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  • 1. An Intro to By Sinjin ndrew Sison

2. The Term Anarchy Can be Misconstrued as Chaos and Mayhem Disorder and Violence No disincentive for bad behavior No such thing as right or wrong No cooperation or organization Survival of the fittest No protection from thugs or foreign invaders Every man for himself 3. So What is Anarchy? 4. Definition Anarchism can be loosely defined as a social philosophy which aims at the emancipation; economic, social, political, and spiritual, of the human race -Emma Goldman OR Belief in the abolition of all authority over an individual and the organization of society on a voluntary, cooperative basis without recourse to force or compulsion No one is your master and no one is your slave 5. Founded There are no real founders of anarchism but themes of this philosophy date back to Ancient China where Tao sage Lao Zi developed a philosophy of non-rule And the play Seven Against Thebes by Aeschylus on 467 BC where the words anarchos and anarchia were used which means without ruler 6. Youre technically an Anarchist! Not because youve CHOSEN to listen to me (you can leave right now I dont really care) but because you are a living breathing human being who has clearly demonstrated free will and believe it or not, you own yourself and should never let anyone else tell you otherwise. Any attempt to deny this fundamental fact of human existence, is an attempt to deny your very free will. 7. Schools of Thought There are many philosophies to anarchism to how a society should be ran but all believe in the minimalism of the authoritarian state rule. Contradictory to what most people think, anarchists do believe in a direct democracy; a government run directly by the people 8. Main Symbols Black Flag- Represents the absence of a flag and the rejection of the idea that any person, institution, or state can sufficiently represent a group of individuals - The A inside of the O means Anarchy is the mother of order. 9. Anonymous of 4chan.org (1st Digital Resource) Anonymous are a group of anarchists whom oppose censorship and control from hierarchies. The Anonymous group has no leaders; rather a well- organized group of individuals who work together for a common goal, or simply for lulz They were able to hack and and temporarily shutdown systems of the Department of Energy, FBI, U.S. Army, Department of Help, Human Services and others. Most Anons believe that the governement is corrupted by greed Anons work to protect the rights of all individuals globally. 10. Anonymous DC Protest March 11. AnarchistRevolt.com (2nd Digital Resource) Anarchistrevolt.com is a website written by a person who uses the alias "Punkerslut". This person defines their website as "the soft hum of electronic propaganda, an online repository of subversive literature, a classic example of reckless freedom of speech." This site aims to educate people about anarchism through articles, critiques, books, music, video, and graphics. Furthermore it can make the viewer more curious as to what really is going on around them and question everything more frequently. 12. Youtube.com (3rd Digital Resource) Youtube is a site which allows an individual to exercise their freedoms, share all ideas, and to entertain. Who doesnt know what Youtube is? 13. What Anarchy isnt video. (12:50-14:00) 14. Why is this a Digital Justice Issue? 15. I chose anarchism as an International Justice Issue because it affects everybody around the world. I believe that everyone deserves the equal opportunity to experience everything this wonderful, beautiful world has to offer. As a single species, we should love and care for one another so that each and every one of us has this equal opportunity. Because like every single living thing on this planet we die and we dont know where we are going; we can only assume. There may not be that angel to carry us to heaven, or that light at the end of the tunnel. This may be the only light that we have; living and loving with one another. So we should hold onto it. Cherish it. Live every day like it was your last because you cannot predict what will happen 1 minute into the future; you can only assume. I can figuratively kill you all right now, a meteor can wipe our species out, a nuclear warhead can strike New York; and your tomorrow may never come. You are not invincible and you can die at any moment. So what I ask all of you is this; why are you alive? Do you want your life to have meaning when you pass or to become just another statistic? No one in this world can answer these questions except yourself. Personally I am on my path to acquiring my goals and no one in this world will stop me until the day I die. As long as I do not impede on anyones ability to experience the free and beautiful earth; no government, god, parent, friend, etc. will tell me otherwise because No one is my master and no one is my slave. And THAT concept is Anarchy. 16. The Great Dictator Speech: By Charlie Chaplin 17. Proof That Anarchy Works (Small Scale Society) Freetown Christiania Small Danish anarchist community established in 1971 and currently active today Run directly by its residents Only casualties due to outside influence Only rules , No: Stealing Violence Guns Knives Bullet Proof Vests Hard Drugs Biker Colors 18. Conclusion This is a big and beautiful world. Most of us live and die in the same corner we were born and never get to see any of it. I dont want to be most of us. I want to experience everything. I want everyone around me to experience EVERYTHING. Get their heads out of their asses and do what they want to do; and to appreciate that they are alive and have the opportunity to do so. To stop allowing others to tell them they cant be who they want to be. To stop conforming to societys rules of how you should be. Fuck society. I doubt therefore I think, I think therefore I am. 19. And because I motherfucking can with this 15 minutes that I have 20. So Yeah Thats It 21. Kay Bye 22. Yeah I went there 23. Bish