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  • Ellen-Marie Forsberg (Ostfold Research, formerly Oslo Metropolitan University)

    RRI-Practice is financed by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, under Grant Agreement no 709637, and runs from September 2016 to August 2019.

  • Some glimps into what we have contributed to in RRI-Practice

  • The University of Bristol has recently secured funding from the EPSRC for 10 major Centres for Doctoral Training (CDT) across a range of engineering and science disciplines. RRI is a mandatory component of all of these (in fact in all 75 CDTs across the UK), with plans for credit bearing units on RRI, one to one training and a range of internal and external facing events.

  • The University of Campinas has announced the creation of a committee for scientific integrity.

  • ARC Fund – Bulgaria In 2019 • RRI Vision will be finalised. • Code of Conduct will be completed. • Research Ethics Board will be established. • How-to guide on societal engagement will be

    finalised. • ARC Fund’s policy on non-discrimination, gender

    equality and diversity will be updated. • ARC Fund’s policy on open access will be


  • Department of Science and Technology (DST) India

    The Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), a premier national research funding agency under DST, has come out with “SERB Scientific Social Responsibility Policy” in Feb. 2019.

  • The Biodesign Institute – Arizona State University

    - Current RRI related changes at a cultural and leadership level, around recruiting and conceptualization of prospective new research centers, as well as in other day-to-day organizational decisions.

    - The institute has added the RRI-Practice project’s primary investigator at ASU, David Guston, to its advisory board.

  • Wageningen University and Research

    Formal launch event of the RRI-Practice Review and Outlook scheduled for 9 July 2019, with the Dean of Research and several others commenting on its importance for the organisation.

    A consequence of the work has been the consideration of the notion of ‘responsibility’ as an organising concept for the work on better integrating ethics, gender and diversity in education at WUR.

  • French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA)

    A ‘Science in Society’ workgroup (April - July 2019) is established by the High Commissioner and the Administrator General, led by RRI-Practice project members and inspired by project work. The group’s task is optimizing and enhancing reflexivity and anticipation mechanisms at CEA. Its conclusions will be taken into account in the 2020 CEA evaluation by the HCERES agency. Practical implementations will include trainings in research integrity, establishing a complete procedure for ethics review, reinforcing educational activities, and broadening the scope of the Art & Science programme.

    : D.Morel/CEA. Place: Grenoble. Date: July 2013.

  • University of Padova

    RRI has been discussed by the University Commission on Quality Assurance in the presence of the Rector and the Vice Rectors, where a comprehensive RRI PhD training programme has been approved. RRI is seen as already underpinning the University policy, but after the involvement in RRI-Practice, it has emerged a consolidated awareness that RRI principles represent a strong link among the many activities that already exist regarding the RRI keys and dimensions.

  • Oslo Metropolitan University

    RRI webpage with resources RRI courses and training Broader focus on ethics More to follow…

  •  Horizon 2020, SWAFS

     Sept 2016 – Aug 2019

    http://www.rri-practice.eu/ http://www.rri-practice.eu/

  •  To analyse RRI related discourses and pathways to implementation, including barriers and drivers, in 22 research conducting and research funding organisations, in 12 European and non-European countries, in order to identify, understand, disseminate and promote RRI implementation best practices that can be scaled up at European and global levels.

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  • Partner institution Main contact

    Oslo Metropolitan University (NO)

    Clare Shelley-Egan (co-


    Ostfold Research (NO)

    Ellen-Marie Forsberg (co-


    Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (DE) Miltos Ladikas

    University of Bristol (UK) Richard Owen

    Commissariat a L'Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives

    (FR) Alexei Grinbaum

    University of Padova (IT) Federico Neresini

    Applied Research and Communications Fund (BG) Zoya Damianova

    Stichting Katholieke Universiteit (Nijmegen) (NL) Luca Consoli

    Wageningen University (NL) Phil Macnaghten

    Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development

    (CN) Yandong Zhao

    Research and Information System for Developing Countries (IN) Sachin Chaturvedi

    Arizona State University (US) David Guston

    Fundacao de Desenvolvimento da UNICAMP (BR) Marko Monteiro

    The University of Queensland (AU) Peta Ashworth

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    Our own institutions and:

    Research Council of Norway Norway Funding organisation

    Helmholtz Association of Research Centres Germany Funding organisation

    Engineering and Physical Sciences Research

    Council (EPSRC)

    The UK Funding organisation

    Fondazione Telethon Italy Research conducting/ funding


    Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science Bulgaria Research policy organisation

    The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific

    Research (NWO)



    Funding organisation

    National Natural Sciences Foundation of China China Funding organisation

    Department of Science and Technology, Indian


    India Research policy and funding


    Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) India Research organisation

    Sao Paolo Research Foundation Brazil Funding organisation

    The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial

    Research Organisation (CSIRO)

    Australia Research organisation

  • National Discourse

    Research Conducting


    Research Funding/poli

    cy Organisation

  •  Mapping and review of the current status of the work on the RRI aspects in the organisations

     Developing of recommendations and action plans with and for the organisations

  •  The 5 EC RRI policy keys: ethics, gender, open access/open science, societal engagement and science education

     The RRI process dimensions (EPSRC, Owen, Stilgoe and Macnaghten): Anticipation and reflexivity, Openness and transparency, Responsiveness and adaptation

     The participating countries’ and organisations’ own framing and operationalisation of responsibility in research

  • In analysis:

    • Structural issues

    • Cultural issues

    • Interchange dynamics

    Comes from Scott 1987 - Organizations and organizing as:

    • Rational systems

    • Natural systems

    • Open systems

  • Structural issues Cultural issues Interchange dynamics

    Aspects of


    Mandates, legislative

    frameworks, formal


    Culture, informal routines,

    informal reward systems,

    focus on management

    Policy learning, pressures

    from key stakeholders

    (owners, the public, etc.)

    Potential drivers for


    Active ownership (e.g. the

    state), legislation that

    includes social

    responsibility as a core

    element of the mandate,

    formal evaluation criteria

    adapted to RRI goals

    RRI dimensions become

    mainstreamed, managers

    start seeing RRI dimensions

    as an obvious part of their

    responsibilities, no social

    acceptance for neglect of

    the RRI dimensions

    Pressure from the media,

    success stories from

    organisations considered to

    set ‘gold standards’ in the


    Potential barriers to


    No formalised pressures to

    conform to RRI dimensions

    Informal incentive systems

    reward economic


    effectively marginalising the

    RRI dimensions

    Important stakeholders

    reward, for instance,

    excellence and economic

    performance to a greater

    extent than RRI related


    Most important



    actions [Example


    Several actions can

    be included

    Establishment of a sexual

    harassment hotline

    Explicit reference to

    candidates’ attitudes to

    gender balance in job

    interviews of leaders

    Invitation of citizens to

    our university to learn

    about their perceptions of

    gender equality in our

    university system

    Indicators for


    [Example gender]

    Awareness of the hotline

    among our


    Increase of report