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    Gallup identified the 10 talents of highly successful entrepreneurs. This report presents the intensity of yourentrepreneurial talents in rank order.

    This report does not determine whether you should start a business, but rather how you can apply your talents mosteffectively in an entrepreneurial endeavor.

    Entrepreneurship is theart of creating customerenergy where noneexisted.

    You can useentrepreneurial talents tostart or grow a business.Alternatively, you canapply these talents whileworking for an employeror pursuing highereducation.

    Use this report to focuson your dominant talents.Seek support andpartnerships for yourcontributing andsupporting talents, whichwill improve yourpotential for success inan entrepreneurial role.

    ConfidenceRisk-TakerDelegatorKnowledge-SeekerPromoterCreative ThinkerRelationship-BuilderDeterminationBusiness FocusIndependent

    Dominant:You have a high level of

    this talent. You consistentlyand naturally lead with thistalent to achieve success.

    Contributing:You show some

    evidence of this talent. Youmust deliberately apply thistalent to achieve success.

    Supporting:You do not lead with

    this talent. You shouldreinforce this talent withpartnerships and supportfrom others to achievesuccess.

    Gallup, StrengthsFinder, and the EP10TM talent names are trademarks of Gallup, Inc. Copyright 2013 Gallup, Inc.All rights reserved.731509939 (Jae Gonzales)


    JAE GONZALESDominant Contributing Supporting

    ConfidenceDefinition: People who are especially talented in the Confidencetalent are keenly aware of their abilities. They harness thisawareness to take quick and decisive action. They seizeopportunities knowing they will succeed and use their talents topersist in the face of uncertainty and failure.

    Your Talent: You likely have a clear and accurate appreciationof your actions and abilities. You use this awareness to buildtrust with and have influence on others. You use your talents tobuild relationships with people who can help you achieve yourbusiness goals.

    Risk-TakerDefinition: People who are especially talented in the Risk-Takertalent embrace challenges with enthusiasm. They have astrong, charismatic, and confident personality. They naturallyfocus on the rewards of success instead of potential failure.They emotionally connect with customers and exceed theirexpectations.

    Your Talent: You likely show enthusiasm and positivity whentaking on challenges. You are ambitious and charismatic. Yourself-confidence allows you to see past barriers and assumesuccess. Harness these traits to set and accomplish yourbusiness goals.

    DelegatorDefinition: People who are especially talented in the Delegatortalent can trust and empower others to help grow theirbusiness. They know what their employees do best and positionthem to take responsibility for tasks at which they are mostlikely to excel. They can relinquish control and focus on growingthe business.

    Your Talent: You likely understand that for your business to besuccessful, you cannot do everything yourself. You appreciatethe importance of teamwork. You tend to identify specialabilities in other people and work well with them in a way thatcontributes to the success of the business.

    Knowledge-SeekerDefinition: People who are especially talented in theKnowledge-Seeker talent understand that information is avaluable asset. They have a deep desire to acquire knowledgeabout all aspects of their business. They search for newinformation to solve problems and succeed in complex businessenvironments.

    Your Talent: You are likely a natural student, seekinginformation to constantly improve your business. You activelyacquire detailed knowledge about all aspects of your business.Use your talents to anticipate the knowledge you need toimprove your business.

    PromoterDefinition: People who are especially talented in the Promotertalent speak boldly on behalf of their company. Theyconsistently communicate a clear vision of their business tocustomers and employees. They are great salespeople with anability to form deep relationships and convince others to followtheir well-defined business growth strategy.

    Your Talent: You tend to use a more subtle approach topromote your business. This method works well as long as youare committed to it. Be open to working with people whosupport your ideas and efforts and who can communicate boldlyon behalf of your business.

    Gallup, StrengthsFinder, and the EP10TM talent names are trademarks of Gallup, Inc. Copyright 2013 Gallup, Inc.All rights reserved.731509939 (Jae Gonzales)


    JAE GONZALESDominant Contributing Supporting

    Creative ThinkerDefinition: People who are especially talented in the CreativeThinker talent have a curious intellect that helps themconstantly imagine new products, services, and solutions. Theyare quick learners who explore various options and considernovel solutions as they anticipate the future needs of theircustomers.

    Your Talent: You are likely to enjoy indulging in thoughtfulexploration and learning. You might hesitate to ask questionsthat can lead to the right answer or the best possible solution foryour business. Learn about new ideas and share yourperspectives with others to expand your creativity.

    Relationship-BuilderDefinition: People who are especially talented in theRelationship-Builder talent have strong interpersonal skills thatallow them to build a robust and diverse personal network. Theyrely on relationships to access resources and informationessential to the success of their business.

    Your Talent: You are at your best when your positive attitudeshines outward. Meet people and convey your authenticenthusiasm to help you create mutually beneficial relationships.Creating and sustaining such partnerships is crucial to thesuccess of your business.

    DeterminationDefinition: People who are especially talented in theDetermination talent pursue their goals with tenacity. They areintensely committed to success and are eager to take quickaction. They rely on high motivation to turn adversity intoopportunity. They can see beyond roadblocks and visualize abetter future.

    Your Talent: It's likely that you are not comfortable in hurried,fast-paced situations. Rather, you tend to rely on thoughtfulreflection. Carefully plan potential approaches to problems youmay encounter, but be prepared to act without much hesitationwhen the time is right.

    Business FocusDefinition: People who are especially talented in the BusinessFocus talent couple sharp business instincts and a fascinationwith making money. They have an uncanny ability to look atdata from which they can form unique insights. Ultimately, theyevaluate decisions through the prism of profitability.

    Your Talent: You have a strong desire for your business tosucceed long term, but you focus more on day-to-day activities.Devote time to aligning your daily goals with the future successof your endeavor. Seek partnerships with others who can helpyou understand the costs and benefits of each activity.

    IndependentDefinition: People who are especially talented in theIndependent talent can single-handedly start and operate abusiness. They rely on high energy and extreme commitment tosucceed in the grueling grind of business creation. They firmlybelieve their actions decide the fate of their business and aremotivated to make things happen.

    Your Talent: You likely let others lead the way when it comes togetting things done for your business. For this strategy to work,create a circle of trusted advisors. You must also think ahead sothat you have ample resources to complete activities thatdemand more planning, energy, and effort.

    Gallup, StrengthsFinder, and the EP10TM talent names are trademarks of Gallup, Inc. Copyright 2013 Gallup, Inc.All rights reserved.731509939 (Jae Gonzales)