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  • FLAWLESS EXECUTIONUsing Fighter Pilot techniques to manage our weekly activities

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  • Flawless Execution by James D. Murphy shares the techniques of fighter pilots to achieve peak performance

    The essence of all successful execution is: Plan. Evaluate multiple courses of action, evaluate

    them, and take the best parts. Brief. Tell everybody how we're going to carry out the

    plan and what we're going to do today. Execute. Act out the script you created in the brief. Debrief. Evaluate execution errors and successes.

  • Connecting execution with strategy provides alignment of outcomes with activities

    Where are we going to be? What are we going to apply resources for or

    against? How are we going to do this? When are we going to stop doing this?

  • An approach to applying Murphys work to create an execution culture can move us to the next level of performance

    Monday Vision what does DONE look like for this week?

    Daily Outcomes do I know how to get to the end of the week?

    Status progress on Thursday am I going to make it to Friday as planned

    Friday Reflection and corrections needed to start the next week anewWhat didnt make it? How am I going to make up the lost cost, schedule, and


  • The Monday Vision starts weekly stating our intentions

    Each Monday Identify the most important outcomes for the week.Work backwards from the end in mind. Focus on outcome not activities. Ask questions such as, "if this were Friday, what would I

    feel good about having accomplished?" ... "if this were Friday, what would fell bad about it wasn't done?"

  • Daily Outcomes provide the fine grained feedback needed to make fine grained corrections that keep us on course

    Each day make a short To Do list. Start by listing MUST items Next, list SHOULD or COULD Use this list throughout the day The streams include meetings, email, conversations, or

    bursts of brilliance throughout the day Have a good sense of priorities Deal with potentially randomizing scenarios

  • Friday Reflection is the opportunity to assess our progress to plan, make high level corrections, and define the work for the next week

    Evaluate what got done or didn't get done and why it didnt get done Review a week's worth and look for patterns for

    improvement Trends stand out, look for the trends

    With this reflection, gather from the team, the work needed to improve the process

  • Why this works

    It's selfcorrecting through daily and weekly feedback Course corrections can be made throughout the week. Unimportant items slough off Manage using small and simple list It's not technology bound. Pen and paper work fine. Keeping the working set small, It's a system with simple habits and practices Next actions are immediate and obvious, in relation to

    SHOULDs and COULDs