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SEO IS DEADLONG LIVE SEOSimon Kingsnorth@TheKingsnorth

1994The History of SEOThe first crawler (Webcrawler) is created in the US in 1994

1994200020102014TechniquesNewsKeyword driven content. Meta tags.

The History of SEOSomething called Google launches

1994200020102014Pagerank introduced. Linkjuice begins


The History of SEOBlack Monday. Altavista changes its algorithm

1994200020102014Doorway pages


The History of SEOAdwords is launched as is Pagerank toolbar

1994200020102014Use Pagerank to determine link strategy


The History of SEOGoogle launch Adsense for contextual advertisingKeyword Stuffing and Anchor Text over optimisation is punished by FLORIDA

1994200020102014Made for Adsense sites arrive


The History of SEOSEO Moz launches, SEO Book launches

1994200020102014Spam still prevelant. SEO Traffic considered untrustworthy


The History of SEONofollow tag introduced. Google Analytics launched.First SEO is Dead post arrives

1994200020102014Blog comment spam


The History of SEOBMW banned for Cloaking

1994200020102014XML sitemaps launch


The History of SEOSocial media revolution begins

1994200020102014Google Suggest used to aid keyword research


The History of SEOGoogle VINCE pushes big brands to improve trustReal-time search includes Twitter results



The History of SEOGoogle CAFFEINE provides fresher results

1994200020102014Social media starts to be considered


The History of SEOJC Penney penalised for Black Hat techniquesGoogle launches PANDA content quality becomes more important

1994200020102014Traffic from (not provided) becomes a high % making life harder for an SEO


The History of SEOGoogle releases PENGUIN to refresh link qualityDirectories, blog networks and similar sites are punished

1994200020102014Disavow launched to help recovery from penalties


So what now?

Now we bring it all togetherContentLinksKeywordsSocial MediaUser ExperienceBest Practise Coding

Who are we optimising for?


The Primary Focus is ContentCreate great contentOwn your spaceBe the go to source of content in your market

Why?Great content contains relevant keywordsQuality sites will search out great content and provide linksCustomers will talk about you on blogs and create linksSocial media will come alive with engagement and links to youYour customers will deliver your SEO strategy for you

Content Strategy ConsiderationsTruly RelevantOf the MomentAuthenticExpertiseRich and DeepUniqueShareableMulti-Screen WorldE-Books, E-CoursesAdvocacyAppsWhats trendingSemantic searchHow To VideosInfographics and statsTipsSlideshare & Thought LeadershipBehind The ScenesBlogPodcasts, WebinarsPersonasPR

Content Strategy PlanningUnderstand Your Purpose and Overall Business StrategyUnderstand Your Target Market and SegmentsBuild Your Business CaseReview Your CompetitorsReview Best in ClassConsider The ChannelsConsider The WorkloadConsider Legal and Compliance issuesHow do You Measure Success

A quick look at HummingbirdSemanticConversationalVoiceMulti-device

But think of the wrapper not just the contentBest practise coding means a better website with fewer errors, faster loading and a better experience for everyone. Keep it lean, keep it clean.Great navigation, intuitive design makes for a better experience for the customer. Make it easy to do business with you.Consider rich snippets: reviews, prices, photos, recipes, song lists

Some Fun from Knowledge Graph

SEO Rating FactorsSearch for Searchmetrics ranking factors 2014

Over to you