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Transcript of Fortnightly Progress Report on SWIA Improvement · PDF fileFortnightly Progress Report on SWIA...

  • Appendix 1

    SWIA Improvement Plan Page 1 of 56

    Fortnightly Progress Report on SWIA Improvement Plan and

    Social Work Scrutiny Review Action Plan

    30 September 2008

  • Appendix 1

    SWIA Improvement Plan Page 2 of 56

    SWIA Improvement Plan

    NB Please note in terms of Pyramid Performance Monitoring a lead manager is required. Where more than one manager has responsibility for the actions the name highlighted will have overall responsibility for updating the plan.

    Work priority areas Key Drivers

    1. Planning, Commissioning and Performance Management.

    2. Process and Practice

    3. Communication and Consultation.

    4. Management and Support of Staff


    Recommendation 1

    Social work services should continue to develop a systemic approach to recording, measuring and analysing planned outcomes for people who use social

    work services and reporting any findings.

    Recommendation 2

    The Council should move quickly to implement the recommendations of the scrutiny review to reduce the need for children to be placed out of the authority.

    Recommendation 3

    The social work service should take steps to ensure that they provide SCRA with reports within the required timescale.

    Recommendation 4

  • Appendix 1

    SWIA Improvement Plan Page 3 of 56

    The service should consider benchmarking with comparative authorities and interrogate the information further to ensure that this way of targeting services is

    the best way of meeting needs.

    Impact on people who use our services

    Recommendation 5

    The social work service should increase the number of carers assessments they offer. They should monitor performance in relation to the number of carers

    assessments they do.

    Impact on the community

    Recommendation 6

    In order to inform strategic planning the service should move more quickly to ensure that it has a clear profile of the community it serves and of current and

    potential future need of all service user groups.

    Recommendation 7

    The service should work with community groups to target resources to meet priorities identified in the community plan and social work services plan.

    Delivery of key processes

    Recommendation 8

    Social Work services should establish a public information strategy, producing a comprehensive range of leaflets and complementary web pages. Information

    should cover eligibility, and the range of services provided.

    Recommendation 9

    Social work services should review the allocation of care packages at the front line. Building on existing practice, this should include the further development

    of inter-agency arrangements, and a scheme of delegated financial authority.

    Recommendation 10

  • Appendix 1

    SWIA Improvement Plan Page 4 of 56

    Building on existing management information, social work senior managers should strengthen reporting and monitoring of unallocated work. From this, there

    should be a clear set of actions designed to ensure that service priorities are being consistently met, and that any unmet need is clearly and accurately drawn to

    the attention of elected members.

    Recommendation 11

    Service managers should ensure that all care plans including looked after and accommodated children and adults have clearly targeted outcomes which are

    monitored and reviewed.

    Recommendation 12

    Social work services should develop and implement a systematic and comprehensive approach to the assessment and management of risk, building on the

    work carried out to date in relation to child protection, adult protection and criminal justice services.

    Policy and service development, planning and performance management

    Recommendation 13

    Social work services should produce a three year departmental plan, to be updated annually, clearly setting out priorities, targets and resource implications for

    modernising social work services. The plan should demonstrate progress against the social work scrutiny review recommendations and include joint targets

    where these have been agreed.

    Recommendation 14

    A framework for operational and unit plans with clear targets and priorities should be agreed and implemented by social work services to support decision

    making and target setting by service managers. Joint plans should also include locality managers in the Argyll and Bute CHP.

    Recommendation 15

    Social work services along with their partners should increase and support the active involvement and participation of people who use services and their

    representatives in strategic joint planning structures and arrangements.

    Recommendation 16

  • Appendix 1

    SWIA Improvement Plan Page 5 of 56

    In order to ensure that their proposals to integrate services come to fruition and that these deliver effective services the partner agencies will need to work

    more closely together to develop a comprehensive and specific action plan. This must include establishing clear funding and governance arrangements.

    Management and support of staff

    Recommendation 17

    The service should review its practice in relation to staff working regular weekly hours whilst being employed on zero hours contracts.

    Recommendation 18

    The service should ensure that team leaders have clear criteria about what work requires the professional skills of a qualified social worker and that which

    community care or social work assistants can appropriately carry out. An audit process should be put in place to ensure that these criteria are applied


    Recommendation 19

    Social work should develop an over-arching strategy for workforce planning, including staff support and development. Training priorities should be aligned

    with service plans and clearly linked to supervision and appraisal processes.

    Resources and capacity building

    Recommendation 20

    The council should ensure that service plans are clearly linked to, and supported by, available resources and identified in detailed financial plans.

    Recommendation 21

    All policies concerned with the safety and well-being of staff should be reviewed and up-dated at three yearly intervals as a minimum standard.

    Recommendation 22

    The social work service needs to move more quickly to remove any unnecessary barriers to information-sharing. This should include affording all social

    work staff appropriate access to electronic case records.

  • Appendix 1

    SWIA Improvement Plan Page 6 of 56

    Recommendation 23

    Social work services should move more quickly to develop commissioning strategies across each service sector.

    Leadership and direction

    Recommendation 24

    Senior managers should improve their communications with staff at all levels in the organisation to ensure they sustain the current commitment to change.

    Such strategy should actively seek to sustain ownership and commitment to the implementation of the vision for planning, delivery and evaluation of services

    across Argyll and Bute, particularly with front-line staff.

    Recommendation 1

    The social work service should continue to develop a systematic approach to recording, measuring and analysing planned

    outcomes for people who use social work services and report any findings

    Key Drivers

    Action Required (Input)

    What we aim to


    Related Plans

    Lead and Resources needed

    Timescale Monitoring

    Arrangements Progress Traffic Light


    1.1 Planning, Commissioning and Performance Management

    Ensure the successful development and implementation of the Social Work Performance Framework. (*See also CJ below) To enable this, Social Work will develop a suite of performance measures that are used on a weekly/fortnightly or monthly basis covering the range of issues from unallocated work, Delayed Discharge/Reports to Childrens Panel/Court

    Effective performance management and reporting in all areas of service, allowing sound service planning and development.

    Service Plans Partnership Plans Social Work Strategic Plan Corporate Plan Argyll and Bute Local Outcome Agreement (April 2008 on) Adult Area Service Plans

    Joanna Hynd Mark Lines Janne Preston

    Report agreed at DMT January 2008 on performance framework. Monitoring in terms of applied framework will take place quarterly.

    Members quarterly Quarterly DMT Quarterly SWMT Monthly Adult Care (ACMT) & Children & Families (C&F MT) Management Meetings Joint Health & Social Care Partnership Argyll & Butes

    Report approved at DMT 21 January. Review of local resource groups and their role in performance management Completed and agreed by JIG March 2008. Suite of indicators developed and agreed in March 2008 for both Children and Families Services and Adult Services. Monitoring reports from CareFirst, developed by Planning and Information


    Task Completed

  • Appendix 1

    SWIA Improvement Plan Page 7 of 56

    Key Drivers

    Action Required


    What we aim to


    Related Plans

    Lead and Resources needed

    Timescale Monitoring

    Arrangements Progress Traffic Light


    June 2008


    Team, were agreed by Heads of Service January 2008. Performance reports will be presented to Service Managem