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  1. 1. Emily Davis portrait fashion photography
  2. 2. Photographer: George GarnierGeorge is 30 years old and fromLondon hes in a film and stage crewand is a photographer. He has his ownphotography studio in Bermondsey,London. He has shot official portraitsof Prime Ministers Blair and Cameron.George is the creative director of amagazine in Bulgaria called MODA.The magazine specializes in fashionand portraiture and he not only isinvolved with this magazine but alsocontributes to European publications.He has been published in ID, Tatler,Amica and has a particularly keeninterest in the current trends ofmenswear designers. He is also aregular contributor to onlinemagazines like Attire and Style.
  3. 3. I like this photo because its a portrait picture but shows fashion so is justlike what I want on my magazine cover. Its used to make people want tobuy the magazine and show them what kind of style this magazine is for.This picture was one George actually used for his magazine MODA and Ithink its good and works because its not to busy for a front cover but itsinteresting and fun. The shutter speed of this image would have had tobe fast because it looks like shes jumping in it so for it to be a clearpicture the lens would have had to capture the image fast. This is another portrait picture by George Garnier but this one is just simply of the model and just a mid shot. He takes a lot of photos for models who have profiles for work. I think this is a good picture because its taken in black and white to give it a more dramatic effect but its still simple and you can see whats in the image. I like this style of picture because on a magazine cover big it would look good and striking. However I want to take a picture showing some fashion to. The shutter speed in this photo wouldnt had to of been really fast or really slow because the model is stood still so it would have been captured in a normal speed.
  4. 4. InfluenceI think George Garnier can influence my workbecause he is very creative with his shots andlikes to make them interesting but not toobusy. The backgrounds in most of his photosare buildings or landscapes. Then he takesmore simple pictures with no background justfocusing on the model. I think I can mix bothof his styles together by having a close upmodel picture wearing a fashion statementthat we can just see in the shot. In some of hisshots he has the models moving and I wouldlike to try and see if I could do this in some ofmine using different shutter speeds like hedoes.
  5. 5. Miro ArvaHe is a London based fashion & beautyphotographer. Miro Arva was born in asmall country right in the heart ofEurope. Since an early age, he wasalways fascinated by fashion stories inmagazines. After studying tourism andbusiness, he decided to pursue acompletely different career. Miro hasbeen taking photographsprofessionally since 2007. He thenfinally decided to London it being oneof the worlds fashion capitals. Heentered Naomi Campbells FashionPhotographer Search in summer 2010which was to win the opportunity toshoot a glamour magazine photoshoot, Miro won and got the amazingopportunity to shoot one of thefashion icons and supermodels NaomiCampbell for Glamour UK magazine.
  6. 6. I like this photo because its a portrait photo but also includes fashionwhich is what I want to do with my cover shot. I like the angle of the shotbecause the model isnt central in the shot. I think people looking at thiswould be interested because its like hes looking at something and also belooking at what hes wearing. I like the black and white effect of this photoalso I think it makes pictures look more classic and I think this would be agood look on my magazine and might attract people because of thedramatic look it gives. The model is not moving so the shutter speedwould just be normal for this picture, however I think when I take mypicture I would want to practice with different shutter speeds and havemy model moving to see what effect it gives. Also I think I would like a bitof colour in my photos, like this but pick out certain colours by editing thephoto, I think this will give a good effect.I like this colours in this photo and would like to shoot somethinglike this in black and white and then pick out the bright colourlike in this picture her skirt and earrings. I think this would give adifferent look to my magazine cover and I could pick out as manycolours as I wanted to. This photo is central and the model islooking straight at the camera which I think is keeping the photosimple but I like that so that when I edit the picture it wont lookto busy if I have lots happening in the actual shot to. The shutterspeed for this photo would just be normal because she is juststood still posing. I like the plain background I think I would wantto do the same because I want the focus to be more on themodel and the outfit to show what my magazine is about.
  7. 7. InfluenceI think Miro Arva can influence mywork because he takes photos ofpeople who have the kind of style Ilike. I like the way he takes pictures andseems to always show what the mainfocus is. Even if theres something inthe background the focus is still themodel and their clothes. I like the midshots hes uses also because it attractspeople to the magazine because itdoesnt look to busy and shows thefocus of the magazine. He doesnt uselots of different shutter speeds but hedoes use lots of angles and I like thisbecause it makes the shot moreinteresting even though its just a midshot of a model. I like how most of hispictures are just of one model I think ithelps concentrate on the clothesrather than the position and poses ofboth models, I like the simple look heuses but how he makes it fun andstriking.
  8. 8. Annie LeibovitzAnnie is an American portrait photographer bornin Connecticut but studied painting at the SanFrancisco art institute while taking night classes inphotography. In 1970 she began working for theRolling Stone magazine so this was the beginningof her photography career, she was chiefphotographer. When she left 10 years later she hadalready shot 142 covers. In 1983 she joined thestaff at Vanity Fair magazine, this was where shestarted getting into fashion photography, soonafter this she also began working for Voguefashion magazine. Since then she has createdinfluential magazine campaigns for the Gap andGot milk? Adverts. Exhibitions of her images haveappeared at museums and galleries all over theworld, including the National Portrait Gallery andthe international centre of photography. Her workinvolves a lot of Disney, fantasy themes andcelebrities. To me her work seems very differentand original, very strange.
  9. 9. I like this picture because I love the Disney theme mixed withthe celebrities. It includes a different kind of fashion to what Iwant in my project but I like the colour used, the originality ofthe idea and the bringing back of fairy tales back and makingthem modern with celebrities. I like the angle of the shot likethe models are looking up at the camera I want to use someangles like this to see what effect it would give on the front of amagazine. I like how bright the costumes are and I would like touse bright colours like these when dressing my model becauseif I want to make it black and white I will have these brightcolours I can pick out when editing. The shutter speed on thisshot is a slow one because of the blurred background like thecups they are sitting in are spinning. However the focus is onthe models so we see them clearly . I like the use of focus andshutter speed here because it gives the photo more depth andinterest. I love this picture because of how it made me look at it because its so simple but interesting. I love hoe the dresstrails behind her reach right to the ground. This is more of her fashion photography and I would like to do something like this just maybe closer up for my magazine cover. The model isnt looking down loads the camera is almost eye level.
  10. 10. InfluenceI think Annie Lebovits will influence my work because I like her imaginationwith her photos and how she uses different angles to create a different looklike someone is small or looking up at someone, or moving. Her more fashionshoots are very glamorous and usually of females actresses. I would like toadd Glamour to my shots to make my magazine look more interesting andclassy. A few of her portrait shots are black and white and she uses thecontrast and shadows to make the portrait look mysterious and smooth. Ithink the pictures she takes would could defiantly be on the front cover of afashion magazine like what Im doing so I love her portrait and fashion shots. Ithink working with a lot of celebrities and people on two types of magazinesmade her able to do all kinds of shot and set the models up how she wantsthem. I think when she takes the pictures she tries to take a picture showingwhat the person is like, she was known to show a persons personality in herpictures by giving them a prop or having them in a certain pose or location.Because my magazine is made up I can use this and create my own modelsand their stories and try and show this through my work.