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Transcript of Energy Psychology Essentials™ Volume 1 · PDF fileEnergy Psychology Essentials ... and...

  • Psychological Reversals Basics Module From Energy Psychology Essentials Volume 1:

    David Gruder, PhD, DCEP Licensed Psychologist (California) Director of Integrity Revolution, LLC & Willingness Works Founding President, The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP)

    October 2008 Version

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    PR Module From Energy Psychology Essentials Volume 1 Workshop Manual Publishing Notes

    Copyright 1998-2008 by Willingness Works Press and Dr. David Gruder


    No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic or

    mechanical, including photocopying and recording, or by any information storage or retrieval

    system, except as indicated in the text, as may be expressly permitted by the 1976 Copyright Act or

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    embodied in critical articles and reviews. Requests for other permissions should be addressed to:

    Willingness Works Press

    1155 Camino Del Mar, PMB 516

    Del Mar, CA 92014 USA

    Printed in the United States of America by Willingness Works Press.

    Telephone: +1-858-755-1988. Fax: +1-858-876-3044. E-mail:

    Willingness Works, a subsidiary of Integrity Revolution, LLC, provide maps and other

    resources for psychospiritual evolution that empower the public, and the health professionals who

    care for them, to more effectively select from and utilize todays overwhelming buffet of solutions

    for spiritual development, psychological wellbeing and physical wellness. In addition to providing

    training in some of the worlds best methods for psychospiritual development, the Willingness

    Works curriculum also shows you how to: 1) Pinpoint where you are in your psychospiritual

    development; 2) Determine which tools best fit your needs at each step in your lifelong journey; and

    3) Utilize strategies for getting the most from your efforts. For more details, visit the

    The Energy Psychology Essentials manual that this module is part of accompanies a training

    workshop and is thus not designed to be a free-standing document.

    Neither this module, nor the workshop that this module is used in, is intended as a substitute for

    psychotherapy or clinical supervision. Your choice to work with this material signifies your

    willingness to risk the possibility that you may come in touch with issues that could be distressing

    to you, and which may need to work through in psychotherapy with the practitioner of your choice.

    As a clinician, it signifies your willingness to take responsibility for ethically using this material in a

    professionally responsible way within your licensure and scope of practice. Your use of this

    material constitutes your willingness to take responsibility for seeking out personal or professional

    assistance if and as necessary.

    The material herein is copyrighted. It is also part of a book-in-progress, and as such is confidential

    and not to be duplicated without the written permission of the author. For contact information, go to

    Second Edition, October 2008 version

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    Training Modules for Energy Psychology Essentials Two-Weekend Workshop Format

    EPE Training Part 1 (Days #1 & 2): Intervention Essentials

    1. Introductions & Training Overview Energy Psychology Essentials Level 1: Self-Help-Strength Intervention

    2. Basic Energy Psychology Self-Help Mechanics 3. Practicum: Energy Psychology Anywhere script Energy Psychology Essentials Level 2: Practitioner-Strength Intervention

    4. Conceptual Introduction to Energy Psychology Practitioner-Strength Essentials: EPE-on-a-Page 5. Energy Checking Practitioner-Strength Essentials 6. Readiness to Benefit Practitioner-Strength Essentials 7. Practicum: Establishing Readiness to Benefit Using Energy Checking 8. Issue Selection Practitioner-Strength Essentials 9. Progress Evaluation Practitioner-Strength Essentials 10. Practicum: Selecting the Priority Goal, Priority Treatment Focus & Progress Evaluation Method

    Using Energy Checking

    11. Willingness to Succeed Practitioner-Strength Essentials 12. Practicum: Establishing Willingness to Succeed Using Energy Checking 13. Ability to Succeed Practitioner-Strength Essentials 14. Practicum: Identifying & Utilizing the Priority Treatment Method 15. Next Step Practitioner-Strength Essentials 16. Practicum: Determining the Next Step Using Energy Checking 17. Ethics Essentials, Part 1 CONTINUING FROM HERE: Support Buddies & Preparation Homework for Weekend #2

    EPE Training Part Two (Days #3 & 4): Advanced Strategies & Troubleshooting Essentials

    1. Re-Introductions & Training Overview 2. Review Energy Psychology Self-Help & Practitioner-Strength Essentials 3. Debrief Homework Experiences as a Troubleshooting & Advanced Essentials Introduction Energy Psychology Essentials Level 3: Troubleshooting-Strength Advanced Intervention

    4. The Troubleshooting Hierarchy 5. Checking Your Energy Checking Mechanics via the Information Accuracy Troubleshooting


    6. Readiness to Benefit Advanced Diagnostics, Troubleshooting Essentials & Practicum 7. Issue Selection Troubleshooting Tips 8. Willingness to Succeed Advanced Diagnostics, Troubleshooting Essentials & Practicum 9. Ability to Succeed Advanced EPE Diagnostics, Custom Intervention Methods & Practicum 10. Next Step Advanced Essentials & Troubleshooting 11. Ethics Essentials, Part 2 12. Full EPE Practicum CONTINUING FROM HERE: Support Buddies, Supervision, Introduction to Intentional Effectiveness

    & Other Willingness Works resources, and ACEP resources to know about

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    Energy Psychology Essentials Introduction

    Background Some truly exciting new upgrades in the field of psychology have been unfolding over the last

    couple of decades that are beginning to align psychology with the stunning discoveries that have

    been made over the past 75 years in the field of quantum physics. Energy Psychology is among

    such innovations leading the way into twenty-first century psychotherapy, appearing to provide

    rapid, reliable and lasting intervention of a broadening range of psychological issues through

    utilizing some of the principles of quantum physics.

    Despite having been involved with integrative health and spiritual psychology since the mid 1970s,

    I had to battle with the classically trained clinical psychologist part of me to put aside my great

    reluctance and skepticism in order to attend my first Energy Psychology training program in 1995.

    This proved to be the beginning of a quite unexpected odyssey that resulted in my becoming the

    Founding President of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology in 1999. This non-

    profit organization has since grown into the preeminent international leader in helping the Energy

    Psychology field mature and expand its visibility. I retired as ACEPs Founding President in 2002

    only to return to help create, consult and be a trainer for ACEPs certification programs.

    Prior to co-founding ACEP, I had developed the first training program in Energy Psychology

    methods that was granted Continuing Education credit in Californias highly selective Mandatory

    Continuing Education Program for Psychologists. One aspect of my leadership commitment as

    ACEPs Founding President was to obtain in-depth training in as many Energy Psychology methods

    as my time and energy allowed. The list of methods in which I have been trained is too long to

    include here, but I mention this because part of my mission was to distill the common ingredients

    among the various methods. My gift as an innovator is not developing completely new methods but

    rather in integrating multiple theories or methods into a unified superstructure.

    Energy Psychology Essentials is the result of my integration efforts in the field of Energy

    Psychology, which remains to this day but one of my areas of professional and personal interest.

    Mastering the Energy Psychology Essentials superstructure appears to enable practitioners to

    become excellent Energy Psychology practitioners and troubleshooters. This superstructure also

    seems to provide practitioners with a big-picture understanding that makes it much easier integrate

    future training many choose to receive in specialized Energy Psychology methods. I hope that you

    Energy Psychology Essentials training provides you with these benefits and much more!

    What is Energy Psychology? Energy Psychology (EP) is the name of a recently-emerging family of mind-body integrative

    interventions that appear to rapidly and durably intervene with a range of psychological and

    spiritual issues, from phobias, trauma and limiting beliefs, to peak performance and creativity. EP

    methods accomplish this through combining conventional psychotherapeutic principles with

    explicitly and methodically rebalancing aspects of the human vibrational matrix. This matrix may

    include over a half dozen inter-related systems, the most well-known of which are the layers of the

    electromagnetic biofield (the energetic envelope surrounding and permeating the body), chakras

    (centers of concentrated bioenergy) and meridians (pathways through which electromagnetic