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Google in 2010

Transcript of Google Case Final

Case: Googles strategy in 2010

s Strategy in 2010Group 5

Abu Shafin Mohammad Mahdee Jameel (45D 41)Syeda Tasnia Hasan (50D 11)Mohammad Zeaul Haq (50D 18)Chandan Ghosh (50D 27)Md. Rafiqul Islam (50D 40)Md. Saroar Hossain (50D 45)

Presented to :Sheikh Morshed JahanAssociate ProfessorCourse: W650 Business Strategy


Google is the leading search firm in the internet service industry. It has many prospects for growth within the industry and beyond-

More and more people are dependent on the internet as the source of information. As anyone using the internet is Googles target market, it has tremendous potential to grow as a reliable search engine.

The loyal and satisfied customers also offer Google with the chance for future expansion on a global scale.

Growth opportunities in industry2

Growth opportunities in industry (Contd.) - In 2009, 50% of the traffic and revenues were made from outside the US and the percentage grew as it entered the emerging markets.

Businesses are using it as the platform for advertising. The company dominates the market for search based ads.

- Googles search results made advertising revenues of almost $22.9 billion in 2009.

The increasing smartphone market is also adding to the growth prospect of Google.


The Android operating system launched by the company has incorporated features in mobile phones that compete against Apples iPhone.

- Googles Android software market share increased from 0 in 2008 to 13% in May,2010.

Cloud computing, the common software platform in the internet is also a growing market. Moving applications such as word processing, presentations and spreadsheets to cloud presents various benefits to corporate users.

Growth opportunities in industry (Contd.)4

Googles Chrome operating system was launched specially for cloud computing applications. - the cloud computing market was estimated to grow to a $95 billion market by 2013.

Google also offers various other applications besides its search functions. It aims to expand its market by launching Google TV that would allow users to search live network and cable programming.

Growth opportunities in industry (Contd.)5

Competitive Forces6

Competitive rivalry within the industry: moderate-high

Google has the highest market share in the internet search market at 63.7% as of May, 2010 while Yahoo! and Microsoft have 18.3% and 12.1% respectively.

However, Googles Android faces intense competition from Apples iOS.

Competitive Forces (Contd.)7

Bargaining power of suppliers: low-moderate

Given, Google remains the dominant search engine in the industry.

Advertisers and receivers of Google products are both clients, hence, there is a high supplier-seller collaboration.

Competitive Forces (Contd.)8

Bargaining power of the customers: moderate-high

Many products and services are free, if they are not used then it would affect the bottom line of other products.

Internet search industry needs to appease the users or else it will not be successful.

No single user has a controlling interest as most revenue is generated by specific partner sites. Competitive Forces (Contd.)9

Threat of new entrants: low-moderate

Barrier to new entry is high as current competitors are established.

New entrants need large capital and lot of technical know-how to build a network to compete and do better than Google and other companies.

Threat can be there in segmented markets, if any company focuses on a single product/service for a niche.Competitive Forces (Contd.)10

Threat of substitutes: high in case of products and development low in case of internet itself

Internet cannot be replaced as the source of information.

Tech-savvy users are always looking for more sophisticated product and service offerings

Users can switch to other search engines if not satisfied with the speed and accuracy of results. Competitive Forces (Contd.)11

Internet Advertising Value ChainCore BusinessForward IntegrationBackward Integration12

Internet Advertising Value ChainCore BusinessNexus




Google Fiber

Google AdmobGoogle Analytics

Forward IntegrationBackward Integration


Mobile operating systemsHigh predicted growth rateBuyer demography shifting from tech savvy to mass peopleExit of Palm WebOSEntry of Windows Phone 7


Factors behind industry changeFactors behind industry change Contd.Google SearchIncreased regulation and censorshipMini search appliances for small businessAdWords and AdSenseMore and more people coming onlineGoogle had huge tech lead in developing marketsAcquisitions and New ProductsDoubleclick strengthening ad offeringsYouTube Premier video siteGoogle Checkout e-CommerceGoogle Apps


RivalsYahoo!Yahoo! used google search technology in googles early yearsOwns some google stock from a lawsuitTried to get ads from google contract broken mutuallyNow shifting more towards MicrosoftMicrosoftTrying to move into online services from traditional strengths in officeSees google docs as office competitorPositions Live search as google rivalSearch agreement with yahooBanner AdsSkyDrive Online storage16

Rival PositionsKey RivalsYahoo!Microsoft


Rivals likely movesSearch EngineYahoo! : Collaboration with MicrosoftMicrosoft: Semantic Feature, entering ChinaPercent of SharesSearch EntityJuly 2006June 2009May 2010Google Sites43.7 %65.0 %63.7 %Yahoo Sites28.8 %19.6 %18.3 %Microsoft Sites12.8 %8.4 %12.1 %Ask.com5.4 %3.9 %3.6 %AOL5.9 %3.1 %2.3 %Others3.4 %n.m.n.m.Total1oo %1oo %1oo %Source: Crafting and Executing Strategy (Thompson), Pg- C-20118

Rivals likely moves (Contd.)Internet AdvertisingYahoo!Facebook: Capitalize on its huge user base strength


Rivals likely moves (Contd.)Cloud ComputingOpportunity for companies who manufacture OS/software bundles (Apple, Microsoft)Mobile OSiOS, Blackberry: Price cut, Strategic partnership with carriers (mainly in China)20

Key factors for competitive successSearch engineFast , accurate, unbiased resultEasily adaptable with other websites (search appliances)Enriched search indexAccessible via mobile devicesSemantic search featureInternet AdvertisingSufficient site trafficRobust analyticsAdvertisement relevancyExtension of search result to mobile devices Keeping ad publishers interest in mind


Key factors for competitive success (Contd.)Smart TVMultiple features (cable programs, stream videos, recorded programs)Strategic partnershipsCloud ComputingAbility to store and process large dataEnsure safety and speedAffordable pricing to stimulate customer switchingOSUser friendlyUseful core applications bundleInterests from app developers22

Prospects for Attractive ProfitsSearch Engine: HighInternet Advertising: HighCloud computing: HighSmart TV: Moderate-LowOS: High-Medium


One of the Googles main strategy is to Dominate Internet Advertising.

Organize the worlds information and make it universally accessible and useful is Googles mission. But as it is a business, its prime target is making profit out of it. Currently, the main source (97 %) is internet advertising.24

How Well is Googles present strategy working?Two best indicators of how a companys strategy is working are:1. Its Financial health: The stronger a companys financial performance, the more likely it has a well-designed, and well-executed strategy.2. Its industry position: If a company is an above-average industry performer we can assume that its strategy is performing well.25

Googles Financial HealthTo know Googles Financial Health, we evaluate some key financial Ratios:

200920082007Operating Profit Margin35.1%30.4%30.6%Net Profit Margin27.4%19.4%25.3%Return on Asset 16.1%13.3%16.6%Return on Equity25.1%15%18.5%Current Ratio10.68.88.526

Financial health of a key Rival Yahoo!200920082007Operating Profit Margin6%0.2%10%Net Profit Margin9.3%5.9%9.5%Return on Asset 4%3.1%5.4%Return on Equity4.8%3.8%6.9%27

Googles Revenues20092008Advertising Revenues

22,888,80421,128,514Licensing and other Revenues761,759667,036Total Revenues$ 23,650,563$21,795,55028

Googles ResourcesTangible Resources: Physical Resources: In 2009 its Property and Equipment was $4,774,938Financial Resources: Total current asset $29,166,958 (including cash and cash equivalents, marketable security, AR etc.)Technological Asset: In terms of Technological asset it is far ahead than its competitors.29

ResourcesIntangible Assets:Human Resource and Intellectual capital: Google has a group of skilled, specialized and experience workforce who are one step ahead of their time. They are innovative and creative enough to foresee the future. Brand and Company Image: Google has a very good reputation as a firm. It has huge brand value.Company culture and Incentive: Google is a nice place to work. It has good culture to nourish the talents. It is the home of talents from across the world.30

Capabilities Financially sound enoughGlobal presence; a household nameContinuous improvement and innovationConstant innovation of search algorithms Open transparent organization cultureCorporate brand reputation or trust


Four test of Resources competitive powerIs the resource (or capability) competitively valuable?Is the resource rare?Is the resource hard to copy?Are there good substitutes available for the resource?


Is Company Able to Seize Market Opportunities And Nullify Threat