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  • Welcome to the beginning of the Psychology of Energy Lessons. Although all of the subjects of Empath Psychology are related to the concept of "the psychology of energy", I have labeled this section specifically so that you can begin to think about all of our topics tying together mind - body - and energy. Take your time with what you are learning. Work at your own pace. I strongly encourage you to join the Empaths Group on Yahoo so that you can post questions, get feedback, support, and fellowship. Members there come from all walks of life, all creeds and religions, and all areas of the world. It is not required but is is free and is a great way to get support and meet other authentic Empaths.

    The Psychology of Energy Dictionary. COM provides the following definition of psychology:

    Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary - Cite This Source

    Main Entry: psychology Pronunciation: -jE Function: noun Inflected Form: plural -gies 1 : the science of mind and behavior 2 a : the mental or behavioral characteristics typical of an individual or group or a particular form of behavior b : the study of mind and behavior in relation to a particular field of knowledge or

  • activity 3 : a treatise on or a school, system, or branch of psychology

    Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary, 2002 Merriam-Webster, Inc.

    This is a course in Empath Psychology which is, in effect, the psychology of energy. Everything in existence is composed of energy and interacts with the energies around it. Human beings are no exception. We live in an ocean of energy that surrounds us at all times. Yet most of those energies are invisible to the naked eye and to the senses in general. As Empaths, we are especially interested in the "invisible energies," as they seem to impact us on a daily basis.

    An Empath is a person who is highly sensitive to energy and energy states. The ability of an Empath to read and interpret the emotions & mental states of others is tied into a complex grid of energy interactions. Through this course you will become acquainted with a comprehensive model which includes thirty-six energy states and how those energy states are experienced and perceived by us (Empaths). But first, there are some core building blocks that you must learn. These building blocks are called "Nodes," or "Empath Nodes."

    Empath Psychology is also referred to as "Implicate" Psychology", which is an emerging body of thought that investigates intuitive abilities and the evolution of consciousness. By definition, Empath Psychology is a form of Transpersonal Psychology even though it has not been formally recognized and is not a formal discipline. Transpersonal Psychology was founded by Abraham Maslow and Anthony Sutich in 1969. Transpersonal Psychology investigates the psychology of spiritual experience and the role of consciousness in the evolution of the human being. The works of Carl Gustav Jung and William James also contributed to the development of Transpersonal Psychology. Empath Psychology differs from other schools of thought in that it utilizes intuition and creativity for heuristic research instead of the empirical approach. This intuitive approach does not detract from its seriousness or meaning. It is a pioneering body of work leading to new insights into the human experience. Empath Psychology is like the "Montessori" school of Transpersonal Psychology.

    Implicate Psychology is based upon the premise that the universe, in general, is holographic in nature. In a holographic universe everything is interconnected and interdependent. The use of the word "implicate" is derived from the work of physicist David Bohm who proposed the holographic theory and who labeled the source of the holographic universe as "implicate order." (see "Wholeness and Implicate Order" by David Bohm). Implicate Psychology focuses on the development of empathic individuals as possibly reflecting a critical trend in human evolution towards "holographic consciousness," which may be the key to higher levels of functioning and resources for the future. Implicate Psychology treats consciousness and the

  • central nervous system as potential resources for new technologies of the future. Extra sensory perception and the empathic response are just tips of the iceberg relative to what may be possible. (see "The Holographic Universe" by Michel Talbot) The School of Empath Psychology refers to a "school of thought", i.e., a philosophical exploration into the nature of intuition and the nature of highly intuitive individuals, not an institution.

    I am going to share the information on the "Psychology of Energy" without spending a great deal of time with formal references and technical explanations. I have taken my research and put it into user friendly formats. However, if you wish to go deeper into any subject mentioned, please engage the class with discussion and ask questions. I have more information available than I could possibly post online.

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    Dreamtongue: the Language of Energy

    In the first class you were introduced to the language of the Empath, "Dreamtongue." Dreamtongue is a creative label applied to the holographic communication that occurs between all things. Everything is energy and all energy is information. All information is communicated through energy. All energy is communication. As a budding Empath, you will learn to look at everything as a form of communication and you will find that your natural abilities will begin to plug into your experiences in new and exciting ways! When I use the word holographic I intend to imply that the entire universe is one seamless energy field. We exist within that energy field and are, in effect, energies within that field. All things are interconnected. This holographic nature of existence indicates that we, human beings, are all interconnected. We are all one, as the Buddha said. All life on this planet is interconnected in ways that are not apparent to our eyes and ears, but something deep inside the Empathic nature confirms that we are all connected. The thought of empathic communication is not so hard to grasp once you grasp the holographic nature of existence.

    You are an energy field. You might think of the concept of the human aura and think of that as an energy field around your body. In fact, the dense matter of your body is also energy. Your body is the densest part of that field and what has been classically referred to as the "aura" is the least dense part of that energy field. Yet what you experience is a heavy, earth-bound vessel that you experience as "physical" and dense. Still your body generates electricity, an electromagnetic field, and nuclear force. You are an amazing vortex of spinning and interactive energies. Yet all of these energies are locked into place by one "master" energy, and that is GRAVITY. The better you understand the literal and metaphorical role of gravity in your life, the greater will be your development as an Empath.

  • Gravity Gravity is our greatest friend and our greatest foe. Gravity is not completely understood and defined by science, yet it is the most pervasive energy we can recognize. Gravity has the most profound effect on you as a human being and as an Empath. The purpose of this lesson is to introduce new insights relative to Gravity and what it means to your development as an Empath.

    If you grasp the full point of this lesson on gravity and actually work with gravity as recommended, you will automatically be able to master all of the following lessons. From our subjective perspective: gravity is THE master energy. If you do not master it, it will master you. There is no way around it except through fantasy and denial. If you do not develop the ability to work with gravity you will not develop very well or very far in any area. I say that with great sincerity and awareness. What I will share with you in this lesson will change everything you do and will change your life profoundly. Yet, I have learned over the last thirty years that the majority of people exposed to this information tend to avoid the lesson at the heart of this energy.

    To make it simple: Gravity is the Master energy. It controls all of the other energies in highly significant ways. To master your Empath skills you must develop skills for dealing with gravity.

    Sounds "odd" at this point but keep reading!

    Gravity is represented in this material as the yellow square of "prithiv."

    Beta communications are the most impacted by gravity. Beta communications contain the most energy.

    Gravity keeps you grounded on the Earth. Gravity pulls on you every second of your life. Gravity ultimately makes you age and return back into the Earth. Gravity pulls at your skin and your body shape throughout your life. Gravity makes you tired and makes things heavy. Gravity is everywhere and to ignore it is to ignore your opportunity to be powerful and strong. Gravity is the greatest teacher and the hardest lesson.

    You start as a tiny infant held in place by gravity (your body/beta). As you start to physically evolve -grow- you gain the ability to start mastering gravity, to resist it. Overtime you learn to move and eventually to crawl. Gravity keeps you

  • close to the ground until you develop the STRENGTH to resist gravity and stand. In the beginning you fall a lot because gravity is forever pulling you down.

    As a young child you can stand upright and move in horizontal directions with ease, surfing gravity as if it were no concern whatsoever. That is, no concern until you fall, crash your bike, or knock an important vase off of a table.

    As an adult gravity starts to become an issue. If your body grows in mass (increased weight) you get heavier a