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1Which mountain range separates Kashmir Valley from Jammu? Pir Panjal Range Nilgiri Hills

Aravalli Range Eastern Ghats 2 The Kalahari and the Namib deserts are in which country? Egypt Namibi a Kenya Zimbabw e 3 Where in India is the only active volcano found? Barren Island Kavaratti

Minicoy Bitra 4 Which Indian capital city is built over seven forested hills? Dispur Kohim a Shimla Thiruvananthapura m 5Which river is the source of the Shivasamudra falls?

Cauvery Mahanad i Sipra Damodar 6 Jhabua are tribals from which state? Gujarat Rajastha n Maharashtra Madhya Pradesh 7The Yellow River flows through which country? South Korea Vietnam

Japan China 8 In which country is the Adam's Peak situated? Argentin a Sri Lanka Australi a Canad a 9Nowshak is the highest point of which country? Turkey

Sri Lanka

Afghanistan Nepal 10 Other than India the Sundarbans lies in which country? Pakistan Myanma r

Bangladesh Nepal 1 Which of these organisations have giant panda as their symbol? World Wide Fund for Nature UNICEF

Greenpeace ASEAN 2 What was the Pakistani code name for Kargil war? Operation Oont Operation Badr Operation Daava Operation Khabardaar 3Which of these creatures is famous for their singing? Bat Humpback whale

Chimpanzee Zebra 4 Which is the only member of the cat family that cannot retract its claws? Panthe r Tiger

Lion Cheeta h 5Who laid the foundations of modern minting of coins? Romans Portugues e Dutch British 6 In the flag of which of these countries would you find the 'Sun of May'? Argentin a Brazil

Egypt Ethiopi a 7Which is the national tree of India? Mango Banya n Palm

Pipal 8 Who was the world's first computer programmer? Charles Babbage Ada Lovelace

Bill Gates Steve Jobs 9Svetambara and Digambara are different sects of which religion? Jainism Buddhis m Shintoism Baha'i 10 With which religious personality is the village Shirdi associated? Sant Tukaram Tulsidas

Surdas Sai Baba Which of these is measured in reams as well as caliper? Silve r Glass


Paper Salt 2 Where in India is the first Science City of Asia located?

New Delhi Kolkata Mumba i Pune 3What does lux, the unit of illumination in the International System of measurement, mean in Latin? Solid Liqui d

Light Force 4 What when applied to snow or ice lowers the melting point of the mixture? Wate r Milk Cur d Salt 5Which chemical element was found in gaseous state in the atmosphere surrounding the sun by scientist Pierre Janssen? Hydroge n Nitrogen

Oxygen Helium 6 Hyperglycemia involves excess of what in blood?

Uric Acid Cholestero l Calciu m Glucos e 7The spaceships Luna 1, Luna 2 and Luna 3 were the first to explore which celestial body? Moo n Mars

Jupiter Mercury 8 The existence of which of these gases was discovered in 1895 by British chemist Sir William Ramsay? Hydroge n Oxygen

Helium Nitroge n 9Which is the largest lymphatic organ in the body? Kidne y Live r Spleen Gall bladder 10 Where in the human body is the Achilles tendon located? Ring finger


Heel Forearm 1 What type of a costume is a 'Bandi'? Jacket Trouse r Belt Headgear 2 Eiffel Tower is built entirely with which metal? Nicke l Iron Coppe r Silve r 3The oil of which of these trees is chiefly used in medicine? Coconu t Palm

Eucalyptus Banyan 4 The White Lotus rebellion occurred in which country? Indonesi a Sri Lanka

China Japa n 5The distribution of which annual award started on December 10, 1901? Nobel Prize Pulitzer Prize Templeton Prize Magsaysay Award 6 Tribhuvan Airport is the International Airport of which country? Bhuta n Sri Lanka Banglades h Nepal 7By which name was Thailand known previously? Myanma r Siam

Yangon Malay 8 Gof Gunthan is a variation of which dance? Thullal Perini Thandavam

Raa s Theyya m 9What is unique about the colours used in Mithila painting? The colours are made from juices of locally available flowers The colours are made from vegetables

The colours are made from various chemicals The colours are made from grains of chalks 10 Paro is the international airport of which of these countries? Bhuta n Nepal

Bangladesh Myanmar 1 Serai Khella, Purulia and Mayurbhanj are various styles of which dance? Chhau Satriy a Maach Dhuria 2 Which company devised Acrobat, the program that allows users to view the same documents complete with graphics and layout? Oracle Microsof t Adob e

Corel 3In which Indian holy city are the Manikarnika Ghat, Dashashwamedh Ghat and Scindia Ghat situated? Varanas i Pune

Bhopal Kolkata 4 Which was the first Indian public sector bank to launch the Visa card in India in 1981? Bank of Baroda Indian Overseas Bank Andhra Bank State Bank of India 5Which part of India was primarily ruled by the Palas? Bengal Gujara t Kashmir Rajasthan 6 Assyrian and Armenian languages are spoken in which of these countries? Iraq Chin a Egypt Cambodi a

7The tails of which of these animals was used by the Romans to swat flies? Lions Buffalo s Rhinoceroses Yaks Which narrative folk art form derived its name from the instrument accompanying it? Burra Katha Bhavai


Garba Thulla l 9Where is the Defence Electronics Application Laboratory situated? Mumba i Chenna i

Dehradun Pune 10 What was the nationality of the co-recipient of the 1979 Nobel Prize for Physics, Abdus Salam? India n Britis h

Pakistani Nigerian 1 Who played Hrithik Roshan's foster-father in the film 'Mission Kashmir'?

Dharmendra Amitabh Bachchan Vinod Khanna Sanjay Dutt Who composed the music for Shekhar Kapoor's 'Masoom' ? Rajesh Roshan Bappi Lahiri Jagjit Singh R.D.Burma n 3Who was the lyricist for Shankar Mahadevan's album 'Breathless'? Gulzar Samee r Nawab Arzoo Javed Akhtar 4 Ali Azmat and Salman Ahmad are the part of which music group? Euphoria Indigo Nation Silk Route Junoon 5Which model appeared in the Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan music video 'Afreen Afreen'? Madhu Sapre


Sushmita Sen Bipasha Basu Lisa Ray 6 Who among these is the granddaughter of Shobhana Samarth? Kajol Urmila Matondkar Madhuri Dixit Shilpa Shetty 7Who produced the film '36 Chowringhee Lane'? Sanjeev Kumar Shashi Kapoor

Dilip Kumar Sunil Dutt 8 Who composed the music for Shekhar Kapur's 'Bandit Queen' ? Vanraj Bhatia Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Amjad Ali Khan Pandit Ravi Shankar 9Which of these films did Dilip Kumar produce, script and star in? Ganga Jamuna Saudagar

Madhumati Devdas 10 Which director was the founder and president of the Chitralekha Film Co-op in Trivandrum? Adoor Gopalakrishnan Amol Palekar

Satyajit Ray Mrinal Sen 1 Meher Moos was the first Indian woman to achieve which of these feats? The first Indian woman in Antarctica The first woman doctor

The first Indian woman in administrative services The first Indian woman to reach the top of Mt. Everest 2 In which Indian state would you find the largest church of Asia? Rajasthan Maharashtr a Keral a Goa 3Opium poppy is native to which country? Turke y Austri a

Poland Nigeria 4 The Ganymede is the largest moon of which planet? Jupite r Mars Venu s Pluto 5Which is the oldest independent country in Africa? Ethiopi a Ghan a Nigeria Egypt 6 Which of these is the name of a bird as well as a fruit? Aprico t Kiwi Pear s Orang e 7Which tree is also known as Bodhi tree? Pipal Nee m Banyan

Eucalyptus 8 Which feature of MS Word helps the user find synonyms and antonyms of a particular word? Thesaurus Spellings and grammar Font Pivot table 9The picture of which leaf would you find in the flag of Canada? Eucalyptu s Bo

Maple Olive 10 Which of these fashion designers owns the boutique 'Ensemble'? Rina Dhaka Tarun Tahiliani Ritu Kumar Ritu Beri 1 The flag of which country has the unique shape of two overlapping right triangles? Pakistan Banglades h

Nepal Bhutan 2 Scotch whisky are made primarily from the malted form of which cereal crop?

Whea t Barle y Rice Maiz e 3Who was the Italian Prime Minister during World War II? Adolf Hitler Benito Mussolini Otto von Bismarck Sir Winston Churchill 4 Which is the most expensive spice of the world? Ginger Cinnamo n Saffro n Clov e 5The name of which animal means 'river horse' in Greek? Rhinocero s Crocodile

Zebra Hippopotamus 6 Who introduced cashew to India in the 15th century?

Frenc h Dutch

English Portugues e 7Which family of creatures do not have lungs? Amphibian s Fishes

Reptiles Birds 8 Which was the first Indian state to use electoral identity card? Tamil Nadu Kerala

Haryana Maharashtr a 9Who wrote the national anthem of Bangladesh? Bankim Chandra Chatterjee Rabindranath Tagore

Mohammad Iqbal Munshi Premchand 10 Which was the first Indian state to ban plastics? Goa

Maharashtr a Gujarat Sikkim On which city of India is Dominique Lapierre's 'City Of Joy' based ? Kolkat a Mumba i Hyderabad Chennai 2 Chambal is the chief tributary of which river? Yamuna Narmad a Brahmaputr a Ganges 3Which of these animals has the maximum number of legs? Crabs Octopu s Millipedes Spider 4 What is the official religion of Cambodia? Theravada Buddhism Tantric Buddhism


Hinduism Christianit y 5Who raised funds for displaced Kashmiri migrants and the victims of Latur earthquake with the extensive tour of her play "Tumhari Amrita"? Shabana Azmi Tara Deshpande Nana Patekar Amol Palekar 6 In which city would you find the Red Square? Paris Toky o Moscow Kathmand u 7The Aswan High Dam was built on which river? Amazo n Cong o

Nile Indus 8 Which of these celestial objects usually has a tail? Comets Asteroid s

Planet s Satellite s 9With which of these companies is Larry Ellison associated? Microsoft Corporation IBM Corporation

Oracle Corporation Intel Corporation 10 Name the curved throwing stick us