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Getting “LinkedIn”. Using LinkedIn to its fullest potential. Why LinkedIn®?. Before we get started, update settings so contacts do not get changes(1/3). Select “settings”. Before we get started, update settings so contacts do not get changes(2/3 ). Click turn on/off activity broadcasts. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sparrey Consulting

Getting LinkedInUsing LinkedIn to its fullest potential1Why LinkedIn?Tonight we will:Briefly revisit the basicsCreate or update your profileInvite people to connectDiscuss other creative uses for LinkedInPlan how to keep your profile currentReview more advanced concepts for business ownersIdentify and contact potential partnersPosition yourself as an expertUse recommendations to build credibilityDevelop contact list of publications and use LinkedIn for PRParticipate effectively in groupsCreate valuable Linked In events


Before we get started, update settings so contacts do not get changes(1/3)Select settings

Before we get started, update settings so contacts do not get changes(2/3)

Click turn on/off activity broadcasts

Before we get started, update settings so contacts do not get changes(3/3)

Unclick that button and updates dont go to contacts

Build credibilityHow to use LinkedIn to build your personal brandNetworking(Not netbegging)GeneratepublicityEstablish expertiseMake yourself known to employersLearn more about prospective employeesPost jobsConduct research6Use LinkedIn to actively network: be proactive and stay in touch

Create categories on profiles using tags and manage tags

121: put tags on individual profiles

2: manage tags8Reach out using the Year in Review feature as wellYear in review ( offers a great chance to do that.

9Start with a powerful headline that helps people to find youOld headlineNew headlineSenior Manager, Deloitte ConsultingSenior Manager, Deloitte Consulting, Financial Services PracticeSocial media consulting to engage women onlinePrincipal, Women Online, Social Media Consulting Firm engaging women for leading corporations and non-profitsPresident at Hera HubPresident at Hera Hub, collaborative office workspaces for womenCareer CoachChief Talent Advisor, Sparrey Consulting, committed to helping exceptional young people achieve their goalsEmployeeOwner10Provide a summary that highlights your skills, consider who is looking for you

Listing specific skills (SEO optimized)


Provide a summary that highlights your skills, consider who is looking for youAttempting to connect with reader

- Brian G. Bauer12Review basics in your profile to put your best foot forwardCustomize your website link

Customize your website linkUse advanced search to find people that will be valuable to your network

Who might you want to find?SuppliersNew CustomersProspective employeesReferral PartnersWho Knows Who

16Study Your Network


Use productivity tools to make it easier to maintain connections

Outlook Toolbar19

Screens anyone you receive email from (also CC)Instant invite with templatesGrab - puts contact into CollectedRecently bogging down Outlook a bit

19Details such as languages can stand out in a search(page 1 of 3)

After selecting edit profile, click on add sectionsNote: you can highlight awards, patents, publications, etc.20

Include languages as a way to differentiate yourself (page 2 of 3)In dialog box, select languages and then click on add to profile21

Include languages as a way to differentiate yourself (page 3 of 3)Then, select your proficiency for each.22Applications can be a great way to reconnect with your network



TripIt example

24Public vs. PrivateJoin up to 50 groupsFind your customers in groupsOpen gateway: connect & message group membersSearch out expertiseConsider starting a group

You can use groups efficiently, avoid incessant emails!

25Use profile stats to check on whos checking you out!

Use profile stats to check on whos checking you out!

Conduct research about prospects and competitors using follow companyUse the follow company feature on LinkedIn to find out the following helpful information:Common career paths before and after the companyWhere employees are most connectedDepartments & levels for new hiresFormer employees and where they have departed toRecent promotions and changes

28Position yourself as an expertInclude URL links in your summary or descriptions to sample workThanks to Margot from The Word Factory for the tipAsk questions to build credibilityRate answers to thank respondentsIf one stood out, select that as the best answerInclude answers application on your main profile pageIdentify categories where you may be an expertReview questions (put 30 minutes on your calendar on a weekly basis)Research person asking question to offer a personal response based on their LinkedIn profileProvide valuable tips in your response, including website links or introductions to expertsRequest best answer rating if appropriate


Use the content on your profile to create your resume

Create your own resume real-time from 30ActivityFrequencyTime requiredReview contact update emailWeekly10 minutesReach out to someone just to say hi!Weekly5 minutesUpdate statusWeekly (Ent)Monthly (empl)5 minutesAsk a question (or write an answer)Weekly (Ent)Monthly (empl)10 minutesReview profile ask someone for feedbackMonthly5 minutesFollow new companiesMonthly10 minutesRecommend peopleMonthly30 minutesSearch for people who meet a specific needAs applicable10 minutesTripIt: Use travel plans as conversation starterAs applicable10 minutesInclude new books on reading listAs applicable5 minutesConsider activities that are your priorities & get them done!

QuestionsContactFelena Hanson felena@herahub.comAndrea Sparrey 32Suggested Default SettingsGo to upper right Settings Working on the Left ColumnMake the following changes until you know better and understand the impact of the settings completely.Upload photo, visible to everyonePublic Profile displays full profile information. Customize your URL so that you can use it on your email signature such as Feed visible to everyoneContact Settings: Ill accept introductions and InMailOpportunity Preferences: I suggest checking boxes consulting, ventures, expertise, and re-connect at a minimum, and others at personal preference.Invitation Filtering: All InvitationsGroup Invitations: Open to Receive

Complements of Marco Thompson33Suggested Default SettingsGo to upper right Settings Working on the Right ColumnName & Location: Display Name = Full First & Last NameEmail Addresses: List ALL email addresses, that any business contact might try to contact you through.Connections Browse: Hide or not HideProfile Views: Dont Show Users that I have viewed their Profile

Complements of Marco Thompson34Build credibility through recommendationsWho should you ask?Should you have recommendations?(Personal or business)?How should you ask them?What is your companys policy?Giving recommendations to others can be a powerful toolBe thoughtful in what you promote / say about others, provide specific examples where you canTalk specifically about what you know and be careful not to address what you dont!Read other recommendations to see what ones impress you!Dont be shy about asking for recommendationsIn a group setting, if youre doing feedback surveys, you could suggest that they follow-up with a LinkedIn recommendationIf someone is writing a recommendation and asks about characteristics you want highlighted, be preparedSave your recommendations in a standalone PDF fileLook up Wally Feigensons blog for more information35Profile contacts: save profiles that youve found and take notes re: prospective contacts

Profile views: see a complete list of whos viewed your profile, could be valuable to estimate probability of new business

InMail messages: reach out to anyone on LinkedIn with messages, consider if this is relevant for you

Search results: increase the number of people returned in each search

Profile detail: see expanded profiles for everyone on LinkedIn

Open your profile: allows others to reach out and connect directly with you

Why would someone get a LinkedIn premium profile?36