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My evaluation of links between my main product and ancillary texts

Transcript of Evalution Question 2 Media A2

Here is a clear and consistent link between my video and my poster. The poster almost acts as a glimpse into what the video looks like when viewed. I did this to add a shot theme and insight into the appearance of the artist in the video without there being a resemblance of colours. I did not want to make the poster and video too similar but I did want to add an element of recognisability between the two.

In the initial stages of research, I wanted to add an indication of the personality of my female character simply through the aesthetics without revealing too much about her. I also wanted to ensure that this idea fitted with the theme of the song. I chose to use dewy, yellow lighting in combination with red lips and nails in order to create a subtle contrast and aid the theme of my DigiPak. I thought that the colour red is reflective of emotions such as lust, danger, desirability and adds a sexual undertone, seeing as red is the colour that men are most attracted to. I thought the yellow represented the whole concept of the emotion of misery; the melancholic nature of sadness, with the illuminating nature of hope and faith. The song heads into the direction of attempting to resolve these issues, and thats where the illumination and optimism comes from. These colours were, to me, the ideal colours to use in my Digipak.

Here are some examples of the colours I used from my video. Instead of directly sampling them from the video (due to them being contextualised, they were not eye catching enough to be used on the poster/album covers), I formulated them in Photoshop to create a more aesthetically pleasing theme. I also liked the recurring theme of the orange guitar, so decided to as the colour orange to the mix when using the brush to create the smoke/cloud look.

When deciding on the colour of the backdrop, I took inspiration from the idea of both writing letters on the white paper and also holding up the sad face on a sheet of white paper. Also, the neutral backdrop is an idea which stems from the video itself, where it was all filmed in front of the white sheet. This helps draw attention to the artist and

help create that star image in bo both my video and on my


By using identical frames from the video itself, I think it worked extremely well in allowing the audience to identify the two as linked but also allowed me to add a more extravagant theme which perhaps would not have been effective if I had used completely different shots. Adding colours which fit the theme of the song proved very effective.