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Badael without boarders

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  • 1. w w w. b a d a e l . n e t Creative Initiative Badael without boarders Company

2. Badael without boarders Company It is a creative initiative . Its first aim is to provide job vacancies to the qualified Palestinians who are residents in the Palestinian territories by using distance work system. The idea of the company is based on presenting varied services by Palestinian qualifications that are characterized by creative an distinctive energies and lower costs than their counterparts through the distance work for the benefit of the organizations and companies that are located outside Palestine. This is done through the companys headquarter based in Nablus city Palestine. Also, through five basic departments which are : Department of distance work IT Department Translation Department Engineering Consulting Department Economic and administrative consulting Department w w w. b a d a e l . n e t 3. The Center of the company in Palestine The company operates through its center in Nablus city where the offices are equipped with all logistic requirements in order to enable the staff to perform their duties and to communicate properly and effectively with companies abroad by using visual , audio and informative ways.It also provides all office facilities as well as the developed means of communication,computer hardware and their accessories. The work is supervised by an administrative crew who is in charge of the functions of supervision , following-up the workflow and preparing periodic reports of the performance of the employees and their commitment of attendance , moreover with the system of the employing company. Departments of the company The company performs its functions for the purpose of achieving its objectives through five major departments that operate as a single unit: Department of distance Work Engineering Consulting Department IT Department Translation Department Economic and management consulting Department w w w. b a d a e l . n e t 4. Distance Work Department It is the main department in the company as it works to recruit the palestinian qualificationsinordertoworkwiththe companiesabroad. Thesaid department offers all the needs and facilities that are required for the employee to perform the work assigned to him /her through the center of the company for nominal fees that added to the employees salary. Contracting is usually done directly between the company abroad and the employee through the distance work unit . Theemployee communicates,directly,withtheemploying companythrough visual and audio means during the agreed working hours .The employee works as if he/she is existed at the employing companys headquarter. This way of employment can achieve the objectives of these companies with less salaries and administrative costs. The supervising administrative crew of Badael company prepares and sends periodic reports about each employee . Therefore , the employing company guarantees that the company can, completely , control the employees performance and commitment. In addition , the department provides opportunities for people who are of special needs and have a university degree . It provides them with job opportunities in their field of specialization . They are of high efficiency that guarantees the satisfaction of the employing side about the employees w w w. b a d a e l . n e t 5. performance , accordingly they can compete with any other employee in the same specialization . Moreover, the Unit offers many positions in several fields, including: architecture, interior design & decoration, computer engineering, designing, programming and managing of websites , e-marketing, distance translation and teaching , producing & editing publications , designing newsletters and ads, , financial and economic jobs, feasibility studies , data analysis , secretarial work - printing & unloading of information , press , media and others. IT Department Thisdepartment investsthePalestinianexperiencesincomputerprogramming .It directs them to the establishment of programs and electronic sites , their development and the supervision on them. Moreover, it analyzes and creates databases, also it designs electronic interfaces to be smooth and convenient for users. The experiences of the designers and programmers overlap with the experiences of the marketing department to produce a distinctive and competitive product. This unit launched several programs and websites for companies and institutions In Saudi Arabia , The United Arab Emirates, Kuwait , The United Kingdom, Turkey, Morocco and elsewhere. w w w. b a d a e l . n e t 6. The work of the department is divided into different areas: Analysis and Documentation Section: It is responsible for communicating with the concerned party , collecting the information, arranging the needed ideas , studying , analyzing , organizing and outputting them in the form of ( Algorithms and Classes). In addition,it carries out the process of documenting the required work in the form of reports .Furthermore, it validates the results and the absence of any defective work (Validation and Verification) .Finally , it follows-up with the concerned party about training and clarification. Department of creating databases: This section plans and sets up databases for all interested departments using the most correct links and relationships .Also it investigates the accuracy of storage mechanism and the way of dealing with it easily and quickly whether in inserting , modifying , searching or others. Moreover, it deals with several databases for applied programs , websites or smart cell phone software. Design Department: This department is responsible for : First, all graphic designs , icons related w w w. b a d a e l . n e t 7. to the web pages and applied software (Graphical user interface).Second, advertisementsandpaperaswellaselectronicpropagandabanners(Brochure). Third, montage, videos and cartoons .Finally, decor , interior designs and double as well as triple-dimension drawing ( Dimensions 2 & 3 ). The development of websites department The work of this section focuses on the establishment and development of websites in a high and professional way . This is done by employing a number of the most important programming languages of websites ( PHP, ASP, J2EE, Ruby ...... ) which guarantees speed , safety and simplicity. The role of this section starts after the completion of the analysis process and the establishment of database and design. Department of developing smart phones software. It is responsible for the establishment and development of smart phones programs by using a number of specialized languages( J2ME, I phone SDK, Android SDK ). w w w. b a d a e l . n e t 8. Department of Engineering Consultations This unit was formed as a result of the great development that witnessed in the construction sector .Its work is based on engineering experts who have their own clear mark in this area. The said unit provides services in three major areas: Design Design unit accomplishes the work of architectural and construction design depending on distinctive staff who is highly experienced in various types of construction Architectural Design Many architectural projects are designed .These projects have multiple uses such as the residential ,managing and entertaining buildings as well as commercial compounds and others. Interior Design In this area the unit provided a range of interior designs for apartments, shops and sections of galleries and companies. By doing so, it depended on its experience of the nature of the materials that are used and the way of using them. Moreover, the use of daring ideas and presenting them in a realistic and distinctive style. w w w. b a d a e l . n e t 9. Structural Design The unit provides services of structural design in which it employs the latest and developed computer software by a group of experienced engineers. Preparing Plans The unit prepares executive plans and draws the details of all engineering specializations according to the latest standards and systems. Working Drawings and Details Structural Shop Drawing & Steel Details (BBC) Drawing The unit offers special services in the field of bilateral and three-dimensional architecturalvisualization andvideoadvertisingmoviesaswellasinspecialized engineering drawing . This is performed according to the most known codes that use the latest specialized software. Engineering Drafting Architectural Visualization Structural Shop Drawing & Steel Details (BBS) w w w. b a d a e l . n e t 10. Translation Department The Department gathers the energies of workers in this area and employs them in translating documents and texts in order to open up new horizons of human partnership. The unit achieves this not only by providing translation service for companies, institutions and individuals, but also by providing job opportunities for competent and qualified translators in Palestine. The work of this department reflects the professionalism of its translators who are specialized in multiple areas, including all areas of life. Areas provided by the Translation Unit: Translation It provides all types of translation such as translation of legal, financial, commercial, artistic ,technical, and medical translation . Translation of websites and programs A specialist crew of translation and localization services do what is necessary to produce a site or a program that allows all speakers of a required language to use and benefit from it. Language Editing We provide services for on demand editing by a group of language experts. Design and Printing Services Designs and publications can be translated and implemented within all kinds of designs and formulas that are available for the purposes of printing and publishing. Translation Unit guarantees the following: - High-level translation. - Accurate translation. - Authentic Translation. - Translation that cares for cu