February 22nd 2019. Edition 18 BOARDERS' BUZZ · PDF file February 22nd 2019 Edition 18 The...

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Transcript of February 22nd 2019. Edition 18 BOARDERS' BUZZ · PDF file February 22nd 2019 Edition 18 The...

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    February 22nd 2019. Edition 18


    10 Edmondson St, Wagga Wagga

    Ph: (02) 6932 6151

    Boarders of t he For t night

    Will iam Day Anika Koller Congrat ulat ions t o our f ir st 'Boarders of t he For t night ' for 2019; Wil l iam Day and Anika Koller . Wil l iam who is in Year 7 won t he Boys' Boarder of t he For t night for being well spoken t o st af f , he has been volunt eer ing t o do ext ra dut ies when required. He is m ak ing a great ef for t at keeping his room clean, neat and t idy. Wil l iam did a fant ast ic job last week at paint ing in t he Junior Boarders Ar t Program . He has set t led in well t o t he rout ine and st ruct ure of boarding. Well done Will iam !

    Anika won t he Gir ls' Boarder of t he For t night for being so f r iendly and welcom ing t o our new boarders. She is independent , self m ot ivat ed and responsible. Anika is always respect fu l t o ot her boarders, t heir pr ivacy and m ak ing sure she doesn't go int o ot her gir ls room s w it hout ask ing f ir st . She is always well spoken t o boarding st af f and is a real pleasure t o have in t he Boarding House! Well done Anika

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    Mt Erin Boarding House

    10 Edmondson St

    Wagga Wagga 2650

    February 22nd 2019 Edition 18

    The follow ing boarders have celebrat ed t heir bir t hday over t he last couple of weeks:

    Anika Koller , Jake Oliver , Prue West & Jack Kelleher

    Elect ronic Not iceboards

    We now have t wo new elect ronic not iceboards in t he Boarding House. One is set up in t he Dining Room and t he ot her is set up in t he Par lour . These not iceboards w il l display t he week ly m enu in t he din ing room , t he daily schedule for all boarders, bir t hdays, daily not ices, upcom ing event s, phot os et c. They are updat ed daily and is anot her way of im proving and enhancing our com m unicat ion w it h our boarders.

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    Mt Erin Boarding House

    Phone: 02 6932 6151

    February 22nd 2019 Edition 18

    Congrat ulat ions t o Jack Kelleher for t ak ing out t he Age Group Cham pionship for U14 Boys at t he Mat er Dei Cat holic College Sw im m ing Carnival. Well done Jack !

    Congrat ulat ions t o Mason Crain who recent ly won t he NSW B-Grade Archery Com pet it ion for Junior Boys. Mason represent s t he Tum ut Club and is one of t he m ost t alent ed juniors com ing t hrough t he NSW ranks in Archery. Well done Mason!

    The Gir ls Boarding House got a new basket ball hoop put up in t heir quad area last week as well as som e large new bean bags for what w il l becom e t he gir ls new cinem a room . Bot h new addit ions have been very popular w it h t he gir ls over t he last week. I'm excit ed about how we can cont inue t o enhance and im prove t he gir ls boarding house t hroughout 2019!

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    I would l ike t o invit e all parent s/ caregivers t o join m yself and t he boarding st af f for a "Meet & Greet " social

    af t ernoon on Fr iday, March 15t h, k ick ing of f at 3.30pm in t he Rose Garden at Mt Er in Boarding House. This is a great

    way t o m eet all t he boarding st af f as well as m eet ot her parent s of our boarders. Dr inks and nibbles w il l be

    provided. If you could please RSVP by Monday, March 11t h.

    Junior Boarders Ar t Program

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    Our Junior Boarders cont inue t o produce som e am azing pieces of Abor iginal Ar t ! We are com ing t o an end of t he program w it h m ost of our canvas's com plet ed. Laura Por t er , Jacint a Thom as, Wil l iam Day and Faliesha At k inson-Har r is did som e fant ast ic work last Wednesday af t ernoon. Once again a special t hanks t o Tyronne Hoer ler our incredible ar t ist ! I can't wait t o see t he f in ished product hanging in t he Dining Room !

    Our Junior Girls have enjoyed spending quality time together after their evening Academic Enrichment Program. They all get 30 minutes before supper starts where a lot of the girls have enjoyed playing board games, cards, completing puzzles or just lying on bean bags watching some TV. These have been great activities to create an opportunity for the girls to bond and get to know each other, plus have a laugh!

    Maddie Fucheck is our awesome GAP Assistant from Manhattan, New York City, USA. She is working with our senior girls. Her favorite food is Pizza and her favorite colour is Liliac Purple. Maddie's goal for 2019 is to try one new thing everyday. If she could invite 3 famous people over for dinner in the boarding house, she would invite; Michelle Obama, Drake and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Maddie will return to University after completing her 6 months here at Mt Erin Boarding House.

    Mr Kr is Wheeler Ph: 0438 597 561 Of f ice: (02) 6932 6151

    Leader of Boarding Em ail: wheelerk@ww.cat holic.edu.au