FLE parent meetings

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Presentation for parents to discuss Flexible Learning Environments (Modern Learning Environments)

Transcript of FLE parent meetings

  • 1. Future Learning @ Whakarongo School

2. Key Messages? 3. Q: What is different? Way kids are brought up Entertainment Technology Jobs 4. Flexible Learning Environments (Modern Learning Environments) WHY? 5. Three things to consider! Current Practice Future Needs Results 6. Ability Groupings 6 7. Issues How much do they learn? Kids are missing out! Can we do this better? 7 8. Purpose of Schooling 9. Needs Different times - different needs Needs: cooperation, flexibility, group/teamwork. time management Current organisation does not support this 10. Changing world 11. Differences 19th Century clerk Copy down Listening to teacher Accepting everything Working alone Sitting still Remember facts Follow instructions Being tested 21st Century explorer Create ideas Discuss with peers Question things Working with others Being active Imagine solutions Show initiative Self-evaluation 12. How can we prepare our kids for this different world, if adults expect to see the same things in schools (as over the last 100 years)? 13. Do we want success for our kids or 14. FLE: Where is the proof? 15. WS data 16. So what are FLE all about? or not about? 17. What will you see in a FLE? Group of students (60 - 90) Group of teachers (3) Flexible learning programme Responsive to student needs Different approach to learning (depending on level) Helpful things: big space, furniture, technology 18. What are the benefits? Better results (as seen before) Focus on student needs Better use of time Better use of teacher strengths Kids are more engaged, more productive, happier Skills for the real world (self management, flexible, organise) Specialised programmes 19. Lets stop for some QUESTIONS 20. What have we done so far? 21. Navigator Centre (Intermediate Focus) Management Team: Study Course Visited other schools Staff development Developing frameworks of expectations Started trialling some aspects in different parts of the school 22. The way forward 23. Reorganise the school into Pods of 3/4 classes in 2015 Pod teachers work together more and more Move to new way of organising teaching Teachers continue their Professional Development Goal: By 2016 have FLEs fully operational across the school