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a presentation on one of my favorite designers from india. hats off to their work.

Transcript of Gauri Nainika

  • 1. Gauri Nainika
    Presented By:
    P allavi Gupta
    Smriti Ahuja

2. The Designers
Gauri & Nainika Karan were born and brought up in New Delhi.
Though originally students of economics, they always found fashion extremely fascinating.
After studying at the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT, New Delhi), they launched their ready-to-wear label Gauri & Nainika.
3. The Brand

  • The label Gauri & Nainika was launched in January 2002 in New Delhi.

4. A ready-to-wear brand of western wear, the label offers glamorous, elegant and chic styles at competitive prices. 5. With a design philosophy that is distinctly feminine and refined, their collections are being retailed all over the country at various outlets and exclusive boutiques.