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Healthcare Design Portfolio

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  • 02Texas Scottish Rite

    Hospital for Children North Campus

    Ambulatory Care Center 04Behavorial Healthcare

    Facility for Children,Lake Bryan 01

    Rapidly Deployable Module for

    Separate Isolation Unit For Ebola Virus

    03Humming Bird AviaryCollege Station, Bryan,Texas Art Gallery, KeralaPediatric Hospital, Kharghar, India- B.Arch Projects


    phone :

    email :

    509 Nagle Street, College Station, TX-77840

    +1 972.9716229


    e n

    c o n

    t t s

    Master of Architecture

    Bachelor Of Architecture

    Certificate of Healthcare Design (Canditate)College of ArchitectureTexas A&M University

    B.N.College of ArchitecturePune, India

    ar c

    h I t

    e c t

    u r e


    o r t f

    o l i


    aving been brought up in a developing country like India where hospitals are designed like warehouses of the sick, I always felt the need to change this paradigm associated with hospitals and convert them into Hrejuvenating spaces. My pediatrician parents and my association with healthcare models since childhood encouraged me to take 'Pediatric Hospital' as a topic for my final-year thesis at undergraduate level. It merged all the taught theories of space planning, green architecture and my experiences of a hospital into a built form which would help in healing the juvenile patients. While analyzing different hospitals across India and comparing them to those abroad, for the project, I realized that healthcare architecture and the research associated with it is still in its rudimentary stage in India. Terms such as 'Evidence based design' were theoretical and many hospitals failed to even consider the basics of healthcare planning. I thoroughly enjoyed working for the project and felt the urge to learn and research further in the field of healthcare design. While working for two years as a registered architect in 'Vistaar Architects and Planners' and then 'P.S. Landscape Design and Ecology', I developed a cross disciplinary approach for designing the building in conjunction with the site and realized the role the outdoor environment played in comforting the users.

    I decided to pursue my Masters Degree at Texas A&M University, owing to the extensive research conducted within the Center of Health Systems and Design, by the faculty members who are well known in the healthcare industry internationally. The design studio under Prof. Mardelle Shepley gave me an opportunity to design a 'Behavioral Healthcare facility for Children'. Working for the studio widened my knowledge by introducing me to evidence based design theories and gave me an opportunity to apply the same in my design to the best of my capabilities. Design studio with Prof. George Mann gave me an opportunity to design- ' Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children North Campus Ambulatory Care Center' which was a real project with HKS architects .The challenge was to embrace nature and use it in the rehabilitation process as much as possible. Our team constituting four landscape architects and two architects solved this challenge together and learnt a lot from each other during the process. Other interesting project that helped apply the principles learnt in context of a developing country was the 'Rapidly Rapidly Deployable Module for Separate Isolation Unit for Ebola Virus in Africa'. This project attracted attention worldwide and made its way into several international media channels such as Nesweek and Voice of America. The Center of Health Systems and Design also gave me a chance to participate at the Design Charette at Chicago which focused on 'Rethinking Outpatient and wellness environments'. The Charette helped me share knowledge and learn a lot from famous healthcare practitioners across America.

    Summer Internship at Bates and Associates Architects, that specializes in Healthcare design, further helped me delve deeper into the pre-design phase in Healthcare projects. It helped me grasp the basics of Site & Building analysis, Design Programming and Project Phasing in healthcare projects. I also had the chance to work with the design team on the Master Planning of ' Mercy Jefferson Hospital, St. Louis' and Design Charette for 'St. Anthony's Medical Center, St. Louis'. My supervisor encouraged me to do a lot of research regarding ways of cutting operational costs in hospitals and the latest design trends in hospitals. The basics learnt and applied at the studio projects and the work projects have improved my skills in planning healthcare projects and deepened my interest to learn more. Analysis within the Pre-design phase in Hospital design and research regarding latest trends within the field has definitely enriched my thought process while conceptualizing in healthcare design. My experience as a Landscape Architect in India has helped me grasp the cross-disciplinary approach towards Master planning. My rational thinking and ability for designing buildings in reference to the context around them has always helped me derive plausible design solutions both at micro and macro level. I believe that my zeal to research , apply the concepts learnt and deep interest in master planning; will help me contribute positively to the team WHR architects.

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    hH e

    l t c

    a r e

  • p l la id y Deployab e Module for aSeparate Isolation

    i orHospital Un t F Ebola i uV r s


    u a i :(D r t on 2 weeks t Individual projec

    r M.A ch Fall14)









    an r nTr spo tatioRC 7 C-1 0 & Car sh ps -1 , 3 go i

    ? Supports weight of the people ?No additional weight

    added for transport? Fast installation and

    deploying ability? Adequate headroom

    due to hinges


    Section A-A Section B-B

  • en


    sig is


    e t ho l mate e c re-g vers feel Du o t c i th a iu o fo a l in t s er le ostu es a nc m rt b e he t i c m ndte d t re ove hemn o m t .

    ? Elevating the unit reduces chances of infection by minimal contact with the ground ?Services

    placed within the shell thus keeping the inner space free & easy to clean.

    STERILITYHEAT & RAIN?Double shell keeps

    off the exposure from direct sunlight thus reducing solar heat gain?The pitched roof

    helps cater to the heavy rainfall? Elevating unit

    helps protect the structure in marshy lands of Africa

    ?Module is very flexible in its placement on site. ?The morgue

    placed on the backside creates a circulation route for the cremation vehicle to take away dead bodies immediately.


    LegendInpatient unit

    Morgue unit

    Aluminium Ridge piece


    Solar Panels


    High Strength Plastic

    Aluminium spacers and posts

    Waste water treatment


    Plan: Inpatient unit Plan: Morgue

    Prof George Mann

    Dr. Paul. K. Carlton, Jr.

    Dr. Eric Wilke

    Michael Paulus

    Prof. C.O. ArchitectureTexas A&M University

    Lt General (Ret)- USA, MD, FACS, Managing Member, PK Concepts, LLC

    M.D.- Systems Of Committee Chai, Brazos County Health Dept, Health Authority

    Emergency Preparedness & Response Coordinator, Brazos County Health Dept


    01Rapidly Deployable

    Module forSeparate Isolation Unit For

    Ebola Virus

  • as te nex Scottish Ri Hospital for Childre t C yNor h ampus Ambulator Care Center

    f e c n ror Sports M di i e, F isco, Dallas A r. Team L. rch P oject

    A M. rch Fall14)


    The goal was to make the built space porous to the forest trails designed beyond to create visual connection as well as accessibility. The three sided courtyard avoids heat trapping.

    The shape chosen was a rectangle that caters to functionality & the rounded corners are homogenous with the mounds.

    The berms were planned along the site for three purposes - a. To mask sound from the

    tollway. b. To create a secure & visually

    soothing boundary for children.

    c. Act as secure play elements

    P O R O S I T YB E R M S S H A P E

    First Floor Plan Second Floor Plan

    Detail of Radiology, Administration and Building Support

    Detail of Surgery and Administration Department

    Staff flowPatient flow

    Visual connection from courtyard


    A A A A

    Section A-A

    Site Plan

  • 02Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children North Campus Ambulatory Care Center

    To motivate more movement, play tower with rehabilitating elements around it, is accessible through the ramp

    W A Y - F I N D I N GP l A Y T O W E R

    Shell floorIN P


    I E


    N I

    T D

    E A

    I L


    N T




    O L

    O R

    F A



    D E







    I The facade is in the form of waves to match the berms. The upper two floors are cantilever over the first floor in the form of a wave to make the entrance more welcoming

    Staff flowPatient flowCritical Patient flowMaterial flow


    Garage stepped towards trails

    Inpatient surgery

    Phase 2

    Phase1: Sports Rehabilitation&

    Orthopedic outpatient with

    green roof over it

    Play Tower