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Email is dead… Long live email…. Daniel T. Barkowitz Dean of Financial Aid Columbia College & Engineering. 9 Reasons E-Mail is Dead: source,2817,2343209,00.asp. The ever-changing email address The Spam conundrum The empty box The e-mail tourist - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Email is dead Long live emailDaniel T. BarkowitzDean of Financial AidColumbia College & Engineering

  • 9 Reasons E-Mail is Dead:source,2817,2343209,00.asp The ever-changing email addressThe Spam conundrumThe empty boxThe e-mail touristThe dead-box syndromeThe useless filterThe competition: IM and closed systemsThe lack of assuranceThe black hole

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  • So how do you manage email?ShortRelevantContext-specificHyperlinkedBest if just a call to action

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