DESIGN YOUR OWN CEREAL BOX! · PDF file Graphic Design Level 1 Glassco You will be designing...

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Transcript of DESIGN YOUR OWN CEREAL BOX! · PDF file Graphic Design Level 1 Glassco You will be designing...

  • Graphic Design Level 1 Glassco

    You will be designing the FRONT of a cereal box It can be… - your own made-up product (Marc-O’s) - a themed cereal (eg: Avengers theme) - A redesign of an existing cereal’s packaging (eg: Froot Loops).

    Before starting your design, decide the following: • What’s the name of the cereal?

    • Who is the target audience? (eg: teenagers who like skateboarding)

    • What features of the cereal do you want to advertise? (eg: health benefits, high in protein, bright blue colour)

    • What colours, fonts, and imagery will you use? (eg: orange and blue, a skateboard mascot, 
 a bowl of cereal with milk splashing out, distressed grungy looking font)


  • Graphic Design Level 1 Glassco

    How will you design this? Here are a list of apps you can use. 
 There are no limits - choose what works for YOU. (We all have different technology at home!)

    REQUIREMENTS: - Picture of cereal and or mascot/ or objects

    - Name of cereal

    - Company logo

    - Features of product

    - Background colour or image

    - Letter Sized (8.5 x 11 in) Page

    Bonus! - Best Before date

    - Recycling symbols

    - Promos/contests

    - 1-800 Number

    - Anything else that makes sense for the front of the box!

    GIMP FREE Somewhat Similar to Photoshop

    Pixelmator Pro ca/app/pixelmator-pro/ id1289583905?mt=12

    $54.99 or $39.99 (App Store)

    MOST Similar to Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

    Autodesk Sketchbook https:// products/sketchbook/ overview

    FREE Similar to Illustrator

    Affinity Designer ca/app/affinity-designer/ id824171161?mt=12

    $34.99 Similar to Illustrator

    Fire Alpaca Free Somewhat Similar to Photoshop & Illustrator

    Clip Studio Paint https://

    Free Trial, $49.99 Purchase

    Similar to Photoshop (for concept art and illustration)

    You may also 
 use programs like 

    Microsoft Word, 
 Apple Pages, or even

    draw by hand!

    Most important = showing your idea in whatever way possible!