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Social NetworkingBy: Daisy Yeung


Social NetworkingEasy interactions/communicationsKeep up with what your friends are doingFind old friends/acquaintances Look up informationEntertainment

Easier for identity theftScammers trick people into downloading malware DistractionsSuicide ratesAnonymous messagesSpread of unreliable and dishonest information Online bullying



Statistics41% of girls (15-17) reported being bullied32% of online teens say they have been target39% of social network users have been cyber bullied15% have experienced someone being mean or cruel online88% have seen someone be mean to another1 in 6 parents are aware of their child being bullied


Warning signsAppearing sad, moody, or anxiousAvoiding schoolWithdrawing from social activitiesExperiencing a drop in gradesLooking upset after using the computerLooking upset after viewing a text messageBecomes suicidal


When Teens See Others Being Mean


Interview QuestionsAs a guidance counselor, how many cases of cyber bullying have you witness?What are some advice you would give to a victim that is experiencing cyber bully?Why do you think cyber bullying starts?Are there any programs in this school that a victim can join to talk about their issues?


Interview AnswersThroughout my whole career, I've witnessed about 5 cases.In our school, if its a minor problem, you should tell your parents and deans. But if it gets out of hand and affecting the child, they should call the police.It's a way for children to confront other children through the Internet. It's easier online than in person.In school, there's a program a child can join called "Solitaire Anti-Bullying".


Follow - uphttp://www.stopbullying.gov/respond/be-more-than-a-bystanderhttp://www.volunteerguide.org/minutes/service-projects/cyberbullying?gclid=CPDlpt2PhbcCFYOK4AodZiIAnQhttp://www.urbantech.org/cms/bullying_violence?gclid=CLHomPGPhbcCFcx9Ogod7QIAFQ


Questions For YouIf you saw someone getting bullied, what would you do?Have you ever been cyber bullied?Who do you think is the best person to tell about cyber bullying?What do you think is the best punishment for the offender?Should children 15 and under be using social networking?If parents see their child getting cyber bullied, should they shut down their childs profile?


AFTER SCHOOL, 13-YEAR-OLD ALICIA DUMPS HER BACKPACK and heads to the computer to connect with her friends on MSN. One of them breaks the news that she's been sent a link to a website entitled "Top 10 People Not to Take to Prom," on which Alicia's school photo is featured, alongside comments like "What a fat ugly sl*t." Turns out the rest of Alicia's friends - and who knows how many other schoolmates - were sent the same link. Crying and fighting the urge to throw up, Alicia tells her mother. Though Mom offers a comforting hug, her advice is less helpful: "Just don't look at it, hon." The next day, when Alicia's mother drives her to school, she can't understand why the normally easygoing teen refuses to get out of the car.

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