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  • 1. We are happy thatYOUare watching this presentation, because it means thatYOUare starting to discover the veryspecificcountry... WELCOME TO THE COUNTRY OFC O N T R A S T S !!!

2. Let's see what do you know about Russia!? 3.

      • We are part ofEastern Europeand also part ofAsia

Russia - country ofcontrasts ! Location: 4.

      • 15.000.000 km 2

Russia - country ofcontrasts ! Area:

      • Our borders washed by3oceans &12seas, contacting many countries. Just check the map!

5. Moscow

      • Around 12Millions of people.
      • Its on 7 thplace in the list of top populated cities in the world.
      • the capital of Russia

6. Saint-Petersburg

      • It's usually called
      • 'The Northern Capital of Russia.
      • The most populated Northern city in the world!
      • (more than 5 mln ppl)

7. St.Petersburg Novosibirsk Saratov Moscow Yekaterinburg Vladivostok Cities Samara 8. Russian famous personalities 9. Yuri Gagarin Yuri Gagarin was the first human in the space! In1961he saw whole our planet trough illuminator of the spaceship Vostok. 10. Leo Tolstoy Leo Tolstoy was the one who created War and Peace and Anna Karenina His books are translated to almost every language in the world. 11. CheburashkaCheburashka was born in 1966 by writer Eduard Uspenskii. First this big-ear character become children's favorite as a book personage . Now Cheburashka is a real celebrity in 2006 he went to summer Olympics in a role of team symbol. 12. Special national holidays 13. This day in1945Soviet Union andGermanysigned an armistice. And since 1945 we celebrate this date having great parade at the main city square in honor of veterans ofSecond World War . 9 thof May Victory Day 14. Funny celebration is going through whole last week of February.This holiday marks that winter time is over. People making a man of straw it symbolize winter and burning it. Maslenitsa 15. September 1 stis a day when every school, collage or university opens after summer holiday. The day of knowledge 16. What also is famous about Russia? 17. Russian girls Miss World 2008Ksenia Suhkinova. Andmiss Universe 2002Oksana Fedorova are from Russia. And there are much more beautiful girls in every Russian city. 18. LongdistancesIn the biggest country in the world youcan drive for4 hours without finding a cityor other signs of civilization. Train trip from east to west part of the country will take you7 days ! 19. Cold Winter Two small towns in Sakha Republic:Verkhoyansk& Amyakon are known for low winter temperature with a January average of50 C ( 58 F),and some of the greatest temperature difference between summer and winter temperature on Earth. The rest part of the country never gets so cold! But if you are going to see Russian winter you'll definitely need an extra pair of glows! 20. Let`s explore smth else about Russia! 21.

      • Unique & cure Russian soul. YOU would be surprised if YOU knew how hospitable people are.

Russia - country ofcontrasts ! People:

      • By the way theres approximately150.000.000such a people
      • And of course people in Russia are too different.


      • Russian is the most spoken one, but except it almost each republic hasown different language .

Russia - country ofcontrasts ! Language:

      • English is main business language & widely understood among youth & customer service.


      • As YOU probably guess this is totally different from one republic to another. In some YOU will never see snow in others YOU can watch that for 9 month a year (esp. for snowboard lovers)

Russia - country ofcontrasts ! Climate: 24. Summer... general, mild, with an average temperature of +22C inthe w estern partand +28 (!) in Siberia. The warmest months are July and August . 25.

      • National currency - Ruble = 100 kopecks

Russia - country ofcontrasts ! Time is Money: 26. Russia - country ofcontrasts ! Religion: 27. Russian traditional costumes 28. Traditions 29. Trans-Siberian RailwayIt isthe longestcontinuous rail line on earth of almost 6000 miles (or about 10000 kilometres) over 1/4 of the globe. Baikal isthe deepestlake in the World (1,620 metres).Lake Baikal 30. Industry 31. Industries percent in GDP 32. Top list of russian companies

  • Gazprom
  • Lukoil
  • RZD (Russian railways)
  • TNK-BP
  • Sberbank of Russia
  • Sibur
  • Severstal

33. Russian corporate culture 34. Main points:

  • Famous russians
  • Holidays
  • Facts about Russia
  • Location
  • People
  • Language
  • Religion
  • Climate
  • Money
  • Traditions
  • Industry