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  • 8/9/2019 Entrep Summit Speakers


    Entrep Summit Speakers

    Shake It til you Make ItBuilding a business from scratch is no walk in the park, but success and money awaits thosewho persevere.

    L ex L edesma* Proprietor, Whistlestop Restaurant* Executive Director, The One School (Professor of Entrepreneurship and Public Speaking)* Managing Director, Nami Resort

    Pole PositionM asquerading as a fortune teller is one thing, but being able to forecast upcoming trends and

    business models is a whole new ball game. Explore the inner workings of an actual visionary.

    J ay Fajardo* Founder & Former CEO, Airborne Access* CEO, Proudcloud.net* Involved in startup ventures focused on internet and technology, including new media, appdevelopment, and IP based telephony

  • 8/9/2019 Entrep Summit Speakers


    From Zero to HeroPanel DiscussionT he road to becoming M r. Popular is long and tedious, with numerous speed bumps strewnacross. But some people know a detour, a shortcut thatll take you to the stars.


    V ince Golangco* Editor-in-chief / Creative Director, WheninManila.com* Radio DJ & Voice Talent, Mellow 94.7 / CreatiVoices* Writer / TV Show & Events Host, Freelance

    Doy Roque* Managing Director, Media Meter * Founder and Owner, M2.0 Communications

    Yves Gonzalez* Creator, @PCOSmachine twitter account* Founder & VP Software Design, Giro AppSolutions, Inc.* Founder & Administrator, www.applei.ph* Spokesperson & Head, MIS - Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA)

  • 8/9/2019 Entrep Summit Speakers


    N o Guts N o GloryF ew men have the boldness and audacity to create a business, much less spearhead the

    computerization of a nationwide election. But one man did both ..... and came out on top

    C esar Flores* President, Smartmatic Asia

    Of Blogs and C ashW eve all heard of them, but has anyone actually spotted one? Be one of the first to see and interact with the greatest phenomenon of the 21st century - the Professional Blogger.

    Ab e Olandres* Professional Blogger & Owner, YugaTech* New Media Consultant* Speaker, seminars and workshops on blogging, podcasting and internet marketing invarious countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Pakistan and Germany* Co-founder, Philippine Blog Awards* Co-organizer, Search Engine Marketing Conference in the Philippines

  • 8/9/2019 Entrep Summit Speakers


    Get Smart, Get DigitizedW ho knew that taking an old idea from the analog age and bringing it to the digital age would

    result into a blooming success?

    Dustin A ndaya* Chairman & Marketing Director, Island Rose (Philippine Cut Flower Corporation)* President, Superius Corporation* Finalist, 2009 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist* Awardee, 2008 Agora Award for Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurship

    Blood, Sweat and Digital TearsWhere the basics of managing a small startup isnt as obvious as one might think.

    Ibb a Bernardo* Founder & President, Mothercode* Co-Founder, E-motion Systems, Inc.* Editor-in-Chief, The Ragnarok Guide Book I & II* IT Teacher, The One School* Chariman, BuhayKo.org

  • 8/9/2019 Entrep Summit Speakers


    The Investors SalonT he art of making your business attractive and delectable to would be affluent suitors.

    Martin L ichauco* Managing Partner, Global Gateway Venture Capital (G2VC)

    My Spider Sense is Tingling... A smart businessman carefully scopes out the environment for potential business trends. F ind out what these trends are and how to seize the opportunities.

    Paco Sandejas, Ph.D.* Managing Director, Narra Venture Capital

  • 8/9/2019 Entrep Summit Speakers


    The J ourney of a Serial Digital Entrepreneur T hrow everything you learned about business plans and strategic marketing out the window,

    only one thing matters when establishing multiple businesses; a firm business model.

    Nix Nolledo* Co-founder, Chairman & majority shareholder: Pinoyexchange.com* Founder, Chairman & President: Xurpas, Inc.* Director & Shareholder: Starfish Mobile* Chairman & Majority Shareholder: Havoc Digital* Chairman & Majority Shareholder: MyAyala, Inc.* Chairman & Shareholder: Fluxion, Inc.* Founding Director & Current President: Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of thePhilippines (IMMAP)* Founding member of the Philippine Chapter: Mobile Marketing Association* Member and Board Director: Entrepreneurs Organization (EO)