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  • 1.By: Cristina and Haley P. 1

2. P. 2 Key:= Han DynastyThe Han dynasty lasted from 206 BC until 220 AD. The Han dynasty is a timeline when the Han family were the rulers of China. 3.

  • The Han dynasty is famous for the silk road.It was famous because the silk road is the route that the Chinese took when they were trading with the Romans.The Han dynasty is also famous for burying small clay models of their homes and personal belongings and this has helped us learn a lot about them. The Han dynasty was also famous for their art. This was a good time for the Chinese empirebecause the culture was similarall across China.Als0 the Han dynasty lasted around 450 years.Only 10% lived in the cities. Each city was surrounded by a strong wall made of earth and stone.

P. 3 4. In the Han dynasty the social structure stayed the same as all of the other AncientChinese Dynasties.The Soldiers andServants where always at the bottom. The Emperor always in the top.Civil Servants where the closestto the Emperor. Peasants where thesecond closest to the top 5. 6.

  • The rich rushed to imitate the imperial palace. They built elaborate homes, decorated with drapery. They had stone lions to furnished the family tombs. They always charred how much the sculpture or lion cost to put in top of the tombs. The rich lived in comfortable, large houses with many rooms and fireplaces. They decorated there house with furniture from Greek and Rome. Dinner wasvery decorated. Kids were tutored in science, math, math, literature, art, religion, and music. The rich did not go to public schools. When it was cold, they had coats created with squirrel and fox skins and leather slippers.

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