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1. E120/CARMINE 2. The idea The idea from the very beginning was to make people aware that they could be eating bugs without knowing. 3. Experiments Throughout my workbook the experiments that I done by hand were quite successful however incorporating them into my final was difficult so i looked at the technical approaches. 4. Digital experiments As I moved to working on digital I came across a few ideas however the ideas were quite small. 5. Possible formats After my experiments I looked at a number of ways I could get my message across to my audience. I looked into ways of hiding and revealing messages as I felt that, that is what the ingredients are doing as they are written in small sizes and surrounded by huge amounts of information. 6. Damien Hirst Researching about Damien Hirst helped me to get ideas about my finals as I had a look at some of his medicine labels and packing. This is were the idea of the size and the strips of colour came from. 7. Final I feel that my final gets the information across the audience in an easy way with catchy titles that create questions in the readers mind. To add a gruesome effect to the overall booklet I splattered some dye onto the cover.