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Transcript of English 2 - Project 2 - Research Assignment Presenatation Slides

research assignment.

research assignment.presented by

joyce wee yi qinlim pui sanmok po yiryan kerry jee jin yiingsonia mancxiatan wing hoetoo mun fai

key summary. 77 Unisex

Home-based businessGC Hair Studio & Academy

Commercialized hair dressingDifferent environments and other external factors lead to different business outcomes

the site.home-based

the site.commercializedhistory.located in Sungai Way

business started in 1985

started this business 30 years age when she was only 23 years old

operated her business in a small hair studio, built behind her mothers backyard to save cost.

modal for business was only roughly RM6000 back then, which would be equivalent to todays RM15000.

home-basedhistory.Booming business when business first started around the area of Sungai Way.

Business has declined drastically throughout the years due to many factors.

Annual revenue for the past few years never exceeded RM14000.

Had been running a rent-free business.

home-basedhistory.The GC Hair Saloon & Academy has one headquarters located in Cheras, Selangor and another operating branch situated in Puchong, Selangor.

Business started in 1998

Operating for 15 years by its founder and director Gary Choy, hence its name being GC Hair Saloon & Academy.

Graduated in London

This saloon has been favourites to many due to satisfaction towards customers in the Klang Valley.

commercializedhistory.Provides different services with any style or fashion of your choice using a German branded hair product Schwarzkopf.

Employment of two to three hair stylists working side by side with the manager of the saloon.

GC Hair Saloon & Academy has their own academy that teaches students of all ages

Students will be taught personally by director or manager and become a qualified hair stylist trainee after six months of training.commercializedbrief description.home-basedLocated within an old residential area in Sungai Way.

Founder , Madam Ho Ah Yoke.

Low in cost as she built a small hair studio behind her mothers backyard for her hairdressing career.

Services provided are commonly practiced by most of the saloons in the market.

Visitors are mostly regulars.

brief description.home-basedSmall business, only one foreign labour is hired for miscellaneous tasks. Many competitors in the area.

Uses good quality hair products and maintain good connections with customers.

No branches.

Business hours, 8 am - 5 pm, Off on Mondays

pricing list.haircuts rm12hair dying rm40 - rm50hair perming rm70hair straightening rm150 Founder, Gary Choy Located in Bandar Puteri Puchong (a commercialized area opposite Giant, Puchong). headquarters in Cheras, first branch in Puchong. Provides variety of services - haircuts, hair dying, hair perming, hair straightening, hair therapy and hair styling.

Provides hair academy and courses for public.

Hires 3 - 4 full-time hairstylists and a few trainees from their own academy. brief description.commercialized brief description.commercialized Provides excellent hairdressing skills with good quality products imported from Germany to maintain business.

Sells shampoo, conditioner, hair serum, hairstyling wax and hair mousse also to increase the business income.

Business hour, 10.30am - 8.30 pm, Off on Tuesdays

cut & blowdry rm10 - rm 35 & aboveshampooing & blowdry rm16 - rm 19 & above shampooing, blowdry & cut rm30 - rm 55 & above pricing list.*based on qualification of hairdresser dying rm60 | rm90 | rm120 & aboveadditional highlighting rm 30 & above hair perming rm60 | rm90 | rm120 & above *based on length (short,medium,long)comparative analysis.home-basedcommercializedcompetitors in the areaIzzo Hair SaloonD Hair ParkAPT Hair SaloonHong House SaloonNew Colour SaloonFiones Hair cutstrategies to deal with competitors- Affordable prices despite professional services and good quality hair products.- Slightly higher prices than other home-based saloons.

- Offer quality products.pricingstrategies to deal with competitorsRaise the price at a range from around rm3 to rm4 during peak seasons.Saloon will not raise prices for any services.pricing ( peak season )strategies to deal with competitors- Large signage placed in front of the shop lot. - Largely printed pricing list and banners placed in front of the saloon- A website and Facebook are used to publicize business.- Small signage positioned in front of thehouse. - Do not practice advertising due to presence of regular customers.advertisementstrategies to deal with competitorsImplementation of German branded hair product -Schwarzkopf. - Qualified hair care product to ensure best hair care solutions.variety of products- Uses good quality local hair products.

contrast.home-basedcommercializedserviceshaircuts hair dyinghair perminghair straighteninghair therapyhair stylinghair academy

haircuts hair dyinghair perminghair straighteningworkers3-4 full time hairstylists*2-3 trainees from the academy (occasionally)one foreign worker for miscellaneous tasksfuture plansretirementplans to open new branch inPetaling Jaya within 2 years.strategyHigh quality and certified hair products.Excellent hairdressing skills and the use of renowned and branded hair products.location- Located in anold residential area in SungaiWay. - Saloon built inthe backyard of a residential- Located in Bandar Puteri Puchong(opposite Giant, Puchong).

- A lot of other hairstudios operating around that area (2 hair studios located just across the road).business hoursbusiness operation8 am 5 pmSolely by Madam Ho10.30 am 8.30 pmManaged and monitoredby Lee Yi Ling (Branch Manager)price rangenumber of customers per dayrm 12rm 6 rm 5525 - 305 8 targeted marketchildren and senior citizens

regular customersYoungsters and adultsages from 15 - 50obstacles faced by a new businesslack of publicity. Not well-known from the start thus creates problem to advertise their business, hence affecting the number of customers.

intense competition among the same industry at a specific location.

customers confidence. Customers prefer visiting existing businesses rather than newly formed businesses. recommendations.77 Unisex-consider being more aggressive in terms of advertising

-create awareness, attention and attraction

-social networks

advertisementenvironment + equipment- Interior facelift and overhaul.

- Invest in new equipment.

GC Hair Studio and Academyprices should be cheaper than the rest

prices that are being offered could also be lowered during festive seasons.

pricinglocationconsider searching for a new and more strategic location

conclusionhobby rather than a job or a business well establishedboth saloons sells the same types of hair products which includes shampoos, conditioners, hair mousse, hair styling wax and hair serum.conclusion- Same condition as it was 30 years ago and has no plan of renovation.

- Less attractive interior, out of date equipment and old hairdressing styles slows down business growth.

- More potential to develop further as Mr Gary Choy has the intention of branching out the business to different locations in the Klang Valley. conclusionhardly visible to the public as it is hidden at the backyard with no advertisement. publicize themselves in the World Wide Web and social media. end.