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Facebook Demographics. Demographics: 15% Income over $75,000 18% Ages 18-29 years old 14% 30-49 years old 15% College degree o r higher. 54% tweet through their phone 36% tweet at least once per day Average time on Twitter: 12 minutes per visit Grab the attention of Tweeters . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Facebook Demographics10 Largest Countries1. United States156,820,0802. India45,796,4603. Brazil44,622,0604. Indonesia42,684,8405. Mexico33,088,0006. Turkey30,991,8207. United Kingdom30,538,3208. Philippines27,331,3809. France24,144,64010. Germany23,409,18054% tweet through their phone36% tweet at least once per dayAverage time on Twitter: 12 minutes per visitGrab the attention of Tweeters Demographics:15% Income over $75,00018% Ages 18-29 years old14% 30-49 years old15% College degree or higherFacebook and Twitter Demographics Explain Marketers Social Media DemandWed, 13 Apr 2011 | By Lara O'ReillyUnited States Top Cities using Tumblr:Los AngelesNew YorkDemographics Facebook purchasing Instagram for $1 billionMobile applicationsInstagrams expansion and publicity Facebook: 2012: 794,564,900 usersTwitter 2012: 140,000,000 usersTumblr: February 2012: 46,200,000 blogsInstagram: March 2012: 27,000,000 usersOverall Social Media for Social Media Calendar QuarterlyMonthlyWeeklyDailyHourlyCross Messaging6Sunday7Monday8Tuesday9Wednesday10Thursday11Friday12SaturdayHealthUpcoming Events

Jewelry Design and Clothing for Healthy Living

Zen or Feng Shui Interior Decorating, Importance of Healthy Living

Lifestyle Choices of the Past, Healthy vs. Non

Health Book Authors, advice

Ambient Music, Music for Peace and Serenity

Great Health Conscious Restaurants in Chicago

January 2013 Upcoming Fashion, Home & Dance, Novelists, Music SocailitesEvents Jewelry, Garden, Geneology Film, History Interior Design Floral DesignOnline Social Networking ServiceUsed to reach a Varied Demographic845 million active usersFree Marketing toolUsed to promote TalksChic by spreading awareness of upcoming events

FacebookUsed as a conduit to reach a youthful social media consumer.

To focus on upcoming events through entries that talk about what TalksChic is promoting each week.

Providing visuals and Marketing through information about upcoming events. Online social networking service

Communication tool that lets one person connect with another

Over 140 million active users as of 2012Follow industry leaders

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Linked with Facebook CalendarWhat Do People Tweet About?Ultimate microblogging platform Allows TalksChic to post multimedia and other content to a "tumblelog."

Other social network sites such as Twitter will be linked to pagePosts are controlled and updated via dashboard

Facilitates with media, photo, and more.

Content appears on dashboard for followers to interact and respond toAdding followers: Add others via Tumblr based on hashtags, content, and keywords

Reblog: Allow others' content to be visible on dashboard (in this case, speakers)

Likes: Asses which content reaches more people and gives an idea of what readers are looking forAdditional Functions:InstagramFree photo sharingLaunched October 2012Allows users to take photos apply a digital filter to it, and then share it on a variety of social networking services.

Originally only available for iOS platformsApril 2012, Android camera phones supportInstagramInstagramInstagramInstagramUsers by Date:

Oct 13 2010: 100,000

Oct 31 2011: 12 million

Mar 11 2012: 27 million