Floods Problem Malaysian Economy

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Malaysian economy

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INTRODUCTIONEach country will not be able to avoid a disaster. Disaster is an event that causes disruption to the business activities of the society and the State, involving the loss of life, property damage, economic losses and environmental damage that goes beyond the ability of people to overcome and require extensive resource mobilization action. Particularly natural disasters such as floods, landslides, hurricanes or tsunami occurs without planned although its presence can be predictive.

Malaysia was also not spared from disaster. The most common disaster is flooding. There is no special category for flooding in Malaysia but often categorized as seasonal, flash floods or tidal flooding. Moreover, flooding is also described by location, characteristics, cause, the time when it occurs and its duration. The floods that hit the country early this year, especially in the state of Kelantan is the worst flood ever happened. The victims not only loss of properties but also the loss of loved ones. The country also suffered heavy losses in terms of damage to infrastructure and property of others.

If a few years ago flooding only occurs in the eastern and northern coastal areas only, since the last few years, practically almost all the states in Malaysia are experiencing flooding problems. Thus, the statistic of victims increased quite dramatically. The Government also has incurred higher loss to solve this problem.Factors Causing Flooding

The primary factor occurs generally because natural weather. In view of Malaysia's geographical location, most of the rainfalls, a result of natural cycles of Northeastern Monsoon winds during the tropical rainy season, a local characteristic by heavy rain and frequent from around October to March every year. Continuous heavy rainfall and overflowing water from the result areas of reservoirs and rivers also water streams drain. The tide phenomenon or Supermoon phenomenon is also becoming one of the huge factors to cause floods. This phenomenon results in the position of the moon be closer to Earth than usual. Months actually spinning in its axis oval shaped instead of round. There is a fall month will lie close to the Earth and this incident will provoke supermoon phenomenon. Undoubtedly, the Moon being the cause of the tide due to gravitational interactions between the powerful and Earth month. Arisen issue say this phenomenon will trigger an even greater disaster. This question has its currency because a stronger gravitational attraction due to the alignment of Earth and the moon. As a result, sea water levels are expected to increase and the tide will happen. Nevertheless, this is not something that should concern because it will not trigger a disaster. Collisions between large tide from the sea and river water will cause overflow occurred. An example of a flood to occur due to high tide flooding is occurring in Selangor recently involving more than 500 people had to be transferred to the victims while flood victims.The problem of flooding that occurred also due to the problem of uncontrolled urbanization. Urbanization resulted in a lot of areas that are developed. Lowland areas have been converted into use by taking land from the hills. There are also streams that covered to build a city. Activities such as these are factors the causes of floods. If before the streams and the Valley are there for the flow of water, now the area has been covered with soil. Insufficient drainage in many urban areas also increases the effect of heavy rain, despite ongoing efforts to resolve this. When it rains, the water will flow down from the hills to the low area and then stagnate. Over time water will increase and flash floods will occur. Flash floods that occur in urban areas like Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam and Johor Bharu recently causing big losses to the flood victims when the property such as vehicles and also equipment and furniture at their residents badly damaged. Not only that, this also caused flash floods mainly local student-SPM candidates virtually unable to sit for the examination when they are trapped and is unable to be present at the examination Center. The problem of flooding as a result of the municipal process can be seen when the water rises dramatically in area of development. Examples that can be seen are the development of I-City Section 7 Shah Alam, Selangor. Practically every time a heavy rain, the water will rise and swamped the federal highway that reach Kuala Lumpur and Klang. The situation became even more worse because the area is the Sungai Rasau toll plaza area. As a result of the development of the area was carried out which forms the water drainage ditch becomes increasingly narrow cause water overflow up every time a heavy rain.

In addition, human activities such as dumping waste into the River, sediments from land clearing and construction areas, improvements in the area of impermeable and obstacles in the river is also the cause of the problem of flooding and landslides. Human activities that are not controlled and selfish not only cause hardship on themselves but also people. Solid waste such as waste materials daily use such as plastic, bottles or any thing involving daily use into rivers or drainage water causes the water could not flow smoothly. When the heavy rain downpour, the water will swamped surroundings. Refuse to be a barrier to water movement and when the water rises, the water will bring the garbage to the mainland.The forest is an area which houses a wide variety of plants and animals. The forest can also be used as the real world by lowering the rate of ecosystem temperature. Forests absorb water rain down to Earth's surface with rates ranging from two percent to 20%. Then the water will flow to the absorbed seedlings through the root. There is also the process of condensation done with the release of the drip-drip of water into the air. This occurs with the water cycle naturally. Rain forest destruction cause directly down to Earth without being absorbed by the plants. Heavy rainfall caused the water to flow into the River with lots. Rivers didn't get the rain water. At this time river water overflow will occur resulting in flooding.The Impact of FloodsThe main Effects are visible is the destruction of the property of the people and the Government. Large floods can drown the homes and discarding and destroying other goods such as electrical goods, cars and so on. Residents do not have time to save their belongings because sometimes abundant water rose suddenly. This led to a major loss to the residents. Not only the residents property damaged, but government-owned property was also destroyed. The Government has to bear the cost of millions of dollars to repair all the infrastructures for use by the people. Expenses incurred not only to reinstate insfrastructures but also help people who have lost property and a shelter. The cost of temporary coverage for flood victims is also liable for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Costs incurred include medicine, food and other necessities. To repair damaged infrastructure in Kelantan due to flooding at the end of January, the Central Government allocated a total amounting to approximately RM780 million including repairing railroads, roads, health clinics, schools and other assistance.

n addition, the floods also wrecked the lives of the people. Overflow from the River sometimes cause water flow striking and go up dramatically. Although be warned but sometimes there is still a stubborn residents refused to move. There are also some that are not able to be saved by the security. Deterioration of level of health at the time of the flood also caused the deaths of endangered people. This is because, after the occurrence of natural disasters, the victims are homeless and have to live together-dependent survivors of other disasters in the uncomfortable, crowded and dirty. The victims were forced to live with other likely victims can spread dangerous diseases such as epidemic measles, dengue fever, skin diseases, malaria, and others have been. The victims were forced to share whatever in the bitter conditions. In the circumstances, is undoubtedly the hospitals will be in crowded conditions and are unable to treat all patients who come to get treatment. This will cause this severe disease and victims will increase infectious to others and this will continue until the cause of death if didnt get proper treatment from the hospital. The disease is also easily spread because of abundant water that has been polluted with rubbish and waste.. Because electricity and water cut off they are unable to take care of personal hygiene and eat them. This will cause the cleanliness and environment they neglected. As a result of overflowing river golok December last year, a lot of dikelantan external links hunbungan district with the outside world. Due to the constraints of weather does not permit, medical aid could not be distributed. There are victims who had to berlapar because there is no food.

Other effects that can be seen is the economic downturn and the country locals. When the flood happened, all plants which is a source of income of the local people will be destroyed. The country has to spend expenses on higher cost for food to fulfil the people needs. The results of the country's exports were also affected because residents can not harvest their crops. For tourist areas, tourism activities were also suspended because tourists are not allowed to visit the flooded areas as dangerous. The tourists who want to come will also cancel their intentions because the area was flooded. Damage in tourist areas are flooded sometimes take up to millions. All this damage affected tourist attraction thereby affecting the sources of national income. Government should overhaul all infrastructures and also the facility to attract tourists t