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  • 8/8/2019 Entrep-Internet MAIN PTS


    Entrepreneurship is the practice of embarking on a new business or reviving an existingbusiness by pooling together a bunch of resources, in order to exploit new foundopportunities.

    What is Intrapreneurship?: Intrapreneurship is the practice of entrepreneurship by

    employees within an organization.Difference between an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur:An entrepreneur takes substantial risk in being the owner and operator of a business withexpectations of financial profit and other rewards that the business may generate . On thecontrary, an intrapreneur is an individual employed by an organization for remuneration,which is based on the financial success of the unit he is responsible for . Intrapreneurs sharethe same traits as entrepreneurs such as conviction, zeal and insight. As the intrapreneurcontinues to expresses his ideas vigorously, it will reveal the gap between the philosophy of the organization and the employee. If the organization supports him in pursuing his ideas,he succeeds. If not, he is likely to leave the organization and set up his own business.

    Example of intrapreneurship: A classic case of intrapreneurs is that of the founders of Adobe,John Warnock and Charles Geschke. They both were employees of Xerox. As employees of Xerox, they were frustrated because their new product ideas were not encouraged. They quitXerox in the early 1980s to begin their own business. Currently, Adobe has an annual turnover of over $3 billion.

    Features of Intrapreneurship: Entrepreneurship involves innovation, the ability to takerisk and creativity. An entrepreneur will be able to look at things in novel ways. He willhave the capacity to take calculated risk and to accept failure as a learning point. Anintrapreneur thinks like an entrepreneur looking out for opportunities, which profit theorganization. Intrapreneurship is a novel way of making organizations more profitable

    where imaginative employees entertain entrepreneurial thoughts. It is in the interest of anorganization to encourage intrapreneurs. Intrapreneurship is a significant method forcompanies to reinvent themselves and improve performance.

    intraptreneurial startups were inclined to concentrate more on business-to-businessproducts while entrepreneurial startups were inclined towards consumer sales.

    Another important factor that led to the choice between entrepreneurship and intrapreneurshipwas age. The study found that people who launched their own companies were in their 30s and40s. People from older and younger age groups were risk averse or felt they have noopportunities, which makes them the ideal candidates if an organization is on the look out for employees with new ideas that can be pursued.

    Entrepreneurship appeals to people who possess natural traits that find start ups arousingtheir interest. Intrapreneurs appear to be those who generally would not like to getentangled in start ups but are tempted to do so for a number of reasons .

  • 8/8/2019 Entrep-Internet MAIN PTS


    Examples of Intrapreneurs:A lot of companies are known for their efforts towards nurturing their in-house talents to

    promote innovation. The prominent among them is Skunk Works group at Lockheed Martin.This group formed in 1943 to build P-80 fighter jets . Kelly Johnson was the director of the

    project, a person who gave 14 rules of intrapreneurship.

    At 3M employees could spend their 15% time working on the projects they like for the betterment of the company. On the initial success of the project, 3M even funds it for further development.

    Genesis Grant is another 3M intrapreneurial program which finances projects that might notend up getting funds through normal channels. Genesis Grant offers $85,000 to these innovatorsto carry forward their projects.

    Robbie Bach, J Allard and teams XBOX might not have been feasible without the Microsoftsmoney and infrastructure. The project required 100s of millions and quality talent to make the


    Entrepreneurship Development and Business Ethics Full Marks 501. Answer any five questions. (5x2=10)i. Entrepreneurship is a process - Explain and exemplify the statement.ii. How is entrepreneurship a gap filling function?iii. Compare Innovation with Creativity.iv. State briefly the economic role of small business in society.v. Identify TWO characteristics of the service sector.vi. Why is creativity creativity considered to be a pre-requisite to innovation?vii. Differentiate between innovation and invention.

    viii. Can entrepreneurs be managers? Justify your answer.2. Answer any four questions. (4x5=20)i. Who are Intrapreneurs? How are they different from traditional entrepreneur?ii. Entrepreneurship is a process of creative destruction - Analyse the statement.iii. Ascribe reasons for the recent growth of the service sector in India.iv. Outline the points of distinction between a manager and an entrepreneur.v. Articulate the qualities that an entrepreneur needs to possess.vi. Mention the advantages and disadvantages of the company form of entrepreneurship.3. Answer any two questions. (2x10=20)a) With the aid of a diagram elucidate the process of creativity as prescribed

    by David Holt.

    b) SSIs in India enjoyed protection since Independence but now, thegovernmental policy is towards promotion in place of protection. In thelight of the above statement.i. Outline the major problems of SSIs in India.ii. State the initiatives taken by the government to make SSIs morecompetitive in a globalised world.c) Give an account of the evolution of family ventures in India as the oldestform of entrepreneurship, and also in this context examine the role played

  • 8/8/2019 Entrep-Internet MAIN PTS


    by family business in India.104+65+5Student's Roll No. Subject Code: EDBE

    (To be written before writing any answer)SEMESTER III - B. COM. EXAMINATION 2008ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT & BUSINESS ETHICS (HONOURS)Full Marks: 50Time: 2 hrsStudents should answer in their awn words as far as practicable.GROUP A:Answer any five questions: (5x2=10)1.a) Define the term entrepreneurship,

    b) What is the implication of ethics in business?

    c) Mention two qualities of a successful entrepreneur.d) What is the need for the legal protection of innovation?e) What is seed capital?f) Mention two problems currently being faced by small scale industries in India.g) What are the characteristics of a family venture?h) Differentiate between invention and innovation.GROUP B:Answer any four Questions: (4x5=20)2. Corporate governance is not just corporate management. Comment3. Explain with examples the role of social factors in the analysis of the external environment of a

    business.4. Can managers be entrepreneurs? Discuss.5. Make a comparative analysis of the company form of organization with the partnership form.6. Explain the concept of under-capitalisation. What are the risks involved in it? (2+3)7. What are the significant changes made in the Patents Act in India under WTO norms?GROUP C:Answer any two questions: (2x10 = 20)8.a) The corporation is responsible to a wide range of interest groups. Elaborate the statement.

    b) Should priority be given to any one of these interest groups? Give your opinion . (5+5)9. Explain with a diagram the different stages in the process of creativity as prescribed by DavidHolt.10.a) Explain in detail the different methods of financing a new venture.

    b) How far have venture capital funds become popular in financing new ventures in India?Discuss. (6+4)Student's Roll No.. Subject Code: EDBE(To be written before writing any answer)SEMESTER III - B. COM. EXAMINATION 2007

  • 8/8/2019 Entrep-Internet MAIN PTS


    ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT AND BUSINESS ETHICS (HONOURS)Full Marks: 50Time: 2 hoursStudents should answer in their own words as far as practicableGROUP A

    Answer ANY FIVE questions. (5x2=10)1.a) Distinguish between Intrapreneur and Entrepreneur.

    b) What do you mean by intellectual property rights?c) Enumerate the features of venture capital.d) Compare 'Innovation' with 'Creativity'.e) What is Debt Financing?f) What do you understand by SWOT Analysis?g) Mention two basic ethical principles in Business.h) Is there any difference between Invention and Innovation? Comment.GROUP B

    Answer ANY FOUR questions. (4x5=20)2. Discuss in brief the role of family business in India.3. Discuss briefly the economic role of small business in society.4. Explain the concept of External Environment Analysis.5. Entrepreneurship is a process. Explain.6. Analyse the concept of Corporate Governance.7. State the reasons behind the recent growth of the Service Sector in India.GROUP CAnswer ANY TWO questions. (2x10=20)8. Explain the concept of Ethics. How important is ethics in Business? Give your opinion.9. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the company form of entrepreneurship.10. Discuss the problems of small scale industries (SSI) in India. Suggest five remedial measurestoovercome such problems.Students Roll No.. Subject Code: EDBE(To be written before writing any answer)SEMESTER III - B. COM. EXAMINATION 2007ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT AND BUSINESS ETHICS (GENERAL)Full Marks: 50Time; 2 hoursStudents should answer in their own words as far as practicable.GROUP AAnswer ANY FIVE questions. (5x2=10)1. What do you mean by creativity?2. State two characteristics of corporate entrepreneurship.3. What is meant by debt financing?4. Write a short note on corporate social responsibility.5. What do you understand by the promotion of a venture?6. Mention any two basic ethical principles in Business.7. What is innovation?

  • 8/8/2019 Entrep-Internet MAIN PTS


    8. Define entrepreneurship.GROUP-BAnswer ANY FOUR questions. (4 x 5 =20)9.