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Hummingbird is the new algorithm from Google. It will change the way people search and browse the web. With a more and more mobile internet, this update bring to Google even more possibilities to stay presents on our lives!

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  • 1.Google Hummingbird SEO Impacts

2. " You should not be spending your time searching, you should be spending your time livingAmit Singhal Googles senior vice president 3. The Hummingbird algorithm will affect 90% of searches 4. Most significant change since 20102010 Caffeine2010 Instant2011 Panda update2011 Schema.org2011 Query encryption2012 Search + Your world2012 Penguin update2012 Knowledge Graph2013 Hummingbird 5. What is this big change? As search queries get more complicated, "Boolean" or keyword-based systems begin deteriorating.With Hummingbird, Google is trying to keep pace with the evolution of internet, basing searches on a more intelligent understanding of searches, not only keywords matching! 6. (Not provided keywords)100% of organic keywords will appear as (not provided) on GASEO will not fight for rankings to specific keywords, but to be an authority in specific niches! 7. Hummingbird will improve 8. Google++1 of friends will influence more and more Authorship in Search Related Hashtags Google Plus Communities Auto Awesome and Enhanced Image Editing Hangouts on Air Q&A for Hangouts on Air 9. Local SearchesMore relevant and constant on searches. 10. In-depth articlesThese results provide high-quality content to help you learn about or explore a subject 11. Voice searchesThe voice search will answer queries and understand a sequel of questions based on context and semantic! 12. Mobile Google redefined their mobile search results page.Its cleaner and simpler, optimized for touch, with results clustered on cards so you can focus on the answers youre looking.Amit Singhal 13. Mobile Life is getting mobile, so do Google. Create conversational content. With more users searching on their mobile device with voice searches, think about how a user would verbally search for something and do your best to tailor content accordingly. 14. Knowledge graph 15. Knowledge graph Google have 85(and counting!) different ways to present results to users.News, Ratings, Authorship, Events, Google +, Maps, Local, Related searches, Carousel, BIOs, Movie box, Medical info, Flight statusAll based on information from other sites presented by Knowledge Graphs, that keep users navigating on Google SERPs! 16. Knowledge graphOnly 15% of searches dont show any Knowledge graph! 17. Knowledge graph SEO do not lost space on SERPsFirst organic result 18. Knowledge graph They just change from keywords to entities!En00es results! 19. Schema.orgGoogle and other search engines defined an standard format to markup the entities. 20. So With Google Hummingbird, SEO should be less about keyword data and more about customer engagement. 21. How to take advantage 22. Longtail Hummingbird is designed specially to deliver useful answers for specific and more complex queries.If you create content around answering specific needs, Google will recognize this and see your content as being highly relevant. 23. But with great content Comes social networks!Where can I eat chinese within a 5 mile radius? (query with 8 keywords!) Google knows your friends Jonny and Mike like Siam Chinese 6 miles from here, why dont you go there? And after you can stop for dessert at Menchies since you love frozen yogurt. 24. Conversation searches You: What is Eiffel Tower height? Google: The tower stands 324 metres. You: When they build it? Google: Was build in 1889 to the Worlds Fair. You: Is it build by a French guy? Google:It was build by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, an French civil engineer, architect and freemason 25. Keyword Radiation Stokke is the best options to moms with new born! Our strollers have the ability of carry bags, be resistant and guarantee the baby comfort!See more from Stokke stroller here! We have different types of strollers to ride with the kids and babies. See more from our stroller line and choose yours! 26. User stay longer on SERPs Google is keeping users longer on SERPs Average visit duration Pages per visit Bounce rate They are doing what teach us on Google Analytics: Based on qualitative and quantitative metrics, enhance the chances of making money! 27. Making the difference 28. Trust and authority are now king Be the authority within your niche that users turn to for content that helps them solve problems or teaches them something new. 29. How Hummingbird see pages? Pages are entities, not only a keyword representative!We can now think of every way a page can get traffic, not only a keyword! 30. Is it useful? mantra- - - -Conversation searches; Fill up user needs; Be an authority in your niche; Focus on information user really needs; 31. What happens now? Succeeding in SEO will be the same as its always been if youre doing it right give the users a great experience.Matt CuttsHead at Google Webspam team 32. This is the beginning of Google Hummingbird, and there is no shortcut! Thank you!