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  • 1. By: TrentSoutherland

2. This is a picture of PineMountain from the top ofthe largest Etowah IndianMound. The CartersvilleFault is a thrust fault thatruns along HWY 41 andthrough Pine Mountain. 3. I believe the shaping of this rock is due to oxidation, a type ofchemical weathering. 4. I found this rock near the Etowah River. It looks like this type ofmechanical weathering is frost wedging. 5. Mass wasting has occurred alongthis cliff. Debris has settled at thebottom due to oversteepening ofthe slope. I believe theoversteepening is caused by winderosion. 6. ErosionThis is an example of some bed loadslowly being transferred down theEtowah River. 7. This is the Etowah River. Rivers and streams erode and transfermore sediment than any other process. The Etowah Indiansshallowed out this part of the river to aid in capturing fish. 8. To the left is a picture of a beach on TybeeIsland, GA, a transition zone between marine and continental environments. 9. Above, is a view of the Pacific Ocean from Santa Monica Pier, amarine sedimentary environment. Marine sedimentaryenvironments come in shallow (depths to 200 meters) and deep(depths greater than 200 meters) categories. 10. Stone Mountain is a world class granite masswith a bas-relief of Stonewall Jackson, RobertE. Lee, and Jefferson Davis on its north face.Stone Mountain Park provides numerous activities , such as spectacular laser shows throughout the year. 11. Frank D. Smith(2010, Aug 2). Cartersville and Bartow County, History andGeology. Retrieved from Howard Pousner (2011, May 26). Stone Mountain unveils LasershowSpectacular 2.0. Retrieved from Edward J. Tarbuck, Frederick K. Lutgens, & Denise Tasa. (2011). Earth: anintroduction to physical geology (10th ed.). Upper Saddie River, NJ: PrenticeHall