Gandhara Civilization

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A photographic description of Gandhara Civilization. It contains photographs of different sites of Gandhara Civilization in Province Punjab and KPK.

Transcript of Gandhara Civilization

  • 1. A Glimpse on Gandhara CivilizationA Glimpse on Gandhara Civilization PreparedBy: NisarAhmedRana HITECUniversityTaxila

2. Road To Sirkap 3. Door Way To Sirkap 4. Well At Sirkap 5. Round Stupa at Sirkap 6. Sirkap Apsidal Temple 7. Sirkap Tample 8. Pool at Sirkap 9. Ruins of Sirkap 10. Stupas at Sirkap Walls 11. Double Headed Eagle Stupa at Sirkap 12. Double Headed Eagle Stupa 13. Double Headed Eagle Stupa 14. Wall of Mohra Moradu 15. Mohra Moradu 16. Stupa at Mohra Moradu 17. Stupa at Mohra Moradu 18. Stupa at Mohra Moradu 19. Mohra Moradu 20. Jaulian Monastry 21. Panorama of Jaulian 22. Jaulian 23. Jaulian Grinding Stone 24. Jaulian Pool 25. Jaulian Building Wall 26. Buddha at Jaulian 27. Jaulian 28. Budha at Jaulian 29. Budha at Jaulian 30. A Bird Eye View of Dharmarajika 31. Dharmarajika Stupa 32. Dharmarajika Stupa 33. Dharmarajika Stupa 34. Dharmarajika Stupa Excavation at Sarnath 35. Sarnath Buddha Stupa 36. Sarnath Buddha Stupa 37. Sarnath Buddha Stupa 38. Budha at Dharmarjika 39. Bhallar Stupa 40. Stupa at Bahllar 41. Jandial 42. Casket from taxila Museum 43. Coins fromCoins from GandharaGandhara CivilizationCivilization 44. Script of Gandhara Script of Gandhara Ashoka The King of Gandhara 45. Jewelry of GandharaJewelry of Gandhara 46. Bodhisattva Gandhara Guimet Buddha hand with Lotus Aphrodite 47. Friez A Scene from Gandhara A Picture from Taxila Museum 48. Jewelry of Gandhara 49. A 1960s Picture of Dharmarjika Gandhara Scenes from Buddha A Picture from Jaulian Feet of Buddha 50. Taxila Museum in 1960 Buddhapada stone 2ndC Gandhara Jaulian Obelisk 51. Jewelary 52. Prepared ByPrepared By Nisar Ahmed RanaNisar Ahmed Rana