Unique culture, co-existence of diverse cultures, has been passed down to modern times. 7. Complex and varied island's terrain. Natural beach, Sea cliff, Ria coast, Volcanic landscape 8. you can enjoy great outdoors and smack your lips over fresh seafood. 9. Introduced EV (over 100 units) Wind power generator Mega solar power generatorDemonstration experiment Floating wind power generator 10. FromTransportSasebo NagasakiNagasakiSaseboPlane07:00Ferry Plane03:00Ferry01:20Fukuoka01:00 00:45FukuokaGOTO IslandsRequired timeFast ship02:45Ferry01:30Fast ship TokyoTokyo - Fukuoka ; 01:45 Tokyo - Nagasaki ; 01:50 11.