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2017Annua l Dono r Repo r t

G e n e r o s i t y H e a l s

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Our MissionImprove and enhance healthcare services for people throughout Northcentral Montana.

About BenefisFoundationBenefis Health System Foundation is a non-profit, charitable giving organization that exists to improve the lives of Benefis Health System patients and community members throughout the Northcentral Montana region.

Since 1998, caring donors have generously supported a multitude of programs, projects, and funds that address the greatest healthcare needs at our health system and in our community and help deliver high quality care to our neighbors, friends, and loved ones.

100 percent of the money raised by the Benefis Foundation goes directly towards improving healthcare. Our devoted donors make the world of difference in the lives of countless Montanans every single day.

In 2017, donors and private grantors gave more than $2.5 million in philanthropic support to the Benefis Foundation. And, a little over $2.5 million was disbursed for programs and services throughout Benefis Health System and the community and region.

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Dear Friends and Community Members, In August 2017, I was privileged to become President of

the Benefis Health System Foundation as an expansion

of my existing role at Benefis. I am honored to have the

opportunity to work directly with the Benefis Foundation

and its many generous donors.

The extraordinary impact that our donors have on the

health and wellbeing of our patients and community

members is powerful and inspiring.

The following are just a few of the many accomplishments and milestones of 2017 that

were realized because of the generosity of donors like you:

• $1 million of donor-raised funds helped the Benefis Sletten Cancer Institute (SCI) purchase the Varian EDGE™ Radiosurgery System, the first in Montana and surrounding five-state area.

• We celebrated a remarkable milestone in November—the 10,000th patient received care at SCI since the institute opened in 2005.

• After a successful fundraising campaign that brought in nearly $2.5 million, construction began on the new, state-of-the-art Emergency Department at Benefis.

• We Care! We Share!, the annual employee giving campaign at Benefis, raised a record-breaking $518,165. It also had the highest-ever percentage of employee participation—55 percent!

These achievements added to an already exciting year at Benefis Health System,

which celebrated 125 years of providing quality healthcare to residents of Northcentral

Montana in 2017. The advancements made over the last century in medical care and

technology at Benefis simply would not have been possible without philanthropy and

the tremendous support of our community.

As we face the uncertain future of healthcare in our country, the importance of

philanthropy will be even greater. We are fortunate to have such compassionate donors

that continually give to the Benefis Foundation so that others may heal.

Thank you for making philanthropy such an important part of your life. I hope you will

join us in celebrating the Benefis Foundation’s 20th Anniversary throughout 2018—two

decades and countless lives touched because of donors like you.

Terry PreitePresidentBenefis Spectrum Medical, Regional Relations, and Philanthropy

2017 Foundation Board Members


Shannon E. HoilandChairFirst Interstate Bank

Douglas M. NicholsonVice ChairDavidson Companies

Bryce C. GraftSecretaryCalumet Montana Refining

Dean A. NelsonTreasurerRetired Investment Advisor


Barbara L. ByrneRancherAntelope Butte LLC

Grant W. EveCertified Public AccountantWipfli/JOSEPH EVE

Nora C. Gerrity, MDPediatric HospitalistBenefis Medical Group

Dena Burnham JohnsonOwnerLegal Practice Systems Consulting

Wayne E. LinnellOf Counsel AttorneyLinnell, Newhall, Martin & Schulke, PC

Chris R. ReiquamRetired Banker and Rancher

James R. SimmonsSales & Service ManagerNational Laundry Co.

Patricia T. SlettenCommunity Volunteer

G. Mike TabaccoPresidentGuy Tabacco Construction

Diane N. VolkCo-ownerWillow Creek Ranch


Theresa A. PreitePresidentBenefis Health System Foundation

William R. McGregor, MDBenefis Health System Board

Forrest EhlingerCFO and System Chief Resources OfficerBenefis Health System

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Supporting Children and FamiliesOur gratitude is endless for the thousands of donors who support the programs that help children and families facing illness and tragedy.

Your gifts bring love and light during the darkest times and make life seem more bearable for these families experiencing the unimaginable.

There really aren’t words that accurately convey how thankful we are to the Angel Fund donors for providing this assistance. It really was a boost of encouragement when we needed it most. This is truly a wonderful program that shines a light when it feels like there isn’t one. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” - Mom from Havre, MT


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69 $44,292families with

The 221 Children’s Fund was created to be a “brother fund” to the Angel Fund, assisting families with medical expenses, prescriptions, and other healthcare needs.

The Angel Fund was truly a godsend. We desperately needed financial assistance to help defray the cost of travel and motel stays when my daughter received treatment at Seattle Children’s Hospital. The gift took away a tremendous amount of stress and allowed us to focus on my daughter’s medical needs and care. Thank you, dear angels. You are a blessing we will never forget. - Mom from Browning, MT

21 $8,339familiesreceived

medicalexpensesto help with

This financial assistance has helped my family immensely. What you are doing is pure kindness. You are helping families like mine who are not only struggling with the emotional rollercoaster of special needs, but who are also struggling financially. Because of your help, we are able to get the treatments and therapies our baby girl needs, and she is improving more than anyone thought possible. Because of you. - Mom from Chester, MT

Your gifts helped these 69 families with travel and lodging costs when they had to travel out of town, often on very short notice, so their sick children could receive specialized care.


3PO Box 7008, Great Falls, MT 59406-7008 | 406.455.5840

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93 5,807volunteers hours

93 active volunteers offer their time and talent to make Camp Francis, Darcy’s Hope, and the other Children’s

Bereavement programs a success. In 2017, these committed individuals volunteered a total of 5,807 hours.

8484 children, their family members, and volunteers honored their loved ones at the annual Holiday Remembrance Celebration in December.

More than 300 of our community members were served through the Children’s Bereavement Program in 2017.


Benefis Peace HospiceChildren’s Bereavement ProgramThis program gives children in our community the opportunity to process the grief of losing a loved one through a number of support programs, including therapeutic camps, retreats, support groups, and special events like the Holiday Remembrance.

4 PO Box 7008, Great Falls, MT 59406-7008 | 406.455.5840

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Camp Francis helps kids ages six through 12 cope with the death of a significant person in their life. These 34 kids spent the week connecting with other children who share that experience of losing someone they love. Because of donors like you, they learned together how to heal and let go of their grief in a safe, supportive place.

34 children attended Camp Francis in the mountains near Monarch in June 2017.

34 CAMPFRANCISchildren


This has




Camp was an AMAZING experience! The volunteers helped me lessen my guilt for grandma, and increased the remembrance of LOVE that I have for her. Thank you for all you do, camp is very special to me and I’m very excited to return next year!

21 teens attended Darcy’s Hope Teen Retreat in October 2017.

This group of 21 teenagers who shared the experience of losing someone they love came together to connect, grieve, and learn how to smile again. Thank you for helping make thissuch a special place of healing!



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Continued Investments in Cancer CareThanks to the hundreds of donors who gave a total of $8.9 million to establish Benefis Sletten Cancer Institute thirteen years ago, the institute has brought hope to those who hear the frightening words: you have cancer.

Donors to the Benefis Sletten Cancer Institute continue to play a vital role in making the latest cancer treatment options available to patients in our region.


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Holistic Care


In November, we celebrated a remarkable milestone at Benefis Sletten Cancer Institute — the 10,000th patient received care since the institute opened in 2005.

Our generous donors are to thank for reaching this monumental milestone. The beautiful building and the compassionate care that is provided within its walls and beyond make it a truly special place for cancer care. Your gifts inspire courage and bring peace and hope to our patients and their families.

Donors make it possible for patients at SCI to receive care that focuses on the whole person – mind, body, and spirit.

Beyond the sophisticated medical treatments, patients at SCI receive comprehensive care that includes a broad range of support services, from support groups for patients and families, to access to the Cancer Resource Center—a complete library of cancer-related materials.

Benefis Sletten Cancer Institute

(SCI) patients underwent a total of 18,489 radiation oncology procedures in 2017.


There was a

total of 28,080 medical oncology visits at SCI throughout 2017.

28,080 SCI patients utilized the Image Center 801 times throughout 2017. Donors like you helped

these cancer patients cope with the visible effects of cancer treatment with a range of support services, from spa, skincare, and makeup consultations and products, to wigs, hats, and scarves.


More than $1,066,703 of donor-raised funds was disbursed in 2017 to help fund the advanced treatment, technology, and compassionate care that SCI is known for.

$1,066,703In 2017, SCI patients received 71 sessions of Naturopathic services in Great Falls.

Through donor support, we are able to bring providers from the Yellowstone Naturopathic Clinic to Great Falls to administer Naturopathic services for our cancer patients. This additional measure of care offers a holistic approach to the care or recovery of our patients.71

7PO Box 7008, Great Falls, MT 59406-7008 | 406.455.5840

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$1,000,000 FUNDSdonorraised

$6,000 FUNDSdonorraised

$1 million of donor-raised funds helped SCI purchase the Varian EDGE™ Radiosurgery System, the first in Montana and surrounding five-state area.

The Varian EDGE features advanced technology that allows for increased accuracy when treating tumors that move when a patient breathes, such as tumors in the lungs or abdomen. The EDGE can target and treat tumors and other abnormalities in the brain, spine, lung, and other difficult to treat areas.

Patients can receive non-invasive, high-precision treatments with the EDGE in a fraction of the time of previous treatments.

A radiosurgery procedure that previously took 30 to 90 minutes can now be completed in 5 to 20 minutes with the Varian EDGE. – Dr. Berna DeMalignon, SCI Radiation Oncologist

Donor contributions made it possible for the $6,000 purchase of the Sara Lift in 2017, a machine that is critical for patient safety and comfort.

If patients have limited mobility or are confined to a wheelchair, the Sara Lift supports and lifts them to a standing position with mechanical assistance, and can also measure patient weight.

8 PO Box 7008, Great Falls, MT 59406-7008 | 406.455.5840

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31countiesacross Montana

285 people utilized the short-stay rooms, apartment-style housing, or RV spaces for a total of 551 stays in 2017.

Gift of Life Housing has offered free lodging to Benefis patients who live outside Great Falls for more than 26 years, providing a home away from home for thousands of people undergoing cancer treatment, or who were experiencing the greatest crisis of their lives.

This remarkable program is completely funded by donations.

Alaska, Colorado, Georgia, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Washington

These patients came from

Gift OF life HOUSING


Thank you for a comfortable place to stay during my cancer treatment. It was so nice to have one less thing to worry about—what a wonderful place and a wonderful idea!- Cancer patient from Lewistown, MT

I stayed at the East Campus Gift of Life throughout the summer while I was having radiation treatments. It would not have been possible for me to have had radiation if it were not for this wonderful housing. You have, quite literally, given me the gift of life.” – Cancer patient from Shelby, MT

285 551peoplestayed times

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Life-SavingEmergencyCareYou never realize how important the emergency department (ED) is until you need it. Each year, Benefis Health System provides vital emergency care to nearly 34,000 people—working day and night to save lives.

Thanks to the support of generous donors, a new, cutting-edge emergency department is being built at Benefis and is expected to be complete by the end of 2018.


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$527,000 2017The Benefis Foundation’s signature fundraising event, Mayfaire, raised more than $527,000 in 2017 to support the capital campaign for the new ED.

For the last 18 years, Mayfaire has raised funds through a charity golf tournament at the Meadow Lark Country Club and evening gala at the Mansfield Convention Center to benefit a specific cause that enhances healthcare services at Benefis.

In June, ground was officially broken, and construction began on the new ED. Donors have contributed nearly $2.5 million to the project, helping to ensure the future of world-class, life-saving emergency care for years to come.

The size of the ED will be nearly doubled through both new construction and remodeling. The innovative design will allow more efficient and patient-friendly care with shorter wait times.

Donors are making several enhancements possible:

• High-tech equipment and the flexibility to accommodate future technological advancements

• More than 30 rooms will be significantly larger than the current 18 rooms

• Enclosed ambulance garage with drive- through access

• New helipad with space to land two helicopters

morethan raised in



11PO Box 7008, Great Falls, MT 59406-7008 | 406.455.5840

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Commitmentto QualityCareThe Benefis Foundation’s generous donors make it possible to provide innovations in patient care, equipment, facilities, and technology beyond what Benefis, as a not-for-profit health care organization, can do alone. Philanthropy makes the difference between basic facilities and a comprehensive health system that is truly world class.

In 2017, gifts made by Benefis Foundation donors were imperative to the continuous improvement in healthcare services at Benefis.

I feel very lucky to have won this scholarship. I have always known I wanted to help others by working in the medical field. It is humbling to know that there are people out there who want to help students like me achieve their dreams. – Cori Enseleit, MSU College of Nursing student

12 PO Box 7008, Great Falls, MT 59406-7008 | 406.455.5840

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In 2017, donors made it possible to provide $353,337 in support of the Benefis Peace Hospice Residential Facility’s operating budget, plus a multitude of other items and improvements.

In-home massages • two new recliners • massage chair • microwave • refrigerator • clothes dryer • specialty bed that can tilt and rise in order to protect patients and keep them comfortable.

It is because of the generosity of donors that Benefis Peace Hospice creates a compassionate environment for terminal patients and their families.

Supporting Benefis employees’ growth and further development of skills is crucial to providing high quality and compassionate care for our patients. Thank you, donors, for helping to give our friends, families, and neighbors the care they deserve.

More than $17,000 was used to purchase equipment for the Labor and Delivery and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) departments at Benefis, including:

• OAE Otodynamics Otocheck—a device used to conduct non-invasive sophisticated hearing tests on babies born in the NICU.

• Wireless fetal monitor—allows greater mobility for mothers during labor while maintaining the safe and accurate monitoring of the baby’s heartrate, mother’s heart rate, and contraction spacing.

Donors contributed $150,000 to the Benefis Health System laboratory renovation and expansion project in 2017.

The amount of donor-raised funds used to help Benefis employees receive continuing education and specialty training totaled $17,949 in 2017.

The new Benefis lab features increased efficiencies and state-of-the-art technology that produces faster, more consistent results.

In 2017, the Benefis Foundation awarded 42 college students from Great Falls and the surrounding areas $71,500 in healthcare scholarships.

The Healthcare Scholarship Program helps dozens of students every year pursue a degree, certification, or advancement in a medically related field.

$71,50042 studentsawarded






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Spirit of Generosity at Benefis Health SystemEvery year, Benefis Health System employees demonstrate their incredible generosity and compassion by participating in the We Care! We Share! giving campaign.

Benefis employees understand that when they contribute to their favorite Benefis Foundation fund or other local nonprofit organization, they can make a significant difference in the lives of their patients, neighbors, and coworkers in need.


Page 17: Generosity Heals - Benefis

The results from the 2017 We Care! We Share! campaign were tremendous. A record-breaking total of $518,165

was raised and We Care! We Share! had the highest-ever percentage of employee participation - 55%!

The Caring For Our Own fund provides assistance to Benefis Health System employees or volunteers who are experiencing a financial burden in a time of emergency.

During the We Care! We Share! employee giving campaign, Benefis employees gave $64,653 to Caring For Our Own fund and

to its endowment fund.




$68,467 109wasdistributed to



Giving to the We Care! We Share! Campaign is very important to me because I have watched co-workers and my employees go through terrible grief-stricken periods when funds are tight and family members are in need of help. A small amount can make such a difference when someone is in crisis. It means a lot to me to be able to contribute to those in need. –Debbie Schmid, Endoscopy Supervisor

I can’t say thank you enough for helping me and my girls. All of the donors are truly angels. They are the most caring people I have ever come across. Thank you to all that donate to Caring For Our Own. You have touched my life. – Benefis employee

From significant travel costs due to the loss of a loved one, to losing their home and belongings to fire, our fellow employees have experienced a wide range of personal hardships that have been helped by the Caring For Our Own fund.

15PO Box 7008, Great Falls, MT 59406-7008 | 406.455.5840

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Donor Name45th and 12th Condo AssociationDaniel and Teresa AakreCharles and Sydne AbernathyCarrie A. Ackerman-Powell, NPDr. Elton and Marie AdamsEmily J. AdamsRich and Joan AdamsDr. T. Brice AddisonAdvanced Care Hospital of MontanaAdvanced Litho PrintingAero AirMike and Rebecca AgamenoniKristina M. AguilarJim and Eula AlbrechtKenneth W. AlbrechtAlice Lee Lund Charitable TrustAllegiance Benefit Plan ManagementDemorise and Frances AllenLily M. AllenRebecca M. AllenAllied Investment Advisors, LLCSusan AltonaGregory J. AltringerAmazing ToysAmazonSmile FoundationDr. Rudo AmbayiRebecca J. AmenAmerican Heart Association, Inc.American Lutheran Church Women of the ELCADebra J. AmmondsonDavid P. AndersonEvelyn M. Anderson

Fred and Vicky AndersonJessica AndersonKaleen J. AndersonLonnie and Shannon AndersonRonda V. AndersonAnderson ZurMuehlen & Co., P.C.

Erika L. AndreasenAnonymous DonorsAnonymous Private FoundationMyrtle L. AntonichAramark Healthcare TechnologiesTammie L. ArmanazyJulie A. ArnoldHomer and Susan ArthurCarolyn E. ArvesPatricia E. AshmoreToni J. AtchisonPatricia J. AuneCheryl D. AustinJames and Carol AuthAverill HospitalityDr. John Avery and Dr. Susan AveryMonie A. AyersLoyal and LaVonne BabbLinnie A. BabcockJoseph E. BachJulie A. BackBadger Booster ClubDonna B. BagleyDennis and Carol BahnmillerSteve and Michelle BahnmillerDr. Steven C. BaileyDr. Jeffrey and Wendy BakerSandra BalekJohn and Shirley BalesNorman BallantyneKurt and Velda BaltruschElaine M. BalzerClara E. BancroftGeorge H. BandelThomas Z. BantaBeverly K. Bargas

Genevieve D. BarhaughDr. Marcella L. BarkerRoger and Pamela BarnesJoseph and Margaret BarrettJon and Andrea BarrowKaren S. Barton, PA-C

Kaycee L. BeallAmy D. BeamesBear Paw Credit UnionGlenn and Joy BeardSherry BeaverBradley BechardMartin and Kathleen BeckerSandra L. BellYvonne C. BellTeri A. BellusciBelt Volunteer Ambulance ServiceRebecca A. BenbowMarie BenderBenefis AdministrationBenefis Emergency ServicesBenefis Food and Nutritional ServicesBenefis Health SystemBenefis Human ResourcesBenefis OB EducationBenefis SeniorCare AdministrationDeb BennerRichard C. BennettKatherine M. BenzelMarny A. BergoDarci A. BernardiDavid A. BerubeBest Western Plus Heritage InnJulie BettsPatricia BiceLisa E. BickelBig Sky Pro Rodeo Roundup CommitteeClyde and Roberta BigelowShirley Q. BillingsleyKari M. BirdDarcy M. BirkoskiTamara T. BistodeauBill BlackDarla R. BlackEddie BlackGreg BlackPamalia J. BlackwellJames D. BlairJames and Marleen BlairDr. Kathleen S. BlairTamie L. BlairJohn R. BlanchetPete BleskinDianna L. BlissCarla BloemendaalDr. Bill and Lynn BloemendaalCarol BloomJosephine C. BlueBlue Cross Blue Shield of MontanaKim S. BlunnBNSF Railway CompanySusan V. BodnerBrenda M. BoeDr. David BoesBoes Eye CareRobin L. Boland, FNPWilliam and Linda BoothDanny Borland and Dr. Judy BorlandDr. Judy E. BorlandDr. Keith and Rebecca BortnemLonnie W. BoscheeJacqueline R. BourretWilliam and Jacqueline BourretRoberta W. BoylanRandal and Susan BoysunRichard and Linda BradfordBonnie L. BradyPeter BradyRobert and Beverly BraigRoberta J. BrandtDr. Benny and Karen BrandvoldKenneth and Blythe BrandvoldSara M. Branom

Teddy M. BranomAlison M. BrantleyInez F. BrayJessica L. BrayRobert and Cheryl BreckenridgeReverend Richard Brennan and Dr. Bridget BrennanBrentwood Services Administrators, Inc.Brett Keaster, Inc.Patsy A. BroadusBarbara W. BrodockSarah L. BrodockAdele BronsonDavid P. Brost, PA-CIrene S. BrownJared and Anne BrownJeremy M. BrownLura Brown, PA-CRebecca J. BrownMr. and Mrs. Rob BrownElizabeth S. BrubakerSteve C. and Diane M. BruceJoel and Sheila BruelandJ. Carl BrueschRichard and Delayne BrumleyKaren BuchananCasey BuckinghamDavid BuckinghamHarry and Kathy BuckinghamSharla R. BuckleyBryan and Carole BuckridgeDr. Stephanie L. BurcusaDiane L. BurkeDr. Nicholas and Terra BurnhamCatherine L. BurnsteinKyle E. BurwellJackie L. BuskirkWilliam and Madalyn ButlerEd ButtreyKimberly D. ButtzCorrina L. BuxengardCharles and Barbara ByrneMartin and Brenda ByrnesC. M. Russell MuseumMichelle M. CaldwellCalumet Montana RefiningDavid and Tanya CameronTanya A. CameronDr. Todd E. CameronGeorge CampanellaBrenda K. CampbellLynze M. CannonJames and Jo Ann CappMark and Martha CappisCara Beers Design DirectionsSasha R. CardStephen and Denise CardaniDavid E. CarlsonKaren A. CarlsonDr. Steven CarlsonAmy E. CarmichaelWilliam and Amy CarmichaelAdam and Eleanor CarrollGail J. CarterGlenn and Anna Carter and FamilyJames CarterCascade Chapter No. 101 O.E.S.Brynn CaslavkaKristine R. CaveCentral Plumbing & Heating, IncCentron ServicesBriana CeynarChange HealthcareChartwell Financial AdvisoryDebra M. ChibroskiChicago Title Insurance CompanyChild’s Play Charity

Christ United Methodist WomenBrian and Lisa ChristensenLisa M. ChristensenDelbert and Patricia ChristiaensDr. Alexander and Tracy ChungJerome and Caroline ChvilicekCity of Missoula Parks and RecreationCity Motor Company IncBrianna F. ClancySandra ClapshawAdele L. ClarkStacy L. ClarkBarbara J. ClementElizabeth A. CoatesBrad and Jeanne CochranLawrence Cock and Stacie FosterCogswell Insurance Agency LLCBrittnea V. CollinsDebra J. CollinsJames and Frances CombsDebra J. ComeauxJay and Sheila ConlonSheila M. ConlonJan ConnersConnie Mathews Insurance LLCContract Flooring Carpet OneControl Systems Integrators, LLCBill and Pauline ConwayCrystal L. CookJessica L. CookSarah A. CookThomas and Shauna CookDonald J. CoolerTim and Billiette CoolidgeTina L. CopeAndrea C. CordeiroBrandi J. CornwellTim CoulterJohn and Dorothy CoutuReverend Maxima S. CoxWilliam and Joyce CoyleBrian CraigNancy J. CramerNancy A. CrawfordCredit Associates, Inc.Lisa B. CrismanPamela D. CrispNorma CroftChristina M. CronDonna J. CrosierThomas W. Croskrey, SrCourtney L. Crouch, NPRonald E. CrowderJoseph CrowellCrowley Fleck, PLLPCTA Architects Engineers - Great FallsSandra K. CummingsJean M. CurtisLouis and Ellen D’AntuonoD.A. Davidson CompaniesJennifer L. Dabler TussFrederick J. DahlmanDaily Families from ButteJodi K. DakeVicki A. DaleMarci A. DaleyDavid and Kerry DattiloKodi S. DavenportIan and Nancy DavidsonJennifer H. DaviesGary and Kathleen DavisJack R. DavisStarla L. DavisWarren DavisDavis Business MachinesDavis, Hatley, Haffeman & Tighe, P.C.Kelli M. P. Dawson

Benefis Health System Foundation is grateful to the many caring donors who support our mission of improving and enhancing healthcare services in Great Falls and Northcentral Montana.

Your generosity has a direct impact on the health and well-being of families across Montana.Donors listed gave gifts totaling $100 or more in 2017.

Our donors deserve proper recognition for their generosity. If your name is listed incorrectly, please contact us and allow us to apologize and correct our records: (406) 455-5840 or by email, [email protected].

16 PO Box 7008, Great Falls, MT 59406-7008 | 406.455.5840

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Belva G. DeBruyckerTaylin DeesJoan K. DeffeMildred DeHaanRaymond D. DelgerMeghan J. DellenLisa J. DeMallieRich and Donna DengelSteven Dennis and Katie LovernArnie DeppingEmily M. DerksCrystal DessDr. Saugat DeyJoseph & Bonnie DicapoDick Anderson Construction IncJohn N. DiekhansJustin and Kelsy DiekhansKaren H. DiekhansKelsy T. DiekhansSuzanne L. DierufSamantha DietrickSharon F. DiezigerRobert D. DillardScott and Christina DimkeTamara DimkeEric and Amanda DirkMisty DobbinsDuane and Lois DockterJudy L. DohenyDr. Paul and Cindy DolanLarissa C. DonahueJill E. Donaldson, NPBonita G. DonohueSavanna K. DoranDarrell G. DorrLenora DorrDick and Nancy DoughtenDouglas Wilson & Company, PCOtto and Joanne DringmanDrinker Biddle & Reath LLPDr. Michael and Adrienne DubeGerald C. DuBoisJamie R. DuesKatherine DuffnerWilliam and Dot DunawayBert and Barbara DuncanAnna Maria Duncan ElingsDonna M. DunnJeanne M. DussaultNancy DusterhoffD.J. Dutt McKay and Gordon DuttDvoy OrthopedicsEagle Creek ColonyFrances EakmanDon and Margaret EakmanBill and Karin EamesElizabeth C. EbelingAlicia L. EdgarJustin and Alicia EdgarMarlys EdmondsEdward JonesLisa M. EdwardsForrest and Molly EhlingerMichael and Nancy EinanDr. Michael D. EisenhauerCalvin and Charlene EklundEklund’s Appliance TV & FurnitureJames and Sheila EkstedtSheila K. EkstedtSandra L. ElkinsGlen and Marilyn EndersonShawn and Corinne Engelhart and Margaret MallaschLori A. EngenTroy and Kimberly EnglandE. Patrick EngleKevin Entner and FamilyTravis Entner and FamilyKneelon and Carol TeagueEntre Technology Services LLCJudith L. EricksenAnna May EricksonRobert O. EricksonShelby M. EuerleMichael L. EustanceDiane L. Evans, CPNPEvans Benson Farms Inc.

Jeanne M. Evans JohnsonDebra J. EveGrant and Mercede EveJoseph Eve and Melanie VanKoten-EveKati F. Eve, CPALinda EvePaul and Rosemary EveDaniel and Mary Beth EwenEarny F. FaechnerFaith Lutheran ChurchFalls Construction CompanyFalls Mechanical Services LLCFalls Quilt GuildJeff FarringtonFast Car WashLe Ann Galt FeisthamelKira FerchoBill and Sue FerrinFidelity CharitableJim and Debbie FilipowiczJoseph and Misty FilipowiczFilmlites Montana LLCDavid and Rebekah FinkRobert FinkeMark Finnicum

Finstad Ranching LTDFirst Interstate BancSystem FoundationFirst Interstate Bank Mayfaire Golf TeamChad D. FischerJulie FischerBradley M. FisherJulia M. Fitzpatrick, NPLaura E. FlahertyDr. Aaron M. FlanaganBrandi EllefsenFloors & MoreMike and Allison FloranceKimberly D. FlowerLinda A. FordRoberta L. FordTianna J. FordForde Nursery & LandscapingDianne M. FortierCynthia L. Foster

Al Foucar and FamilyAubrey E. FowlerFox Fine JewelersMary Ann FraleyDawn M. FrancisDonna F. FrankoGloria FranzSharon FranzRonald and Kathy FreemanPaul and Tensina FrenickDonald J. FreshhourSheryl L. FridenKaren K. FriedTodd and Karen FriedJohn F. FrisbeeRuby M. FritschenRyan R. FritzPatricia I. FuentezPaul J. FulbrightJanice J. FulcherDlorah L. FunderburkBarry and Lacey GallagherJames Gallagher and Rachel GerhartLacey GallagherDr. Patrick and Lyn Galvas

Ernesto A. GalvezBonnie J. Gardner TrustKeri E. Garman TangCliff and Mandy GarnessSteve and Colleen GarnessBradley and Julie GarpestadGeneral Distributing Co.Walter and Deana GenereuxMichael and Sydne GeorgeKimberly R. GerasimouDr. Nora C. GerrityThomas and Dr. Nora GerrityGFHS Class of 1959Darren and Nicole GilcherNicole L. GilcherGalyn E. GilchristTawnya R. GilchristWells and Rebekah GilesMJ and Mike Gilkerson

Amanda GillesMegan M. Gimenez LaRanceSean and Rayn M. GinnatyKristin L. GirresTerry and Sandy GishGale and Janice GlascockKenneth C. GlassCarol W. GleasonAndrew G. GlieweGlobal Financial, LLCCecil and Summer GodmanDonald and Judith GoecknerRowena O. GoettelJacob G. GolikAnthony GoltLogan and Tammy GoodJohn H. GoodnowTheresa L. GordilloStevie E. GoreTimothy and Sara GoroskiWilbert W. GrafBryce and Sara GraftSara A. GraftGrand Chapter of Montana Order of the Eastern Star

Shea E. GrantDr. Robert and Helen GrasseschiAdam GrayMary E. Gray, FNPPeter and Susan GrayRandall and Nora GrayWendy GrayGreat Falls Emergency Services, IncGreat Falls Gaming RendezvousGreat Falls Holiday Village Great Clips TeamWilliam GreenDennis R. GreenwoodSherry A. GreenwoodJudy A. GretchTeressa GriffelHolly J. GriffinStaci A. GriffinRobert and Veronica Griffith

Veronica E. GriffithAshley Groeller, PA-CMark and Ashley GroellerDaniel and Stephanie GrouxAngel L. GuerraDerald and Alice GuilbertMelissa M. GulickSeraphim and Melissa GulickDavid and Becky GunnessGuy Tabacco ConstructionGerald J. HabetsCheryl D. HackettMeghan L. HackettToni R. HackettPenny S. HagenGail M. HagerHainline & Associates, Inc.Delynn HallDonald and Shirley HallDonna L. HallThomas and Marilyn HallJulie A. HallfrischWayne and Theo HambyKaitlin HamerDon and Susan Hamilton

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I choose to participate in the We Care! We Share! Campaign each year and donate to Gift of Life Housing or Peace Hospice. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to visit with patients and their family members who were very grateful to have these programs during their time of need. I am proud to donate to the Benefis Foundation because they are a vital part of our organization and they help so many people. –Jerry Shaw, Radiology Supervisor

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Gregory J. HatleyVickie L. HatzenbellerRick and Sharon HaugenApril D. Haugrose, NPAmanda J. HawkThomas and Donde HayesMarie L. HaynesKeith A. HeadRebekah M. HebertClayton and Erin HecklerMichael T. HeineLori A. HeinenDiana L. HeinertMichael and Thresa HendersonMary Ellen HendricksonDr. John and Nancy HennefordStephen and Janet HeppellPaul and Anita HeppnerHerb Frick, Inc.Tony Hering and FamilyVilma A. Herrera, NPRussell and Lynne HeryfordC. Janine Hester, NPDean and Eleanor HeydonRobert Hibschweiler and Mary ArgoBetty L. HidalgoBeth HigginsCarra A. HigginsJeffrey and Sydney HigginsMichael D. HigginsShari D. HigginsSusan C. HigginsHigh Tech Automotive, IncDavid Hill and Lauren Cress HillKatherine L. HillPeter S. HillGreg and Sheila HilpertDr. James Hinde and Dr. Lynn O’MalleyKelly L. HinrichsYvonne L. HirschSydney A. HirstSteven G. HiteJessica E. HodgePatricia M. Hodge FredricksonJ. Wade Hodges Kathleen M. HodginsIrene M. Hodgskiss EstateNathan and Stacy HoehnAnn HoferJoseph and Jennifer HoferMarie R. HoffmannPatricia M. HoganPamela K. HogeJames & Shannon HoilandLexie M. HoinesLon and Barbara HoldenKaren HollandsworthDavid and Betty HollingsworthHollis Hi HoDan Hollow and Karen OgdenAmber W. HollowayShawn and Katie HolmHomer and Dorothy HolmanHolman AviationJennifer N. HolmesGregg and Patricia HoltThe Honorable Robert and Lois Holter

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Edna M. MincklerNeal and Mary Jane MishlerGeorge and Lynn MitchellMitchell Development & Investments, LLCJohn T. Mitchell EstateBarbara MoeJoseph Moline and Renita Lucy-MolineJohn and Janet MomperMargarita MontalvanMontana Academy of SalonsMontana Contractor Compensation FundMontana Lines, IncMontana Association of the DeafCourtney L. MoodyShelly L. MoodyLaurie L. MooreMary Ann Moore, Kathy, David, Bruce and JamieFrank Moravec and Mary Ann SilvanRichard and Christina MorganTheodore T. MorigeauKate E. MorrisWilliam D. MorrisBonnie M. MosbruckerJessica S. MosesMoss AdamsMountain Plains Equity GroupCE Dept MSUPamela Q. MuchmoreSusan E. Munoz-AtkinsonCallie R. MunskiKenneth and Cindy MunskiLarry and Hazel MunsonPat and Donna MurdyEdward and Kathleen MurphyJoseph MurphyBeth MurphyPhillip and Susan MurphySusan G. MurphyBarbara J. MurszewskiN and M Development Inc.Maxine NakaiDianne L. NashNational Laundry & Dry CleanersBetty NealKally M. Nebel Hasenkrug, FNPLea M. NeibauerBrenda NeifferJake and Kay NeilDean and Cheryl NelsonDiane L. NelsonJanelle L. NelsonTom S. NelsonVickie L. NelsonWade A. NelsonNelson Architects LLCDr. Shawn T. NesboClyde and Judith NeuJulie L. NeumanNew York Life FoundationNew York Life Insurance - Great FallsNew York Life Insurance CompanyJill A. NewbroughDebra L. NewbryMary Jane Newcomb EstateMichael D. NewmanTammy J. NewmanJudy D. NicholsDouglas and Paige NicholsonDr. Brad and Michelle NiesetJenny M. NightingaleBill and Alma NoahSarah L. NolevankoAlexandria M. NormanNorth 40 OutfittersNorthern Montana Health CareNorthwest PhysiciansNorthWestern EnergyNorthWestern Energy - Great Falls DivisionCraig and Gwen NowakRoger and Joan NummerdorChristopher L. NygardNancy M. O’BrienKevin and Terri O’ConnellMarlene A. O’ConnellMarshall and Diane O’Connell

Patrick and Claudia O’ConnellTeresa O’ConnellElizabeth J. O’Connor, FNPSamantha A. O’HaraTracie M. O’LearyLeslie S. OaklandRobert and Gladyce OaklandAnn F. OcenosakPaul OdegaardTerry and Paula OlingerRobert Olmstead and Wendy GrayMarjorie J. OlsenCatherine H. OlsonIlona I. OlsonKimberly L. OlsonLois C. OlsonTeresa OlsonGaye L. Olson-ObroslinskiTheodore and Mary Ann OlszewskiOmnicellSadie R. OndickHarlan and Patricia OrhamKenton R. Orr, NPDean H. OrvisThomas R. OstermanTiffany A. OtheimPaula J. OuertOur Savior’s Lutheran Church Women of the Word Dr. Gina PainterKenneth and Edna PalagiDr. Jeffery PalenAmanda L. PalmerVivian I. PankratzLisa J. PappaEthel E. ParkerGary and Marilyn ParkerMichael and Susan ParkerMarilyn ParksSuzanne M. ParsonJim G. ParsonsSherrel PassmoreNancy W. PatchScott and Sheila PateraPathWise Partners - New York Life InsuranceGayle PatrickEdmund and Paulette PattersonCheryl L. PattonNicole J. PattonAmber L. PaulRoger and Regina PaulPawn-A-RamaTerry PaynePayneWest Insurance ColleaguesFranklin and Shirley PeckPamela PedersonAmy PermanDavid and Tracy PerryHailey PerryPete’s Auto Sales, Inc.Donald and Donna PetersenBillie Jo PetersonPaula PetersonWendy L. PetersonMysti A. PetronekPatricia N. PhillipsRose A. PicchiBill and Lisette PickensDebora J. PietrykowskiAmber M. PinskiGregory and Amber PinskiFrancis and Gayle PiocosJeff and Millie PlatishaDr. Emilia A. PloplysGerald and Gwen PollardAngela PoorCarmen PoulsenDon and Ping PoulsenH. Randolph and Dorothy PoulsenMark and Gerianne PoulsenLincoln and Judith PowersAngela K. PrattTamara L. PrayTheresa A. PreiteWilliam and Jonna PrestonDani Prinzing

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It is difficult to try to convey just how impactful donations to Peace Hospice are. Every act of generosity on behalf of hospice, whether it’s financial or your time as a volunteer, is like dropping a pebble in a pool. It creates ripples of gratitude that reach lengths the donor won’t ever see.

19PO Box 7008, Great Falls, MT 59406-7008 | 406.455.5840

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Kristin K. TaylorTaylor Luther GroupTC Glass DistributorsTEKsystemSusan H. TerryDennis W. TevesGene and Jane ThayerGreg and Trina Thayer

The Boeing Company Employee Gift Match ProgramThe Ohio Nurses AssociationThe Sting Sports BarShirlee J. ThiebesCynthia K. ThielTerry and Kathy ThielMarillyn M. ThomasMarjorie B. ThomasRichard and Beth Ann ThomasThomas Cuisine ManagementJesse L. ThompsonJody L. ThompsonJo Ann L. ThornburgKaren E. ThorntonMichelle L. ThoroughmanDanielle N. TierneyDr. Gregory and Joan TierneyTodd and Diane TimboeKelly J. Timmer, FNPTeresa A. TimmermanTinker FamilyMichael and Peggy TobinNancy C. TomsAgnes F. TomsheckLouise R. TooleRick TorchiaTorrance Police Retirees AssociationKaitlin B. TorresTough Enough To Wear Pink Central MontanaBeverly TownsendTractor & Equipment CoAngela D. TrainorGlenn and Peggy TremperTri-County Mechanical & Electrical Inc.Joseph and Leslie TrippThomas and Cheryl TucekCarlene S. TurnerVicki L. TuttleDavid and Beckey TweetKrystal TweetKathy A. UleryKathleen M. UmphresSteven and Kathleen UmphresUnited Materials, Inc.US Bank EmployeesUS Bank FoundationUS FoodsJim Van De RietBetty Van SettenBetty K. Van TighemDavid and Patricia Van TighemKathy Van TighemLinda, Jennifer and Jessica Van TighemSteven and Lex Van TighemAnnette M. Vance

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Roy M. AafedtAllie D. AdamsonCynthia M. AddisonDolores M. AlbrechtAndrew W. AlineCharles A. AllenDorothy L. AllenRichard AmdahlCleone M. AmestoyRobert L. AndersonNancy J. ArmstrongRichard ArtzGary O. BachErnest I. BahnmillerJoseph T. BalekJames A. BalzerRaymond L. BeaverWilliam R. BedwellJudith A. BeelerDavid J. BellowsStephen J. BirkoskiToni J. BishopFred G. BitzRonald A. BitzMerle E. BivensPatti BlackDavid BlackwellFern W. BlewettElmer B. BortnemLucien E. BourcierMorty J. Boyd, JrFlorence M. BoysunRose J. BremerKeith D. BrodockJames L. BrownMarion B. BrownViola S. BrownellNorva A. BruelandJohn D. BrunzellChristine Brymerski-CloughJames A. BurgessAdele M. BurkeFrank BuschWilliam BustaArlan M. ButlerEdwin T. ByersDr. Robert E. BylundColleen M. CampanellaDavid E. CarlsonElsie E. ChamberlainRonald ChristiaensJannell A. ChristiansJames ClementsGertrude CokerMike ColwellPriscilla M. CombsWillard L. CookConstance J. CorontzosHelen M. CoryJacqueline L. CraigMoyne A. CroxfordMary CulverC. H. CummingsJames A. CummingsDr. John A. CurtisJanet M. DanreutherGary L. DarlingtonRegina A. DavisWarren DavisFred DavisonLillian M. DeBertiGregory J. DeffeDonald H. DeHaanSandy DeHartKarl J. DehnSonja DehnJames J. DellwoDarcy L. DengelC. J. DennisDonald J. DepnerHelen E. DerksBessie K. DeshnerDavid A. DickmanMarlene G. DillardAlvin L. DockterJoseph L. DomireJames A. Donahue

Darlene V. DonovenDiane DonovenJames M. DrewBeverly J. DuBoisJennifer M. Duddy RobertsJohn DuffHelen B. DuncanMargaret E. DycheHerbert EakmanBetty L. EarllRobert G. ElingsByron D. EreauxCarl A. EricksonFrederick P. EricksonThomas E. EvansMichael J. EveM. Joyce EversonJames W. FarmerSteve FerdaArnold E. FischerAlan E. FrancetichMaureen FrankLeRoy R. FransenDarell E. FranzRaymond J. FranzJohn J. FribergDelmar E. FriedAndrew P. FritschenDarlene M. FronseeMary Fry DavisBetty J. FuhringerAnna Marie GallusBonnie M. GallusDonald E. GarnessJohn V. GerhartTheresa M. Ghekiere-RichardsonJohn C. GihringPreston G. GollihughJohn M. GoodmundsonStanley J. GossackLois A. GrahamRita M. GrasseschiMarie GraySharon Gray PedersonLeo F. GrismerAudrey S. GrothShirley GrubbEdward W. HaagDonald N. HackwithAnthony P. HahnLois R. HajengaCarol L. HambyRay Hanel, JrEmma M. HansenRobert L. HansenRichard HansonRobert HartfordJoanna HastingsApril H. HayesRocky J. HeckmanCamilla L. HeidelEmma Rae HeinitzKevin HeppnerWilma Heryford FowlerMildred HicksLt. Col. Donald D. HigginsKathleen M. HillJames C. HillyardEdith M. HinebauchRichard G. HirschVera E. HjelmAdam A. HocevarEllen J. HockettLarry HodgeHarvey G. HollandsworthDawn S. HoltLeslie R. HonrudLucille J. HughesRaymond D. HustonStanley H. IrvineErik R. IversenJames C. IversonJeffrey L. JohnsonKenneth A. JohnsonMyrna M. JohnsonNorma JohnsonOtto E. Johnson

20 PO Box 7008, Great Falls, MT 59406-7008 | 406.455.5840

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