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  1. 1. Thomas Phillips Ansel Adams I like this photo because the lighting really focuses on one part of the image, not enough to over power other things in this photo but just enough to have it stand out. This picture has the right amount of variety in it for the photo, it isnt plain but also isnt too much. I like this picture because it really only focuses on the grave. The camera is centered on the grave and the background makes it pop out even more. I would have preferred in my picture if there wasnt a big tree in the background, like the Ansel Adams picture, a plane sky background would have been a lot better. This photo is good because of how like the grave picture it is just focuses on the tree. It stands out from anything else in the photo. I dont like in my picture how you can see the houses behind it and you can also see the blue pole.
  2. 2. Thomas Phillips Joe Cornish I like this photo because the image captures the detail of the buildings and what might be going on around it. I would have like to have got the whole building into the photo but there were obstructions and it wouldnt have made the picture look as nice. This photo is simple but very effective; you can see the reflection of the bridge in the water in the winter. I dont like how in the picture I took, the water or background isnt as nice as the picture Joe had taken. This wide shot of a town doesnt entirely focus on one thing, the chimney stands out from everything else because of the height so I focused on that in my photo. I would have like theyre to be more in the image and the chimney to be on the right side more, instead of the center of the picture.
  3. 3. Thomas Phillips Clive Nichols I like this photo because it is very simple but it makes a very nice photo, only focusing on flowers, which stand out in some way. I really like how the sun shined down onto the flower and you can get a glimpse of the shadow in the background, but if the fence behind it doesnt come off as appealing because it is molding away. These last two images I like because of how its angled to show off how many different flowers come out of where they have been growing to lean over to the garden. I would have liked there to be more of an overgrow with the flowers I chose to photograph but I couldnt do anything about that. The door, shed and fence all come onto the background and it would look better if they werent.