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ESY 2005-2006. NUTS AND BOLTS. Extended School Year 2006. 5 weeks - June 12 - July 13 Closed July 4 (July 3?) Monday - Thursday 9:00 am -12:00 noon Location – Ask Supervisor. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of ESY 2005-2006

  • ESY 2005-2006NUTS AND BOLTS

  • Extended School Year 20065 weeks - June 12 - July 13Closed July 4 (July 3?)Monday - Thursday 9:00 am -12:00 noonLocation Ask Supervisor

  • The committee reviews data of goals/objectives and determines if ESY services are required as part of the students Free and Appropriate Public Education.

  • Are ESY services required?(not, will the student benefit?)

  • The committee considers the individual needs of the student and a multiplicity of variables, including such factors as:Progress and/or regression which may limit the students ability to achieve goals/objectives. Relative importance of the IEP goals at issueEmerging skillsThe age and/or severity of the disabilityDelays or interruptions in services during the school yearRelated servicesContents of any applicable transition plans

  • The intent of ESY is to prevent significant regression which compromises the students ability to make meaningful progress on the IEP, therefore, not providing the student with FAPE. ESY is not provided to guarantee mastery of goals/objectives.

  • The committee should not select objectives that would be simply good for the child to continue to work on during the summer.

    Data collection on old goals/objectives will determine whether the student requires ESY.

  • Services are individualized within a framework.

  • If ESY services are required Determine the IEP objective(s) which require ESYDetermine the type of ESY service(s) required i.e. academic, speech/language, OTDetermine the amount/duration of service(s) for addressing ESY objective(s)Determine dates, location, transportation

  • Low incidence students (SID/PID, MOID, VI/DHH) and/or students who have difficulty transitioning (Autism, SDD, medically fragile)Suggested amount of service is 3 hours per day. Individualize services by adjusting the number of days per week. Some students may only attend one day per week.

  • Students Who Need Academic SupportConsider options for servicesGeneral education summer school programsWork packets provided by the teacher to be completed at homeComputerized programs/software/web sitesSummer reading lists

  • ESY ObjectivesShould not be new objectivesMust be probed in March so the ESY teacher knows the level of performanceBeware of objectives that are too vague or too broad and subject to misinterpretation. Include work samples and clear description of probe process.

  • Inappropriate ESY ScenariosStudents who do not complete homework assignments during the school yearStudents who need to organize their notebooksStudents who do not complete long-term projects Students who need to improve reading fluency

  • Extended School Year is NotSummer School - Summer CampA time to get a jump start on the upcoming year by addressing new goals and objectivesSomething nice that we do for our studentsOne-to-one tutoring

  • Before the IEP meeting, the IEP coordinator should...Gather and prepare the dataTalk to Related Support Personnel and SLPDiscuss with Supervisor/Lead TeacherKnow whether the recommendation will be for/against ESY services and the rationaleSchedule the meeting prior to March 24 so paperwork can be submitted by March 31.

  • ESY is a part of the IEP ProcessAll teachers and related service providers must participate in ESY discussion. (The meeting cannot be held with just the parent and Special Education teacher during conference week.)

    All ESY services must be reflected in the IEP.

  • ESY should be addressed for all students prior to March 24, 2006. If necessary, hold an addendum.

  • Click on Auto Text

  • Click on all 9 factors when preparing draft

  • This is what it will look like and will guide you as you begin the ESY discussion.The discussion must BEGIN with the factors.

  • Then, Dont do any more to the draft GoalView IEP prior to the meeting.

  • During the IEP meeting, the IEP coordinator should...Summarize the ESY factors - do not read the paragraph or discuss each item individually.If data does not support the need for ESY, move to next topic - State TestingIf documentation supports the need for ESY, specify the applicable objective(s)Based on those flagged objective(s), determine the required ESY serviceInclude secondary and related support services

  • During the IEP meetingDetermine whether the child requires transportation. If so, complete the transportation form at the meeting.Secure a commitment from the parentHave parent complete Emergency Information form

  • Get commitment from parent!(ESY is an expensive program)For TransportationIf ESY is recommended but parent declines,-designate ESY objectives, services, etc. as if child will be attending -indicate Yes in ESY Required check box-indicate in minutes that parent declines

  • After the IEP, the IEP coordinator should...Immediately notify the supervisor that ESY has been agreed upon Prepare and submit ESY paperwork by March 31st

  • Note how minutes are completedNote how Program Summary is completedSee next slide for continuationSelect Yes/NoAttention! 12 seg./wk, not 3 seg./day

  • Continuation of ESY Program SummaryThis child also received speech during ESY. Note: speech is not an automatic service for those who attend ESY facility-based program.

  • This is what part of the ESY IEP section looks like once ESY objectives are flagged:

  • ESY Services SummaryComplete student demographics letters are sent to parents using this addressList required services Does the child require any type of specialized equipment? Will staff require training in health care procedures or specialized equipment?

  • ESY Data Collection FormESY objectives need to be an extension of IEP objectives from 2005-2006 IEP. ESY objectives are determined at the IEP meeting Include probe from March 16th and attach GoalView March Progress Report

  • More ESY PaperworkAttach copy of Emergency Information Attach transportation form if transportation is required Do not send Transportation Form to the Transportation Dept. Use designated ESY 2006 Transportation Form

  • Before submitting the paperworkMake sure that no information is missingMake sure the red-ink IEP matches the GV final copyMake sure the information on the ESY Services Summary/Data Collection form matches the IEPMake sure ESY objective(s) matches those designated at the IEP meetingMake sure any applicable paperwork from related service staff is attachedMake sure present level of performance is recorded

  • After the IEPGather specialized instructional materials i.e. Wilson Reading, PECS, slant boards, laptop loaded with specialized programs, communication devices. The ESY teachers will gather materials for Reading Mastery, Corrective Reading, Academy of Reading, Touch Math as well as instructional materials available to general education students. Gather work samples, student work books, etc., that clearly communicate how the objectives were addressed during the school year. ESY teachers need a starting point and need to know how the task was probed during the school year.

  • ESY PitfallsThe ESY section of the IEP needs to match the ESY Services Summary .ESY may not be an appropriate avenue to address socialization because there is not a general education population of students attending ESY. Too many objectives to be addressed for the amount of time allottedObjectives not appropriate for ESY settingLate paperwork creates major logistical problems