Dialogues 2011

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THE THEATRE ROYAL PLYMOUTH is currently looking for new participants to join DIALOGUES.This ads appears in the DCRS Newsletter for October - November 2011. (http://dcrsc1.cfsites.org/)

Transcript of Dialogues 2011

  • 1. dare to be Different l Have fun in a safe space THEATRE GROUP l Build your confidence FOR ANYONE 14+ l Make friends Dare to be Different is a l Have help with chance for people from many speaking English different countries to share l Learn theatre their stories and experiences skills through drama. l Work towards performances TUESDAYS 7pm - 9pmDialogues A5 4pp.indd 4 01/10/2010 15:08
  • 2. dove tales A FRIENDLY GROUP FOR WOMEN ONLY Dove Tales offers friendly support to women of any age and from all walks of life. l Be creative l Build your confidence TUESDAYS l Discover new things 10.30am - 12.30pm l Learn more of the English language l Meet other women Dove Tales is run in partnership with the Plymouth and District Racial Equality Council Frie ndly!Dialogues A5 4pp.indd 2 01/10/2010 15:08
  • 3. dare to Dazzle Drama! GROUP FOR CHILDREN A small and friendly group for younger children who AGED 8-11 are struggling with l Have fun in a worries or issues. safe space TUESDAYS l Build your confidence 5.30pm - 7pm l Make friends l Learn drama skills l Share your worries Fun!Dialogues A5 4pp.indd 3 01/10/2010 15:08