eCompetences and equality - from MOOCs to social MOOCs in europe

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Transcript of eCompetences and equality - from MOOCs to social MOOCs in europe

  1. 1. E C O M P E T E N C E S A N D E Q U A L I T Y : F R O M M O O C S T O S O C I A L M O O C S I N E U R O P E C L A U D I N E M H L S T E I N - J O L I E T T E H O M E P O R T O 2 7 N O V E M B R E 2 0 1 4
  2. 2. Economical Context: an opportunity The right period for recommendations and coordinated actions MOOCS impulsion: European structured policies clearer, more efficient ? Scattering different programs, portals coexisting with national initiatives: urgent mapping But still administrative and pedagogical resistance: France paradox of FUN needs and the decret of 2008 in France preventing retired teacher from working in their own universities [email protected] ECO EADTU FIED
  3. 3. My view on strategic opportunities for MOOC collaboration the crisis as a chance to change, to build coherent new ecosystem for scalable, durable ecology for EU moocs but moocs are not online elearning courses! EU, institutions, the general public (adults ex Y generation need for badges and certifications), corporates and politicians now ready and waiting for it Historical networks for expertise now ready to work together: Open Us, UNED, AUF, EADTU, FIED, EFQUEL, ELIG (declarations at EDEN Research in Oxford, October 2014) [email protected] ECO EADTU FIED
  4. 4. Central position of EU MOOCS Multicultural and multilingual Coherent European programs federate the research and development (complementing Open Universities or national policies) Visibility through 2 moocs initiatives: ECO, EMMA. 2 European coexisting cultures: Great Britain and Nordic countries pragmatism & focus on active pedagogy AND Southern countries more transmissive: most of the time reproducted in the first moocs [email protected] ECO EADTU FIED
  5. 5. EU MOOCS ASSETS Pedagogical creativity to valorize : experience in multimedia, elearning, videoconferencing, ePortfolio and MOOCS in varied languages and cultures from the 80s top research networks 2 traditions as a benefit: student & game centered Northern countries /centralized , top down in Southern (ECO sMOOCS: Asterix and Descartes) France as a go between ?: leading position for serious games, national coordinate initiative with FUN created in 2013 and a niche market (3rd world host in Roubaix). Europe between the American mooc model and the Chinese needs and formats [email protected] ECO EADTU FIED
  6. 6. Certification of eCompetences through ePortfolio & MOOCS [email protected] ECO EADTU FIED
  7. 7. On the road for sMOOCS: already done eQuality research EADTU, EDEN, EFQUEL, FIED ePortfolio and development on openbadges and certification Rich MOOC offer but the portals and descriptors are not yet unified, transferable, reusable, scalable, translated: EMMA & ECO role to play Innovative initiatives still confidential: EDEN research work Necessity to increase cooperation, coherence and visibility, taking advantage of EU specificities [email protected] ECO EADTU FIED
  8. 8. Europe cant miss the boat Improve and secure the business plan: an alternative solution to elearning and continuous training for Life Long Learning (individual private and corporate contrainsts) Coordonate the EU legislation: recognizing eCompetences and encourage teleworking Encourage innovation in all sectors of the economy sMoocs: social networking, teleworking, prefigurating future organization of work relationship (representations) [email protected] ECO EADTU FIED
  9. 9. I have a dream: Pragmatic Proposals Build a European official service (expertise network) and platform for accreditation and certification for MOOCS Coordonate the EU mapping for places for certification all over the world though Open Universities, UNED, the Agency of Francophonie and national networks like FIED, ambassies, agencies The co-construction of a European plurilingual Portal (common indicators, descriptors and standards), eQuality labels for moocs (common typology and glossary)[email protected] ECO EADTU FIED
  10. 10. Time for action Create the EU moocs cartography for all countries/subjects/languages Develop contextualization, intercomprehension (Mooc from A to Z) Common Business Model diversify, extend the offer of accreditation (integration to cursus, inscription of private groups through corporates and university groups) A federating European proposal for a program on roadmap and actions [email protected] ECO EADTU FIED
  11. 11. Invitation: ECO sMOOCS and conference ECO E-learning Communication Open-Data Competitivity and Innovation , 19 partners 6 countries, 16 MOOCS in 2015 ECO France: DIY Education to Media and Information Nov 27 th DIY is sharing with others http://youtube/JyeW2zZSr8k The pedagogy at the Web 2.0 sauce dec 2014 Learning Analytics & The MOOC from A to Z [email protected] ECO EADTU FIED
  12. 12. [email protected] ECO EADTU FIED
  13. 13. Remaining crucial questions Individualised Responsabilisation of oneself in Life Long Learning: Engagement, self selection, pair networking Lifelong flexible adaptable learners But increasing digital and social gaps: vulnerable population, universities, countries, parts of the world But platforms and tools restrictions (diversified models): to be open and creative ... (On tweet) Return of Ethics and Intercomprehension: hurra for the little diference! [email protected] ECO EADTU FIED
  14. 14. Lets meet at the Sorbonne Nouvelle 21st of January conference/sMOOCAMP at Sorbonne Paris Cit Scalable Learning in Europe from MOOCS to sMOOCS ECO (in french and english) Please, do participate and send your feedbacks! Next [email protected] ECO EADTU FIED
  15. 15. Lets meet in January 21 st 2015 at the Sorbonne nouvelle [email protected] ECO EADTU FIED
  16. 16. ECO France TEAM Conceptors: DiY EMI: Brangre Blondeau, Divina Frau-Meigs La pdagogie la sauce Web2.0: Dborah Arnold, Faouzia Messaoudi Learning Analytics: Avner Ben-Har, Hubert Javaux The Mooc from A to Z: Mathieu Cisel, Claudine Mhlstein-Joliette, Divina Frau-Meigs, Adeline Bossu + CCMC Cyprus (design) , Carole Helpiquet (Clmi), Ccile Cochard (Sapiens), iCampus Sorbonne Nouvelle [email protected] ECO EADTU FIED
  17. 17. ECO For more information: Sara Osuna Acedo, UNED & Project coordinator, Divina Frau-Meigs, Project coordinator WP4 and ECO France [email protected] & [email protected] + at this conference : Sara, Darco Jansen, EADTU & Claudine Mhlstein-Joliette, Project manager & Mooc Architect ECO France [email protected] & [email protected] [email protected] ECO EADTU FIED
  18. 18. [email protected] ECO EADTU FIED