Esic amenity scheme 2014

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Transcript of Esic amenity scheme 2014

  • 1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUB REGIONAL OFFICE TC:YEES S~p,TE INSURANCE COn.PORAT~ON Panchdeep Bhawan, Ganeshpeth, Nagpur-440018 : 2720141,2726219,2726365,2729075 Fax: 2729359 il : esicngp [email protected] website: ''' ,m (ISO: 9001 - 2000 Certified) No 23-T-1lI14/Amnesly/LegaV14 ~?~ Dated 2/4 2014 To, The Presidentl~ecretaFY ('fJ!.J) c r.,~-tu':{ thro(J ~ /tIft HJ) $'--.llIr__tfj Person (E) The Scheme will also be available to those employers/insured persons who have already availed of the benefits of earlier Amnesty Schemes. (F) The iew Amnesty Scheme-2014 will be in force from 281112014 to 271112015. (G) The Regional DirectorslDirector IICs/Joint Director IIC of RO/SROID arei fully empowered to accord sanction for withdrawa1lsettlement of cases as I per para (A) to (B) on receipt ofcompliance as per the Scheme (H) The Regional DirectorslDirector IICs/Joint Director IIC of RO/SROID.O Iare requested to give vide publicity to the Scheme through l advertisement/press release in leading local newspapers and by hOlding/ continuous interaction/meeting with Employer and Trade Union etc. The contents ofthe new Amnesty Scheme 2014 must also be posted on thel Regional Web Site. The members ofRegional BoardILocal Committet!lWorkers Union and Employers Association must also be : infonned about launch of New Amnesty Scheme 2014. (1) Regional ilireclors/Dir.-:c.or lfCsi" oint Dirc!:to!' I/C of RO/SROID.oi need not refer any case to Hqrs. 7. : 6 (1) The Corporation has also approved that incentive as mentioned below may also be giveu 'C) Panel Advocate for their contribution ill withdrawal ofcases during the Scheme. a) Incentive ofRs. 2,000/- for cases filed U/S 75 b) Incentive of Rs 500/- for cases filed U/S 85 (a) to 85 (g) of ESI Act. c) Further, regions which succeed in withdrawal of 25% of . their pending cases may be given certificate of merit I (K) Monthly Progress report in this regard should reach this office by 10th of every I month. (L) They are advised to form a monitoring cell at their level, to implement Isuccessfully and smoothly, the contents of this Scheme, including for reporting to Hqrs M The receipt of this communication may be acknowledged. Yours faithfully, c--:# "< L- (AKUN KuiVlAl) ADDL. COMMISSIONER (REV> Copy forwarded to 1. All Divisional Heads in Hqrs office 2. All SSMCs/SMCs - for infonnation 3. loint DirectorslDy. Director (Fin) ESI Corporation. RO/SRO ___ _ 4. A.C (Vigilance), Hqrs office 5. Dir (Vig)/JD(V)(NZ)/JD(V)(WZ)/JD(V)(SZ) - for infonnation 6. Website Manager - with the request to post the matter in the Official WEbsite Iof ESI Corporation I 7. All branches in Hqrs office for infonnation. I II 8. ANNEXURE-A PROFQRMA FQR WITHPRAWAL OF COURT CASES 1. Name and ~.dcres.:: of the Insured perso~/employer II. Employer Code No./Insurance No. III. Date of Institution of case, IV. Name of the Court/Forum in which case is pendi 9 V. Section of ESI Act 1948 under w ich the case VI. Present status of the case and e iss es VII. Details of amount involved with per-ad. I 5 No.I Nature of default Compliance made T , , I I , ,I -j , I I i I i , I L VIII. IX. COPY of court order permitting out of court litigation u/s 75 and appeal u/s 82 of the Act. 'Proof & Details of deposit of the amount. settleme innt case of I The above information is true and correct to t e best of my knowledge, I also undertake that I shall be regular in compliance in the provisions of ESI Act in future or else shall forfeit the right to a avail of such Amnesty scheme, Signature of the Applican~ Name:Date: Status:Place: