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  • 1. Joseph Contreras

2. Fault This is a small portion of the Golden Fault in Colorado. This picture was taken next to a parking lot on a trail at the School of Mines in Golden Colorado. The Golden fault is widely accepted as a west dipping reverse fault, however there is some debate on its classification.Source: 3. Weathering ProcessThis is an example of frost wedging. This rock formation is in the PoudreCanyon near Fort Collins, Co. Repeated freezing of water in the cracks of therocks has forced the cracks to expand. Eventually pieces of the rock will breakoff falling to the river below. The river was partially frozen when this image wastaken. 4. Weathering ProcessThese are rocks within and next to the Cache la Poudre River near Fort Collins, Co.These rocks have been rounded by the force of water. This is an example of spheroidalweathering. When water moves over or through rock its angular edges are eventuallyworn down giving the rock a spherical shape. 5. Mass WastingThis is a mountain side in Estes Park, Co. This are is within the eastern portion of theRocky Mountains. As you can tell the slope of this mountain side is quite steep. Gravitywill eventually force many of the rocks downward as has already happened for some. 6. Sedimentary EnvironmentThis is the Cache la Poudre River near Fort Collins, Co. This river is an example of acontinental environment. The river has transported untold amounts of sediment fromthe mountains down to the plains and possibly much further. 7. Sedimentary EnvironmentThis is a marine environment. This is a picture of the Pacific Ocean taken at Morro Bay,Ca. This shallow marine environment receives constant sediment from the erodingcontinent. 8. Sedimentary EnvironmentThis is a picture of a transitional environment taken at Morro Bay, Ca. Beaches are acommon transitional environment in which sand and gravel are deposited. 9. Use of GeologyThis is a bridge in Fort Collins, Co. Knowledge of geology is necessary to design andbuild a structure of this type. 10. ResourcesTarbuck and Lutgens, Earth: An Introduction to PhysicalGeology, 10 th Edition, Prentice Hall (2011)