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Floor 1 Getting Started Guide

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    Floor 1 Getting Started


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    Floor 1 Getting Started Guide

    2014 Gold Medal Bodies, Super 301, Inc, Ryan C. Hurst, Jarlo L. Ilano, PT, MPT, OCS, & Andy Fossett

    All rights reserved. Brief excerpts may be reproduced for review purposes, but other reproduction requires written permission from Super 301. Please contact us at GoldMedalBodies.com for more information.

    The information in this document is presented in good faith, but no warranty is given, nor results guaranteed. Since we have no control over physical conditions surrounding the application of information in this book the author and publisher disclaim any liability for untoward results including (but not limited) any injuries or damages arising out of any person's attempt to rely upon any information herein contained. The exercises described in this book are for information purposes, and may be too strenuous or even dangerous for some people. The reader should consult a physician before starting this or any other exercise program.

    When purchasing products from Gold Medal Bodies / Super 301, the purchaser understands the risk associated with using this type of product, and the purchaser understands the risk associated with following instructions from related products, and agrees not to hold Super 301, its agents and/or representatives responsible for injuries or damages resulting from use without proper supervision.

    This course and its authors accept no responsibility for any liability, injuries or

    damages arising out of any person's attempt to rely upon any information contained herein. Consult your doctor before beginning training. Be sure to follow all safety and installation instructions included with your equipment carefully. The authors and publisher of this course are not responsible for problems related to the equipment you use to perform these exercises.

    Please be sure to thoroughly read the instructions for all exercises in this course, paying particular attention to all cautions and warnings shown to ensure safety.

    If you experience acute injury or persistent, chronic pains, consult a licensed health practitioner. Nothing in this document can be considered a substitute for qualified medical advice.


    Congratulations and welcome to: GMB Floor 1!

    We know youre excited and ready to get moving ASAP. Heres how you can get the most out of this course:

    Firstly, please read the manual and watch the video How to Use Floor 1. We included these files for a reason: you need them! Skim over the manual the first time as you watch through the tutorial videos and then make sure to read the details before you begin the workouts.

    Weve tried to only include the theory you absolutely need in this program, so its not nearly as expansive as it could have been. Understanding this material will mean the difference between just seeing the demonstrations on the tutorial videos and really understanding how to practice the exercises.

    Simply: Understanding this small amount of training theory will ensure that you get the results you want.

    Please refer to the following checklist to ensure that you have all of the files you need. You should have both exercise tutorials, and example videos of the Phase routines. Youll also find a program outline in the manual and full, daily charts of the entire program in the Floor 1 Program Charts.

    Floor 1 Getting Started Guide 3

  • If you have questions or concerns, READ THE MANUAL! Weve included a section near the end that specifically answers the most common questions F1 users have, so start there.

    We also recommend re-reading the manual and watching the exercise instruction at least once per training phase (roughly once or twice a month) to refresh your memory; youll also understand the performance points better with each return to the text.

    If you follow these guidelines, were sure youll be pleased with your progress on Floor 1.

    So go ahead and grab yourself a cold beverage, fire up your video player, and sit back to read over the information herein.

    Heres to skill and strength!

    Floor 1 Getting Started Guide 4


    Do You Have Everything?

    You are about to enter a new regimen of practice that will change the way you think about working out forever. BUT FIRST - heres a checklist to ensure that you have everything you need to get started.

    Step 1: Access Your Account

    Log into your account at http://gmb.io/login

    Get in touch if youre having trouble logging in, or cant remember your Username or Password

    Download the files for your program

    Remember that all of our programs include free updates for life, so its good to stay on our newsletter list to be informed about new versions of the program.

    Floor 1 Getting Started Guide 5


  • Step 2: Extract Files & Download Necessary Software (if needed)

    Extract (unzip) your files

    On Mac, use Archive Utility (already included on your computer)

    On Windows, we recommend the free, open-source 7-zip program (if you dont already have an extraction program)

    Download your media player (if needed)

    These videos are best viewed on iTunes or VLC Media Player (Both are free)

    Click here for detailed instructions on how to transfer your GMB program to your iPad or iPhone

    Floor 1 Getting Started Guide 6


  • Step 3: Check That Youve Got All of the Downloads

    Manuals - In PDF format

    Floor 1 Getting Started Guide

    Floor 1 Training Manual

    Floor 1 Program Charts

    Videos - In .m4v format

    How to Use Floor 1

    Exercise Library

    Warm Up & Cool Down Stretches

    1. Warm Up

    2. Bridge

    3. Butterfly

    4. Forward Fold

    5. Front Split Progression

    6. Glute Stretch

    7. L-Arm Stretch

    8. Lounge Chair

    9. Pancake

    10. Side Bend Pancake

    Floor 1 Getting Started Guide 7

  • Tutorials

    Floor 1 Getting Started Guide 8

    1. 180 Degree Jump to Front Scale

    2. 180 Degree Jump

    3. 360 Degree Jump to Front Scale

    4. 360 Degree Jump

    5. Back Roll to Extension

    6. Back Roll

    7. Back Scale

    8. Bridge

    9. Candlestick

    10. Cartwheel

    11. Crane Hold

    12. Crane to Forward Roll

    13. Crow Hold

    14. Crow to Forward Roll

    15. Double Arm Lever

    16. Floor Kip

    17. Forward Roll

    18. Front Scale Leg Raises

    19. Front Scale

    20. Front to Back Scale

    21. Handstand Bailing

    22. Handstand Entries

    23. Handstand Facing In

    24. Handstand Facing Out

    25. Handstand Kick-Up Leg Switch

    26. Handstand Tuck Up

    27. Handstand Wall Freestanding

    28. Handstand Wall Walk

    29. Hollow Body Hold

    30. Hollow Body Plank

    31. Inverted Press

    32. Jumps

    33. Pirouette

    34. Round Off

    35. Seated Leg Raises

    36. Seiza Jump to Squat

    37. Seiza

    38. Squat Overview

    39. Superman Hold

  • Phases

    Bonus: Developing Athletic Skills

    Ryan, Jarlo, and Andy discuss the importance of combining mental training with your physical practice to build better body control and accelerate skill acquisition.

    Floor 1 Getting Started Guide 9


    1. Beg Phase 1A Mon-Thurs

    2. Beg Phase 1A Tues-Fri

    3. Beg Phase 1B Mon-Thurs

    4. Beg Phase 1B Tues-Fri

    5. Beg Phase 2 Mon-Thurs

    6. Beg Phase 2 Tues-Fri

    7. Beg Phase 2 Wed-Sat

    8. Beg Phase 3 Mon-Thurs

    9. Beg Phase 3 Tues-Fri

    10. Beg Phase 3 Wed-Sat

    11. Beg Phase 4A Mon-Thurs

    12. Beg Phase 4A Tues-Fri

    13. Beg Phase 4A Wed-Sat

    14. Beg Phase 4B Flow


    1. Int Phase 1A Mon-Thurs

    2. Int Phase 1A Tues-Fri

    3. Int Phase 1B Mon-Thurs

    4. Int Phase 1B Tues-Fri

    5. Int Phase 2 Mon-Thurs

    6. Int Phase 2 Tues-Fri

    7. Int Phase 2 Wed-Sat

    8. Int Phase 3 Mon-Thurs

    9. Int Phase 3 Tues-Fri

    10. Int Phase 3 Wed-Sat

    11. Int Phase 4A Mon-Thurs

    12. Int Phase 4A Tues-Fri

    13. Int Phase 4A Wed-Sat

    14. Int Phase 4B Flow


    Okay! Now that youve got all you need for Floor 1, its time to get your training on!

    Follow these quick and easy steps to get started.

    Step 1: Watch the How to Use Floor 1 Video

    Go on, its short. You can return to this guide when youre done.

    Watch the How to Use Floor 1 video

    Step 2: Read the Manuals

    Did you read the manual? NO? Uh oh, you know what were going to say...

    Read the manual!

    Floor 1 Getting Started Guide 10

  • Step 3: Check Out the Phase & Tutorial Videos

    Floor 1 is broken down into 4 phases.

    The Phase videos include examples of the exercises youll work on in each phase. Watch the video for Phase 1, then find and watch the tutorials for each exercise covered in Phase 1.

    Watch the Phase 1 Video

    Watch the tutorial videos for each exercise in Phase 1

    Step 4: Watch the Warm Up & Cool Down (Stretches) Videos

    Watch the Warm Up

    Watch the videos for the Cool Down Stretches

    Step 5: Print Out Your Program Charts for the Week

    The Program Charts include daily instructions for working through F1 along with areas to record your progress on each movement. Be sure to print out the corresponding charts for each week of the program.

    Print out this weeks charts

    Floor 1 Getting Started Guide 11

  • Step 6: Get to Work!

    Give the exercises a try!

    Let us know if you need some help or if you come across any challenges

    Step 7: Stay Connected

    Keep in touch with us on Facebook

    Send us a video or a photo of your progress

    Want to work on F1 with a buddy? Consider joining Alpha Posse (our worldwide membership community) and get partnered with people who are also working on Floor 1!

    Have fun!

    Floor 1 Getting Started Guide 12