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  • 8/12/2019 Anarchism Political Theory



    Contemporary Problems

    by Uri Gordon

    Mansfield Collee

    Uni!ersi"y of O#ford

    S$b%i""ed "o "&e De'ar"%en" of Poli"i(s ) In"erna"ional Rela"ions in 'ar"ial

    f$lfil%en" of "&e re*$ire%en"s for "&e deree of Do("or of P&iloso'&y +DP&il,

    A''ro#i%a"e -ord (o$n": ./0111


  • 8/12/2019 Anarchism Political Theory


    For my parents, Shifra and Ze'ev

    and in memory of Yosef Gordon (192!2"#


  • 8/12/2019 Anarchism Political Theory



    Anar(&is% and Poli"i(al T&eory: Con"e%'orary Proble%s 5 Uri Gordon0 Mansfield Collee

    S$b%i""ed for "&e deree of DP&il in Poli"i(s0 Trini"y 311/

    T&is "&esis e#'lores (on"e%'orary anar(&is%0 in i"s re6e%eren(e as a so(ial

    %o!e%en" and 'oli"i(al "&eory o!er "&e 'as" de(ade7 I"s %e"&od (o%bines ($l"$ral

    so(ioloy and '&iloso'&i(al ar$%en"a"ion0 in a 'ar"i(i'a"ory resear(& fra%e-or87

    T&e firs" 'ar"0 9E#'lainin Anar(&is%0 ar$es "&a" i" s&o$ld be addressed 'ri%arily

    as a 'oli"i(al ($l"$re0 -i"& dis"in(" for%s of oranisa"ion0 of (a%'ainin and dire("

    a("ion re'er"oires0 and of 'oli"i(al dis(o$rse and ideoloy7 Larely dis(on"in$o$s -i"&

    "&e &is"ori(al -or8ers; and 'easan"s; anar(&is" %o!e%en"0 (on"e%'orary anar(&is% &as

    f$sed in "&e in"erse("ion of radi(al dire("6a("ion %o!e%en"s in "&e Nor"& sin(e "&e 2.iolen(e is a''roa(&ed "&ro$& a re(i'ien"6based

    defini"ion of "&e (on(e'"0 e#'lorin "&e li%i"s of any a""e%'" "o =$s"ify !iolen(e and

    offerin obser!a"ions on !iolen" e%'o-er%en"0 re!ene and ar%ed s"r$le7

    Te(&noloy is s$b=e(" "o a s"ron anar(&is" (ri"i*$e0 -&i(& s"resses i"s in&eren"ly so(ial

    na"$re0 leadin "o "&e e#'lora"ion of L$ddis%0 "&e disill$sioned $se of ICTs0 and "&e

    'ro%o"ion of lo6"e(&0 s$s"ainable &$%an6na"$re in"erfa(es as s"ra"ei(al dire("ions for an

    anar(&is" 'oli"i(s of "e(&noloy7 ?inally0 "&e lens of "&e Israeli6Pales"inian (onfli(" is $sed

    "o address anar(&is" dile%%as aro$nd na"ional libera"ion0 e#'lorin anar(&is" res'onses

    in (onfli("6ridden so(ie"ies0 and dire(" a("ion a''roa(&es "o 'ea(e%a8in7


  • 8/12/2019 Anarchism Political Theory



    My firs" and fore%os" deb" is "o %y s$'er!isor0 Mi(&ael ?reeden0 -i"&o$" -&ose

    s$''or" and $idan(e "&is "&esis -o$ld &a!e ne!er been 'ossible7 In &is 'a"ien" ye"

    $n(o%'ro%isin -ay0 Mi(&ael &as 'ro!ided a rea" deal of 'ers'e("i!e0 insi&" and

    (ri"i(is% -&i(& -ere in!al$able "&ro$&o$" %y -or87

    Da!id Miller and Eliabe"& ?raer read draf"s of fo$r of "&e (&a'"ers in "&is

    disser"a"ion and offered i%'or"an" s$es"ions7 a"&erine Morris0 %y (ollee ad!isor0

    -as also of rea" &el' and s$''or" d$rin "&e diffi($l" and an#io$s 'ro(ess of -ri"in7

    So %any indi!id$al (o%rades and (ollea$es &a!e (on"rib$"ed "o "&is "&esis -i"&o$"

    readin %y -ri""en -or8 "&a" I (o$ld ne!er %en"ion so%e -i"&o$" doin in=$s"i(e "o

    o"&ers7 If yo$0 reader0 &a!e e!er e#(&aned ideas -i"& %e in (on!ersa"ion0 "&en

    so%e"&in of "&e follo-in 'aes is yo$rs0 as is %y &ear"fel" "&an8s7

    D$rin resear(& for "&is "&esis I &a!e en=oyed "&e &os'i"ali"y of se!eral infos'a(es

    and (olle("i!e &o$ses0 -&ose li!in e#a%'le of 9anar(&y in a("ion -ill al-ays be

    re%e%bered: Can Masde$ +4ar(elona,0 Cen"re A$"ono%e +La$sanne,0 Ce((o Ri!ol"a

    +?irene,0 CIA +A%s"erda%,0 E*$ino# +Man(&es"er, E$rod$snie +Leiden,0 ?or"e

    Prenes"ino +Ro%a,0 Les Na$s +4ar(elona,0 Les Tanneries +Di=on,0 Le To$r +Gene!e,0

    Ra%ans Lane +Bye >alley, Salon Maal +Tel A!i!, and Tala%& +Lanar8s&ire,7

    ?inally0 %y 'aren"s0 e;e! and S&ifra0 %y sis"ers0 Noa and Ifa"0 and %y 'ar"ner0

    L$(y Mi(&aels0 &a!e been "&ere for %e "&ro$&o$"0 "o offer "&eir $n(ondi"ional s$''or"7

    I" is "o "&e% "&a" I a% $l"i%a"ely indeb"ed7


  • 8/12/2019 Anarchism Political Theory


  • 8/12/2019 Anarchism Political Theory



    S"irlin0 S(o"land $ly < 311/ FAM7 ?ro% "&e "e%'orary 9Hori6one e(o6!illae0

    -&ere an"i6G a("i!is"s &a!e been (a%'in for "&e 'as" -ee80 a %ass e#od$s is in

    'roress7 In s%all ro$'s0 "&o$sands of 'eo'le "re8 "&ro$& fields and &ills0 %a8in

    "&eir -ay "o "&e M. %o"or-ay7 I" is s"ill dar8 -&en s(ores of %en in bla(8 rio" ear

    e%ere o$" of 'oli(e !ans "o s$rro$nd "&e e(o6!illae0 b$" %os" of i"s in&abi"an"s &a!e

    already %ade i" "o "&e "ar%a( no- drain bran(&es and bri(8s on"o "&e road or

    s"ain %ass si"6do-ns7 T&e in"en"ion: "o blo(8 delea"es0 s"aff and -or8ers fro%

    arri!in a" "&e 'res"iio$s Gleneales &o"el0 "&e G s$%%i" !en$e7 Mean-&ile0 e%erin

    fro% -i"&in "&e (a%'0 a re%ainin fi!e &$ndred 'ro"es"ers bein '$s&in "&eir -ay

    "&ro$& one 'oli(e line af"er ano"&er0 on "&eir -ay "o "&e %o"or-ay7 So%e $se a

    9ba""erin ra% %ade of lare infla"ed "yre6liners7 O"&ers (on!in(e lines of rio" 'oli(e "o

    re"rea" by 'el"in s"ones a" "&eir lare "rans'aren" 'las"i( s&ields7 As reinfor(e%en"s r$s&

    "o "&e s(ene0 "&e (elebra"ory defa(e%en" of (or'ora"e re"ail o$"le"s *$i(8ly ends in fa!o$r

    of a r$s& "o "&e %o"or-ay7 T&en ne-s arri!es "&a" "&e rail-ay a''roa(& "o Gleneales

    &as been disabled "&e "ra(8s raised off "&e ro$nd -i"& a (o%'ressor0 "yres se" afla%e

    as -arnin7

    Mean-&ile on "&e M.0 'oli(e re%o!e one ro$' of 'ro"es"ers fro% "&e %o"or-ay0

    only "o &a!e ano"&er ro$' blo(8ade i" a fe- &$ndred %e"res do-n7 A" "&a" 'oin"0 all

    a((ess roads "o Gleneales fro% "&e nor"& and so$"&eas" are si%$l"aneo$sly blo(8aded

    by si# affini"y ro$'s0 "are"in "&e %os" ob!io$s 'ress$re6'oin"s for "rans'or"7 T&ere is

    no e#i" fro% Per"& or Crieff0 and A%eri(an and a'anese delea"es are for(ed "o "$rn

  • 8/12/2019 Anarchism Political Theory


    ba(8 a" in8ell 4ride and Ye""s o; M$(8&ar"7 S%all ro$'s of 'eo'le0 -&o &a!e been

    &idin near "&eir "are"s o!erni&"0 no- lie on "&e "ar%a( lin8ed "&ro$& %e"al ar%6

    "$bes0 or a""a(&ed "o an obs"r$("in !e&i(le7 Ta("i(s de!elo'ed "&ro$& "-o de(ades of

    an"i6roads 'ro"es"s and resis"an(e "o fores" (learin are no- (rea"in lon *$e$es of

    !e&i(les aro$nd S(o"land delayin "&e s"ar" of "&e %ee"in of "&e leaders of "&e se!en

    %os" ind$s"rialised na"ions in "&e -orld and R$ssia7

    A leafle" dis"rib$"ed earlier "&a" -ee8 a" "&e 9Ma8e Po!er"y His"ory %ar(& in

    Edinb$r&0 i"s "e#" re'rod$(ed &ere0 e#'lains "&e blo(8aders; %o"i!a"ions:

    T&e G blo(8ades re'resen" only "&e %os" o!er" %anifes"a"ion of a %$(& -ider

    '&eno%enon7 T&e las" de(ade0 "&is "&esis ar$es0 &as seen "&e f$ll6blo-n res$rre("ion of



    T&e G &a!e s&o-n "i%e and "i%e aain "&a" "&ey are $nable "o do

    any"&in b$" f$r"&er "&e des"r$("ion of "&is -orld -e all s&are7 Can -e really

    belie!e "&a" "&e G -ill 9Ma8e Po!er"y His"ory -&en "&eir only res'onse is "o

    (on"in$e "&eir (olonial 'illae of Afri(a "&ro$& (or'ora"e 'ri!a"isa"ion Can-e e#'e(" "&e% "o "a(8le (li%a"e (&ane -&en -&e"&er or no" i" is a serio$s

    'roble% is $' for deba"e0 as "&eir o-n lea8ed do($%en"s s&o- Mar(&in is

    only "&e firs" s"e'7

    More is needed as %ar(&es are of"en inored: "&in8 ba(8 "o "&e %ea6

    %ar(&es aains" "&e Ira* -ar7 T&e G need "o be i!en a %essae "&ey (an;"

    inore7 T&ey (an;" inore $s blo(8in "&e roads "o "&eir olf (o$rse0 disr$'"in

    "&eir %ee"in and sayin -i"& o$r bodies -&a" -e belie!e in a be""er -orld7

    Ho-e!er0 -e don;" need "o as8 "&e G "o (rea"e a be""er -orld7 Be (an s"ar"

    ri&" no-0 for e#a%'le0 -i"& "&o$sands of 'eo'le (on!erin "oe"&er "o

    de%ons"ra"e 'ra("i(al sol$"ions "o lobal 'roble%s in an e(o6!illae off "&e road"o Gleneales based on (o6o'era"ion and res'e(" for "&e 'lane"7

    Starting toa! "# $an ta%# r#&'on&i(i)it! *or o+r a$tion& an t,# "or)

    "# "i)) in,#rit to-orro". W# $an a)) -a%# ,i&tor!.

  • 8/12/2019 Anarchism Political Theory


  • 8/12/2019 Anarchism Political Theory


    'ar"i(i'a"ory resear(& %e"&ods -i"& 'oli"i(al "&eory7 I finally re!ie- "&e (on(re"e

    resear(& s"aes $nder"a8en0 and dis($ss "&e iss$es of reliabili"y0 enae%en" and

    s(&olarly dis"an(e raised by a("i!is" s(&olars&i'7

    Contemporary Anarchism: A first look

    T&e (on"e%'orary anar(&is" %o!e%en" is 9ne- in "&e 8ey sense "&a" i" does no"

    for% a (on"in$i"y -i"& "&e -or8ers; and 'easan"s; anar(&is" %o!e%en" of "&e nine"een"&

    and early "-en"ie"& (en"$ries -&i(& %e" i"s de%ise $nder E$ro'ean 4ols&e!is% and

    ?as(is% and "&a