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Transcript of Film lighting

  • 1. Lighting
    The basics

2. Three point lighting The back light
The back light provides separation from your subject and the background, it can also be used to create and outer glow or a silhouette.
3. Three point lighting The fill light
The fill light provides some fill into the shadow area of your subject to balance out the contrasts created by the key light.
4. Three point lighting The Key light
The key light is the primary light source it provides a base light for your subject.
5. Ambient Lighting
Ambient light is light that belongs to the scene.
E.g. street lamps, torches, lamps, or even natural light from the sun or the moon, ambient light can be justified as anything in the scene that will give off light.
6. Filters
Filters are a device used in film making to set the tone of a scene and add extra emotion to the shot, they are also used to convey meaning.